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    Favorite SCII Campaign

    For me it would have to be in the following order: 1) WoL I just loved the space western feel of the campaign, and of all the 3 "main" characters Raynor's arc was the most relatable and fleshed out. The missions were fun, varied, thematic and there were oodles of interesting character...
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    i want fallout 5 to be in russia

    This. Ever since it was mentioned in the Pitt, I've been itching to see a Fallout game set in or near Ronto. It's been stated as one of the local military powers, and the east-coast Fallout stories have been steadily creeping north with each release, so it'd seem to be a thematic next step...
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    Zero Punctuation: Assassin's Creed Syndicate

    Anyone know the gun he uses @2:50?
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    Your favourite cheesy, campy and silly movie?

    Hellzapoppin' Not only is it top of the line whackadoodle, it's well-crafted whackadoodle (Especially given that it came out in 1941).
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    Should I Get Dark Souls I or II?

    Sorry to jump into the conversation at mid-point, but did you not look at the reddit page? Because easily half of the attacks shown there are not executions, and yet they're still bullshit hits. DS2 has some of the most ridiculous hitboxes I've ever seen in a game, and I quite honestly amazed...
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    Ineptidude at certain type of games

    Fighting games, and really any game that require me to memorize a lot of stuff to do simple actions. I'm a "make it up as you go along" type of person, so having to remember and execute specific combinations to do an attack tends to feels annoying and tedious for me. Of course it doesn't...
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    Sci-fy Game Idea! If interested in helping, message me

    You are expecting to make a 3d open world first person shooter with multiple factions, a large overarching story and smart AI? No lie, that's a scope that is hard for most major game devs to accomplish successfully, and they've got usually an army of trained and experienced artists...
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    help a dark souls 2 noob.

    Bit of a shame that you picked up Dark Souls 2 before the other ones. While it's got a lot more newbie-friendly mechanics, it doesn't introduce a decent spread of equipment early on, so you'll mostly have crap until you've beaten a few of the bosses. No matter though, I shall do my best to...
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    StarTrekTNG: How is Data not a sociopath?

    Because sociopathy is not identified by a simple lack of emotions. Dangerous sociopaths are primarily defined by the fact that they cannot empathize with other people. They can still feel emotions, it's just that they can't put themselves in another person's shoes and feel their emotions by...
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    Feed Dump: Send Us Your Complaints

    Because they didn't actually use it in the Feed Dump, I'm gonna leave this here
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    Worst BioWare companions

    WARNING: WALL OF TEXT AND SPOILERS INBOUND, DANGER CLOSE!!!!!!! No sir you are not. I'm quite a fan of them myself. I like Jacob because out of all the crazy kooks on the Normandy, he was by far the most reasonable and down to earth member on it. He had his flaws, and he certainly had to...
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    A Stray/Feral Cat Is Living In My Veggie Garden. What Do I Do?

    Well you've got a bit of a quandary there. Your ethics are conflicting with your means of living/personal limits. If I may make a suggestion, pets aren't necessarily what you'd call "live in" creatures. A common misconception about pets is that they have to be part of your home, but there are...
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    Future Weapons: ?Wait a minute, this is the future. Where are all the phaser guns?? ? Simon Phoenix

    Ah yes, Distort Cannons. Gotta love em' That being said, I think we may be coming from different directions on the interpretation of scary. Not that I'm saying your interpretation of it is wrong by any means, as getting soul-raped for the next bajillion years is truly a terrifying thought...
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    Future Weapons: ?Wait a minute, this is the future. Where are all the phaser guns?? ? Simon Phoenix

    Yep, pretty much all the tech from Star Wars fall into the categories of Cool, but Inefficient and [link""]Awesome but Impractical[/link]. Now granted Star Wars is closer to Science Fantasy that regular old Science Fiction so the...
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    So I just got Dark Souls

    Well there's a lot of basic advice I can give for your first playthrough: ie - play around with armor and weapons loadouts to see what you like - upgrade your weapons (preferably only to level 5 unless you've settled on your preferred playstyle) - spend your souls ASAP (seriously, don't...