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    EA to Shut Down Old Game Servers - BF2, Red Alert 3 And More

    In a word, yes. it's just a piece of software that runs on any old computer, 'servers' are nothing special in fact most of the time they have rather mediocre specs, because all they're doing is processing simple requests, like 'fire' and 'update coordinates' you can bet someone already has...
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    Poll: What would you do if you found a Death Note

    burn it, find it's own name and write it down.. whatever it takes just anything that means it's safe from mark zuckerberg clearly it's the last piece of his global annihilation machine.
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    Poll: Should unsolicited door-to-door sales and telemarketing be made illegal?

    nope, definitely not.. however on a side note we should probably just make everything illegal, so we can start from scratch because.. well the world is clearly sub-optimal, and it's grating :)
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    Cortana Becomes Official For Windows Phone 8.1

    it's just the ugly step-sister of google, it works... mostly.. but it has a gammy eye that rolls in it's head distractingly as you try to find results when all it wants to do is link you to wikipedia all day.
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    Joining the glorious PC Master Race

    you buy a 360 controller for windows, because everything supports it and windows has built in support for it so no third party drivers to go wrong. if you want to experiment, you 'can' technically get a ps4/xbone controller and download some drivers for them but I do not recommend that in the...
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    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Review - Episode 16: End of the Beginning

    all good points, but I'm still sceptical.. i also recommend winter soldier if you haven't already seen it, it's a good film and it ties in nicely here and no, it doesn't give away the plot it just helps widen it a bit
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    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Review - Episode 16: End of the Beginning

    it'd be an interesting plot twist, but in the universe they've established.. highly improbable for a whole host of reasons, not least of which is her ordering herself shot.. ( i mean, really who does that? ) and you're really giving her too-much credit.. I mean just look at her attempt to...
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    do you have a job/hobby/knowledge in a particular field that allows you to spot mistakes in movies?

    basically everything is wrong with films starting with the usual 'bulletproof cars' no car is bulletproof unless it's purpose built, can you imagine how heavy, expensive and ridiculous to run it would be ?? right through to people surviving all manner of explosions at close range ( pressure will...
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    Star Wars Canon: Just How Realistic Are the Single-Biome Planets?

    firstly, the oxygen/carbon cycle is exactly that, it's not an input output relationship there are checks and balances in nature that prevent things like this occurring namely that if the CO2 in the atmosphere suddenly rose, plants, plankton, and other photosynthesising organisms would go into an...
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    The Geth/Android/Toaster/Slave theory

    I'd deactivate it, and reprogram it to want to make toast, if I hadn't already made that blindingly obvious stipulation in it's original programming, then it's a symbiotic relationship so everyone wins and you get toast.
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    Stallion83 reaches 1,000,000 gamerscore

    why? he wants to achieve something and he's working his way into the record books that's more of a life goal than most people have and I suspect if you analyse most people's life goals, most of them are illogical or weird anyway, take a friend of mine who wants to 'touch space' and other people...
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    Respawn Denies Paying Bribes For Positive Titanfall Coverage

    There's a good reason for that, it's because it's true. it would be completely impossible to bribe everyone who's played the game, especially since we just had an opt-in open beta ( which I was a part of ) and this is no ordinary shooter, no bribery is required I can assure everyone of that.
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    Titanfall Runs at 792p, 60 FPS on Xbox One

    I remember this comment, it was along the lines of; 'next gen consoles are a generation ahead of the most powerful pc's' and, there's a simpler solution, the marketing department lied. nobody with experience in hardware or chip design seriously believed claims that system on chip would...
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    Titanfall Runs at 792p, 60 FPS on Xbox One

    this isn't an exclusive, I'm in the pc beta right now.. level 14 because that's the beta cap :( on pc it looks great and runs absurdly well, considering what's going on so I imagine it will scale down to consoles pretty good, even if it isn't exactly running at 1080.
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    Do you run water during the shower?

    i usually get the water warm, rinse, stop to soap then rinse again, i honestly find it hard to figure out where i've gotten the soap otherwise, i like to get a lather going before i rinse all the soap away.. but all methods are valid so long as they work i guess.