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    Zero Punctuation: Dragon Age II

    Pretty much agreed with Yahtzee. The dialogue (and its speakers) is brilliant and what keeps me coming back to the game. The rest is McDonalds... tasty the first time, repetitive and uninspired the remaining 100 times. I didn't find the story itself bad, it's a perfectly good story. It's just...
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    274: Spoiled Rotten

    It's great that you had such a great experience playing Bioshock! Me, personally, I had -two- great experiences playing Bioshock. The first time when I was surprised, and the second time when I wasn't. I'm not quite sure though why you seem to to believe that taking away one of two great...
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    Poll: What kind of poster are you?

    To pass time. I used to post in forums to contribute to the community and to share my opinion. Then I became a realist ;)
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    Massively Single Player, Part 1

    Pretty sure many people (including devs) can't deal with the 'phenomenon' of solo players because they are hung up on a basic fallacy: they equate grouping with socializing. Most solo players socialize the hell out of their MMO of choice. They chat, they trade, they show off, they watch...
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    Valve Guy Says British Gamers Need to Speak Up

    "You can go into a random 360 game on US servers and it's crazy talk. It's fun," If trash talk, immaturity and aggressiveness is Chet's idea of fun... The guy is low on my sympathy scale already anyway, but that sentence invalidated any point he might have had.
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    Poll: do graphics matter to you?

    Yes, graphics (and I am not sure why people here make a difference between 'graphics' and 'art style', in my understanding, 'art style' is part of 'graphics') absolutely matter... but only in context of their specific times of making. In other word, I fully enjoy an old game even though by...
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    214: Society of the Spectator

    Am I the only who can't stand watching others play instead of playing myself? Until I read this article, I always assumed that was the more common stance.
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    New IGN Contest: No Girls Allowed

    Glad it's at least somewhat changed, because it was a steaming pile of sexist bullshit, and there is no way to talk around that. (The gender based segregation is still all kinds of problematic, but it's better than before.) (And yes, I do oppose most 'girls only' things too, though it...
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    Zero Punctuation: inFamous

    "BAM Offworld slavery!" will stay with me forever.
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    What game are you playing right now?

    Left 4 Dead
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    Welcome to Nowhere, US.

    I live in Frankfurt now (oh yeah baby), but I come from a little town that had the highest youth crime rate in the county just because it was so depressingly boring. Boy am I glad I escaped that place.
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    Poll: To Cheat Or Not To Cheat

    I cheat when my point of playing the game is not the gameplay itself. For example, I played Warcraft on godmode because I'm not interested in RTS games, I just wanted to see the story/lore 'unfiltered'.
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    People you hate in multiplayer

    In MMOs: - Gankers - People who defend ganking In Shooters ... well, campers can be irritating, but there's really no hate anywhere Never played multiplayer RTS, can't judge.
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    We all cope with things differently. How do you?

    1. Kill pixels 2. Watch something mindless but engaging on TV 3. ... I'm not sure how hard the rules on spelling it out are on these forums. But it's an ultimately very relaxing activity ;)
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    171: OMG Bewbs!

    I demand would like to at least see it clothed. Few things irritate me as much as the double-standards of 'fanservice' when it comes to these things.