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    Letting go of childhood posessions?

    I personally find Material Possessions with memories attached can help re-invoke those memories. Like a shortcut to your favourite program on your desktop. Sure, deleting the shortcut doesn't delete the files but it makes accessing them less frequent.
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    Ubisoft on Yearly Assassin's Creed: We'd Be Stupid Not to Satisfy This Need

    IF they keep up the quality seems to be the main point, IF its done right I might buy an new ass creed every year but with such a short development cycle it seems unlikely. I mean thats unless they actually have multiple teams working on a new ass creed, so next years ass creed had actually been...
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    Jimquisition: The Adblock Episode

    I'm actually scared to comment on here but I have to voice this: Jim sterling made a video about adblock and tons of people seem to be getting warned or banned for talking about the issue and subject of said video. This just seems wrong. I would have thought this post would be exempt...
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    Do's and Don'ts of a Dungeon Master?

    I would do this to you too, if chicken wing was someone who would deliberately sabotage the group and ruin their fun, then I would say that it does matter.
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    Magic: The Gathering - The Movie in The Works at Fox

    People like Bewbs, and this movie is probably going to try and go for the shotgun mass target audience for moar munny approach then to satisfy it's current fan base.
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    Jimquisition: The Wacky Harassment Blame Parade

    What are the games which were running in the background of this show?
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    eBay User Wants $100,000 for Rare Pokemon Card

    Just to throw in my 2 cents worth, before I spend money on stuff I like to ask myself "How useful will this item be in a zombie apocalypse (assuming Money is still worth money)", so in the instance of a car, yeah, hella useful, a piece of pretty cardboard with a picture printed on it? not useful
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    Jimquisition: I'm Going To Murder Your Children

    I actually agree with Hepler. I would love to see more story in games rather then just dull, repetitive combat.
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    Consumer Law and Games

    I was just looking at the consumer law and fair trading stuff and a few points really hit me. Especially with digital games and all these one-use codes and micro transactions in full priced games. Now this is from Australian Consumer Law so might not be as relevant to non-Australians but I...
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    Why Games Will Only Get Cheaper

    You know what grinds my gears? Microsoft (and other people) trying to sell me a digital game at double the boxed price. If they did the right thing and made the digital games cheaper then the boxed product then maybe it wouldn't be a *****. Simcity 5 with their always online DRM and one use...
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    Is it Just me or or do more people find the Walking Dead a crapy show??

    I enjoy the show, the production values are good and the zombies look good. I feel we're kind of 'starved' for good zombie movies (WWZ is awesome) and the AMC's walking dead seems to provide enough for now. I would love to see more 'Dawn of the dead' and 'Zombieland' stuff but at the moment...
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    Poll: Clementine vs Ellie

    I'm going to cop a bit of flak for this but I found Ellie to be really annoying, she seems to be a cut and paste of Juno from the movie of the same title. Same appearance, Similar voice, Same attitude. Its prob just me but I really hated that movie and the character and unfortunately Ellie...
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    Angry Joe's interview with Major Nelson

    Lending your game to a friend on the other side of the world is a good idea I must admit BUT it comes packaged with all that other crap.
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    Angry Joe's interview with Major Nelson

    One thing i love about this: You can share your game with 10 people! 10 PEOPLE! Dude, I can share my game with any freaking person i want at the moment, I just give them the disc. Bloody hell. Also people turning off your xbox by yelling XBOX OFF, you know, parents, girlfriends, friends...
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    Poll: Hoping a Couple Breaks Up; Right/Wrong?

    Why didn't you ask her out first?