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    Live-Action Monster High Movie Coming From Universal in 2016

    So these toys are just monster themed Bratz right? That's the vib i'm getting from them.
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    LoadingReadyRun: Ways to Get Video Ideas

    Clearly the best source of ideas is Dickbutt. Think about it, it's original and fun for the whole family.
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    Your Personal Funniest Webcomic Moment

    Do any of you guys read Paranatural, because you should really be reading Parnanatural. This particular page contains one of my favorite quotes from one of the funnier characters of the series.
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    Tinned beans or tinned spaghetti?

    I hate beans with a fiery passion, they taste awful to me making chili completely inedible and I couldn't be in the same room as a bean without someone reciting that "magical fruit that makes you toot" crap. I love pasta however and pretty much lived off of Chef Boyardee for a while during my...
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    Poll: The Escapist's favorite giant robot: Round 2... Cast your vote!

    I'm going to have to stick with Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, I can't say no to anything capable of throwing entire galaxies at it's enemies and can punch something so hard it breaks space.
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    Favorite Anime Opening

    The opening of Baccano is really good, glad its already been mentioned a few times. So now i'm just going to post a few others I like. While we're at it the first opening for Space Brothers is pretty good too.
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    Time For Another Super Power Lottery Thread!

    Nemesis: Me: Well unless i'm able to resist my nemesis' powers to a certain extent I sound pretty well screwed. My only shot seems to be if I can take them by surprise and...
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    You can live in any Anime World, what would it be and why?

    Being a bit of a .Hack fanatic i'd probably go with .Hack//Roots. It takes place in a video game so i'd probably just be some dude who plays the game, and I wouldn't really do anything aside from hang out in one of the Lost Grounds the entire time really.
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    Solid Snake Unlikely to Return in Super Smash Bros. 4, Says Kojima

    I'm fine with this, Snake was probably one of my least favorite characters to play as. Better him than one of my precious Fire Emblem characters. Still waiting on Chrom's announcement by the way Sakurai, make it happen please.
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    Batman Villains Illustrated As Cartoon Sharks

    So I guess this makes the Shark Repellent Spray the most overpowered gadget in Batman's utility belt?
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    So 'Twitch Plays Pokemon' just started the Elite Four

    They're actually doing pretty well against the Elite Four considering their levels and movesets. If the chat could band together and buy some revives and healing potions they might actually manage to pull it off. I don't see them beating the champion right now without hours of grinding.
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    GBA Game Recommendations

    Both Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland and Kirby and the Amazing Mirror are a good bit of fun. It's Kirby, of course it's fun. Also if you happen to be a fan of Dragonball Z, Legacy of Goku one and two are surprisingly really good. They're sort of beat'em up rpgs and for the most part follow the...
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    Pokémon Bank Launches in North America plus Giveaway - Get your free Pokémon here!

    Thanks a lot, Togekiss is one of my favorite Pokemon so I almost always try to have one on my team. May you find many shinies.
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    Pokémon Bank Launches in North America plus Giveaway - Get your free Pokémon here!

    This is awesome, i'd love a Togepi if you've got one. I'd offer up something in my friend safari in return but it is literally full of the most common steel types imaginable. My trainer name is Andy. OT: I really like the idea of Pokemon Bank but I can't imagine being something you need very...