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    The Big Picture: Stars, Worn

    Harrison Ford: the best and most intense action star of all time. We're talking Star Wars, Indiana Jones, The Fugitive, Air Force One, etc. Spent the last dozen years discussing his hatred for Star Wars, phoning in his performances, and being generally unpleasant. Mark Hammil: Known for Luke...
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    Steam Greenlights 100 New Titles

    You mean Ikaruga, as in the game that got Greenlit 2 months ago?
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    Nintendo: Petitions "Don't Affect What We Do"

    Did you read the article? Your comment doesn't make sense. I'm not going to defend Nintendo's general actions as of late, because I don't really agree with many of them. That said, I definitely believe that if they made business decisions based on things that the internet wanted them to do, they...
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    AC4... Am I being overly sensitive?

    It all depends on the context for me. I had no problem hunting in Far Cry 3, but I don't enjoy it nearly as much in AC4.
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    Nintendo Committed to More Cross-Play Titles

    It would be great to see Nintendo and Sony collude in a sense to have cross platform support on some games, and not do it with Microsoft at all. Then you would have the two cheapest systems that play with each other going into the next generation.
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    A Link Between Worlds Introduces New Princess, Villain and World

    The dark world has already been confirmed. Something about how there are cracks between the Light/Dark worlds, and Link can flatten himself to pass between the cracks. If you do plan on buying a 3DS, I think you'll find it has one of the best libraries (if not the best) available on any...
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    Capcom Europe Cuts Half Its Staff

    A company like Capcom's war chest is for acquisitions, pending investments, legal expenses, licensing, merchandising, etc. They won't pay for game development with cash reserves. It's not like a person who writes checks and uses their debit card to pay their bills. Capcom will have dozens of...
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    Four-Year-Old Patent May Hint At Valve's Next Announcement

    As an ambidextrous person, I think it would be awesome to play fighting games with a double d-pad setup, so here's hoping?
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    Pokemon X and Y Fossil Evolutions Revealed

    Rock/Dragon with de facto STAB crunch? Unless he's completely screwed in the stats department, that's an easy OU right there. He's basically Tyranitar with a third type instead of weather.
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    Molyneux's Godus Now Available Via Steam Early Access

    I'd disagree with the idea that he's more visionary or ahead of his time than most devs. I'm fairly certain that all good game developers have excellent ideas that can never come to pass, but they check their capabilities, limitations, talents, budgets, test them, and see if they will fit in the...
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    Blizzcon 2013 Virtual Tickets Now on Sale

    You've almost got to admire a company who knows how to so thoroughly piss off its primary fanbase. "Oh we made a mess of the Diablo 3 release that PC gamers have been waiting for years for. Welp, we can learn from this and make the game everyone wanted for consoles instead." I just think...
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    Draw Harley Quinn Naked, Killing Herself, To Win DC Artist Contest

    I think this whole situation is just weird. That said, if I were drawing a comic book character in the bath, I think that saying that that character is not wearing the costume that is covering their entire body head to toe at all times might be an important distinction. I guess this is one...
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    Xbox One Backward Compatibility Is a Future Possibility

    Wouldn't be much of a stretch. The Xbox One has proven to be nothing if not completely backtrack compatible.
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    Pokemon Direct Delivers New Storage System, Limited Edition 3DS XL

    This is the first time (ever?) that you get a chance to experience a global Pokemon release. Enjoy every surprise you can, because gens IV and V were pretty much ruined by all the people who played through the Japanese versions months before the rest of the world got a chance. It's...
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    10 year old girl Rapes 4 year old boy

    It was a hypothetical example, which leads me to my issue: When people start coming up with hypothetical child rape scenarios to prove points, it might be considered a good time to gas this thread. Like now.