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    Remembering passwords

    God dammit, I can't even remember to spell correctly my own password manager ^^'. Yeah I meant KeePass and not keypass. As for the likelihood of hacking a password managing site, if they're doing this correctly, it shouldn't matter. A password managing site doesn't store your password, only a...
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    Remembering passwords

    Just use KeyPass or a similar password generator
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    Is grinding bad/outdated design?

    Disgaea seems to pull it off quite well though. OT: Eh, different people, different tastes. If you don't have time to play much, then grinding just gets in the way. If you have lots of time on your hands then grinding will increase your gametime. I hate grinding, especially in MMOs, but some...
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    Non wasd moment keys

    Due to big hand and small laptop keyboards, I used the wierdest setup that my friends had ever seen: 3 for up alt for down q for left and r for right Then w,e f and other close keys for anything that was needed like reload and stuff. It was always a pain to setup and now that I have a...
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    Here's What Overwatch's Golden Weapons Will Look Like

    Now you can image them being golden weapons of stolen bling from Trashmouse and Streetpigs multiple escaped :D. OT: I hope you can combine them with already existing skins, I would love to have D.Vas golden guns on the Junkers mech skin so I can look even more out of place!
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    Poll: How do you like your meat cooked?

    Burnt to a crisp. If you can't grind it and snort it of the back of a hooker, you're cooking your meat wrong.
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    Gaming laptop expectations

    I have a lenovo y-70. It cost me 1400 CHF when new and I've played Warframe on highest settings on it without issues. All middleware laptops that cost around 1200CHF to 1500CHF pretty much have the same componants and can all play the games you listed. I personally never used Asus but...
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    Recent Captain America comic reveal is the dumbest thing I have read in a long time

    No, this is genius! And the true twist will be
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    Dawn of War III Announced in New Trailer

    At least this way we don't have to lock the reliquary. OT: What's up with Gdubs? Did they finally grow a brain or something? We're getting DoW, BFG:A and Space Hulk announce/released in the same year!
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    Poll: Why is it Micro$oft and not App?e?

    Just get a good laptop and run a VM. Problem solved
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    Good Multiplayer Arcade Racer for PC?

    If you don't mind early access Distance is really well recieved
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    Starcraft II mod I swear I remember

    Yeah it's a moba. So it probably isn't what you're looking for. Welp, see what mod it could be, it's been a while since I've played SC2. Good luck on your search
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    Starcraft II mod I swear I remember

    The only SC2 mod that I remember that plays like a MOBA is Tofu Arena. Perhaps that is what you are looking for.
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    Poll: Would you own a servant (or "slave", for the dramatic)?

    Yeah sure, it's basically like owning a pet that talks and does the dishes. Since there's legislation involving animal rights and stuff, I'd assume that it would be the same with these slaves/servants.
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    Microsoft wants to kill PC gaming

    This is dumb, like really dumb. Developers aren't forced to use it and any demanding game will avoid it at all costs since it will only impede on optimization. I don't understand what the fuss is about.