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    Movie Defense Force: Godzilla

    I loved the heck out of this movie.
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    Man Of Steel Saddens General Zod

    Did he even watch the movie?
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    Movie Defense Force: Mortal Kombat

    Why are we defending this movie? It was awesome!
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    Movie Defense Force: Mortal Kombat

    Why are we defending Mortal Kombat? It's Mortal freaking Kombat!
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    Dragon Age Writer Calls BioWare Forums "Toxic"

    Man is that war still going? I was angry at Bioware for like a month, then I got over it. It's 2013 for pete's sake, move on.
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    Hitman: Absolution Dev Says Most Players Won't Finish the Game

    I still haven't finished Just Cause 2 or Skyrim and they are two of my favorite games of all time.
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    Avengers Cost NYC $160 Billion in Damages

    I wanted to punch the guy in the movie who started talking about "accountability" with relations to the damages done. Avengers: "You're welcome [email protected]$$." What kind of fictional world do we (not) live in where a super hero has to debate whether or not saving someone is worth the financial...
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    The Big Picture: Monster's Movie

    Lol, was he given amnesty on the grounds that he would be the one to make the 3 Ninjas sequels cause no one else would? Still I agree, his life would make an awesome movie akin to The Devil's Double.
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    The Big Picture: Favorite Ms. Take - Part 2

    This is why I stopped reading comics.
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    GameStop Leaks Vita Memory Card Pricing

    LMAO I'm sorry, I'm still rolling around in my head the fact that they want us to pay $30 for 4gb. I can buy a 32gb flash drive for that price.
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    French Armed Robbers Steal Thousands of Copies of Modern Warfare 3

    Put this in the next GTA lol.
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    Australian Study "Confirms Dangers of Violent Videogames"

    "people who play these games tend to see their 'lacking in core human qualities such as warmth, open-mindedness and intelligence.'" No arguments there.
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    The Big Picture: The Toxic Avenger

    That theme song is AWESOME!