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    Blizzard Kills Patron Warrior With Hearthstone Card Nerf

    How about just changing it to "When ever you play a minion with 3 or less attack, give it charge". That way it would function with most of the things that it used to, but it wouldn't trigger on the extra patrons.
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    Who's Your "Spirit Villain"?

    So? Where should we meet up? Who are we missing?
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    John McAfee Says he Knows Who Hacked Sony, And It's Not North Korea

    I don't think you're wrong, but I would think the charges of murder and runing a meth lab in his basement would take priority...
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    Poll: Can pornography exist in a sexism free society?

    I personally think Tolkien was tapping into Völuspá, Ragnarok with the legions of monsters bent on destoying/enslaving all life seeing that it was in the Poetic Edda where 70% of all races, character names and places in Tolkien's stories seem to come from. But I agree with that we should...
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    "GET OVER HERE!" phrases that are engraved in your brain years later

    "And now, she's dead. Her land will be divided, her children will move on and she will be forgotten. She lived a "good" life."
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    Crazy pricing in digital retailers

    Personally I buy my games on Steam and Humble Bundle and don't feel a real problem with getting a game for full price(I normally wait for a few months though). But that is mostly to do with Steam and Humble locating me in America(so $40-60) while Origin and Uplay locate me in Europe (?40-60)...
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    Do you/would you sleep in the nude?

    Mostly on hiking trips during the winter, it's a way of heat presivation for my sleeping bag. But yeah it's nice.
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    Jimquisition: The 100% Objective Review

    Wouldn't a 100% objective review of a game be a genre tag and a benchmark?
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    The "50/50 men/women gamers" statistic

    At this point, I'm calling out bloggers and youtubers that normally jump on the next gender survey(taken that it shows a high enough prosentage) and start talking about gender equality instead of just saying: "I'd like a little more variety in my characters". Most of the gender surveys have...
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    The "50/50 men/women gamers" statistic

    While I have been very sceptical on all those gender stats, I'm going to say something that some other people seem to be afraid to say and tend to throw statistics around to be able not to say. "I'm a white cis male that enjoys video games, when I play games I like to take on a character...
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    Just how big is your backlog?

    Let's take a look! ... ... ...I need help... 311 games I haven't played on steam alone. It's time to finish all those adventure games before buying anymore.
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    Borderlands Presequel - Grinder and other questions

    And now you know my irritation over Skyrim and Kingdoms of Amalur... ...And more or less all games that try to use Icelandic/Old Norse words and/or names in combination with voice acting.
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    Poll: How many people on here suffer from mental health issues?

    "Numb"->"Bad"->"Anxious" Thats how I discripe my moods. There are days, very rare days where I feel "normal", once every several years apart. But they don't really make it any better. They just make me that much worse when I return to my normal. Personally I try to stay in the now. If...
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    Poll: How many people on here suffer from mental health issues?

    I've been living with depression for about 10 years but I normally never talk about it.(knowing someone is worried about me doesn't help at all, it just tends to agitate me.) But it's kind of *funny* what sets me off: Covications where I misheard a question and awnsered something diferant...
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    Final Fantasy XV Director Encourages More Car Meme Photo Edits

    I think that people might have been expecting this change after it was anounced that the "Kingdom Hearts II" development team was working on "Final Fantasy 13 vs." back in 2006. Most of us were expecting a Kingdom Hearts combat mechanics in a non Disney enviroment. In other words: Most of the...