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    Jimquisition: Guns Blazing

    Why would you do that to Chris...
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    The movie that made you cry the hardest

    Monster Inc. When she opens the door in the end, and there only a wardrobe behind. I was so upset, dayum
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    Yakuza 5 Comes With Five Cities and a New Engine

    I think DS failed cuz it was... well, Dead Souls. I liked Yakuza 3 alot, because of it's story. Captivating and serious. Just the idea of placing zombies into that kind of game freaks me out. VA is not needed in this game, Original voices are good, so just slap some subtitles and release...
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    Port of Dark Souls Prepares PC Gamers for Death

    Already signed. Hope it will really change something.
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    Poll: Spectacular Spider-man vs Spider-man 94'

    I had some argument on that matter recently, where my opossition was saying that both the fans and critics find Spectacular more better and mature. I was like WTH, cuz for all my live I haven't met a single person who liked spectacular more. So help me to solve this question.
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    Valves April fools joke

    Why do they joke about that? Why not to get themselves together, and finally release arguably the most anticipated game? Why joke about it, making fans angrier? This make no sense, so for some reason I think, anouncment is coming
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    My thoughts on "Kick-Ass"

    When I just got the DVD, I thought I was going to see some kind of superhero movie parody. What I discovered was the fact, that the film had nothing to do with parody. Of course, we can draw some paralel lines beetween Dave and Peter Parker, but the idea of two characters is completely...
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    New York Teacher Tells Kids There Is No Santa Claus

    I feel sorry for teacher
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    The Big Picture: Arch-Villains

    Umm... WTF was that pic with Batman stabbing shark with lightsaber?
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    The Big Picture: Going Green, Part II

    I really like Movie Bob's job. He is like AVGN.
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    Which 3 classic games would you like to see rebooted in current gen?

    Guys, correct me if I'm wrong, but reboot means overhaul of the series, and all I see posted here, are suggestions for remakes. About reboots, I don't like the idea. It ruins our feelings to the series. About remakes, DMC3 would be nice to see with updated graphics, dmc4-like style system and...
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    Jimquisition: Too Cool To Be Cool

    He is so right about Dante. His uncontextual behaviour always made me to lol.
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    Jimquisition: Accountability

    Dayumn, I'm really tired of passwords getting all over the place.
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    UK Retailers Accused of Blacklisting Steam-Required PC Games

    In russia there are still lots of retail versions of games, cuz they cost less(retail copy - 15$, steam copy - 60).
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    Recommend me low requirement pc games.

    Devil May cry 3