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    Capcom Explains Why 30 FPS Isn't That Bad

    No. This is wrong. There has never been any actual evidence to back this up. The reason why 24FPS is fine on movies is not because of some BS like the human eye can only take in that many images, or that it "draws you in" to the movie more (really? How does that argument mean anything? It's...
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    The Steam/Valve arguement, (Question! not starting a flame war)

    Wow... Never before have i seen someone so in denial of actual facts for so long, i'm sorry, but that was just outrageous. Anyway, on topic, I use steam because so far, it is better than even DRM free software for me. I have multiple PC's around the place (My main PC, the TV, work etc...)...
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    FTL: Faster Than Light is pretty awesome

    Eh, I really like it, but i think it could be so much more. It's made by 2 people and it's currently a great game, so in no way am i complaining, but i think it could use 1) Nosferatu (vampire) weapon. Constant beam that takes off sections of opponents energy and gives them to you. Takes 1...
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    Apple Announces iPhone 5

    Why thinner? Why in the world would i want it to be thinner? Have the same thickness as the iPhone4S or whatever, and fill up that extra space with a larger battery. I don't know about your average consumer, but 50% more battery life sounds a lot better than "a tiny bit thinner"
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    Can you beat him? Akinator Web game

    Beaten with stabby stabby, beaten as my internet self I liked one of the questions it gave me as the spy: Is your associated with the colour red? I just answered i don't know, since he is half of the time. The last 3 questions was "is your character from a valve game" "Is your character...
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    How to Beat Portal in 8½ Minutes

    Cut up into pieces for quality - It's a segmented video. At the end of each level they saved the game, and then if they fail at completing that level in the "best" time, then they reload the save. I don't think you want to watch an hours long video, made up almost entirely of their failures...
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    Diablo III Patch Prevents Players From Gaining XP

    If this is a legitimate bug/fix, i really want to know exactly why changing a string fixes anything.
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    PSN To Introduce Pre-Loading

    That post shows you have no idea how this will work. The game downloads encrypted, with the decryption key being sent out on the release day. There is no way to "shift the date forward" and play early, and if you did want to glitch it, you would need to hack into MS's servers, find the...
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    Google "Zerg Rush" and Prepare for Browser Attack

    fourteen thousand AMP or something (AHK script that clicks once every frame) zerglinks killed = 336. Done properly i got 185 and 88.
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    BioWare Uses Stock Photo for Tali in Mass Effect 3

    Okay, i know that this thread is both 4 pages long and that was a very minor part of your argument, but SERIOUSLY? Does your complete games come with a figurine, toys (whose bonus can be earned after one match in multiplayer, in game), an xbox controller, a headset, a mousepad, a messenger...
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    Mass Effect 3 Launch Trailer Redefines "Epic"

    Then again, those people would think that using the word "bullshit" is evidence of that same dumbing down...
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    The top kill in BF3...

    I know it's not BF3, but currently my most impressive kill happened around 30 min ago in TF2 (koth_sawmill) The round just started, and i chose Pyro. Took a back passageway in order to get to their "spawn" with minimal resistance. Once there, 3 soldiers came out of the spawn. Two took me on...
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    Miracle of Sound: Nord Mead (Skyrim)

    I just have to know - What mod is that to do the dancing?
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    Your childhood game!

    I remember going over to my friends every weekend and playing Ratchet and Clank (one or two) until i had to go home. Then Christmas came and i got my own PS2... Which came bundled with R&C3. Yea. Now the TV in my room is to do nothing except pop in either my PS2 or SNES (which i collected...
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    Dark Souls for PC: Petition

    You don't understand. THERE IS HOSTING. What do you think that you connect to? you have to connect to a server. It doesn't matter that you can't host a game, it still has to be hosted by From. They could just use the solutions above on their master server, so that people can use mods in single...