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    Good Game, Well Played

    There's a typo in the URL: "Criticaal miss" , unless that's part of a joke that goes over my head.
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    Poll: Your presence on the Escapist.

    I sometimes, if rarely post. I doubt people recognize me :) More of a lurker anyway.
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    Desert Bus For Hope Passes $2 Million Lifetime Donations

    I watched it way back in 2007 and 2008. It got a bit stale though (and I'l be honest, LRR just isn't my thing) and I'm not wildly enthusiastic about the charity chosen.. ..However, I still think that their initiative is awesome - it is still a good purpose for the money - and congrats on the...
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    Screw you, suggested videos! (Youtube)

    I kept getting the anthem of Nazi Germany recommended to me. I did not enjoy that one bit :| It's usually crap. I don't really give a damn anymore , I only watch my subs and what I look-up myself.
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    Environmental Viral Ad Darkly Spoofs The Lego Movie - Update

    I thought it was a pretty good vid, but then I don't really like Shell and other oil companies completely immoral behavior in a lot of things. It wasn't exactly subtle, but no environmental vids are usually. I think being more direct brings across the point faster. People should leave the...
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    Report: Apple Unveiling New Hardware at October Event

    I can understand the wanting silent machines part - it's one of the few reasons I still love apple machines. A silent machine while you're doing work is just very relaxing compared to a 757 jet blowing away. However a silent machine might not draw me in the next iMac anymore. As I mentioned...
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    Report: Apple Unveiling New Hardware at October Event

    Meanwhile no one seemed to care that they ditched the awesome almighty iPod Classic. Apple didn't notify anyone of that, they just vanished. So I had to snatch one last-minute as my previous one just died end August. I wish Apple would just stop doing wtf it's doing *unlikely as it makes them...
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    Uncivil War: Left 4 Dead - "Get To The Choppa" Challenge!

    I really want to like this show, I really do, as it shows potential..but that music? Why? There's no game audio, which may be due to recording issues.. but then why add that annoying as hell music? It's really offputting.. I stopped watching after 4 minutes or so. It would be so much better...
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    Skyrim: Cabbage Rocket

    I kinda like Skyrim. Yeah, it has its flaws sure. But it allows me to just wander around a bit, have some RPG fun every now and then without being super complicated. It does have a fairly well-done athmosphere and background music. Now I started a new playthrough with a ton of mods and I'm...
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    World Health Organization: Latest Ebola Outbreak Moving Too Fast to Control

    It isn't much better than in most of the media, sadly. Distrust in modern medical agencies to carry out their job properly and too many fictional superdeadly viruses? I don't know. People tend to be all scared for things that are really unlikely to kill them, just because they see it in the...
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    Protagonists You Can't Get Behind

    The book version, or the show? I haven't seen the shows, but I found the book version to be decent. She's very naive, but she grew up sheltered and believing the "fairy tales" of knights and honour and such were true in real-life Westeros as well. Some characters I can't get behind: Jim...
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    Poll: Tipping, Gratuities, etc. and You!

    No. I already paid for their service. I'm not going to donate more because their employer doesn't pay enough. There are minimum wage laws here for that. If you start tipping employers at restaurants etc, why not also tip cashiers at the supermarket? Or at a clothing store? Or the plumber...
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    Easily solved Plotholes that annoy the hell out of you

    Dan Brown's novel Angels & Demons. They can't find the bomb in the Vatican, despite watching to a live feed of it. Look, if it's broadcasting, then it should be relatively easy to trace, no?
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    Ah!!!! Trees!!! (Localized Natural Disasters)

    We've never had anything really threatening our buildings here, despite living roughly 5-6 m below sea level. We do have some trees in this street but none have trunks big enough to cause any damage if flipped over to anything else then cars. Houses are all made of brick here though, so unless...
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    South Park to be Available For Free in Its Entirety, Only on Hulu

    This. It's a massive downgrade and I won't be able to follow SouthPark anymore like I'm used to.