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    Requesting a permaban on myself.

    This is what I've been trying to find. I've sent a message to support awhile back, but never got a response, so I'll head here next in case they don't see the thread somehow. Thank you.
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    Requesting a permaban on myself.

    I guess some people don't have the will to go cold turkey, they need someone to chain them to a radiator to cure them of their addiction.
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    Why do people like Hideo Kojima and his games?

    Well, how many designers have careers that stretch as far back as Kojima's does, and still has consistent success? His first videogame title is the very first Metal Gear game from as far back as 1987. The fact he's kept this single franchise ongoing to mass success and recognition up until...
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    No Man's Sky: Your First Planet

    I was kindof hoping to start off on a toxic hellhole of some kind, but I ended up starting off on a beautiful green and 'pleasant' planet full of resources and creatures. Finding most of the resources I needed to get started was easy... until I was told to find Heredium. I just couldn't...
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    No Man's Sky: Proving that User Reviews are Useless

    It was targeted by 4chan: Given that there's no barrier for entry. There's nothing stopping me from going on there and rating it 0 for no reason. You'd be better off by going to either Twitch or Youtube and watching the actual gameplay yourself.
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    No Man's Sky is starting to look a bit rubbish.

    In other words, just another Escapist circlejerk. Welcome Reddit! And yes. It really is that stupid here.
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    No Man's Sky is starting to look a bit rubbish.

    I've seen enough of the game to get interested and invest in giving it a shot. Personally, I'm expecting a decently compelling exploration-survival game set in space. I'm going to expect to see some weird stuff, mysterious objects, crazy animals, and some neat planets, and some dangerous...
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    UPDATED: Report: No Man's Sky Release Date Delayed

    The soft goal of the game, is to get to the center of the Galaxy. Exploration is one of the several means of gathering money, and resources to create upgrades, which you need to get better equipped ships, fuel to travel with them, and improve your space suit to survive hazardous conditions, and...
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    So, How'd You Do In Overwatch?

    I started it up after about 45 minutes of it going live, and I played for about 3 hours in a row without any issues. Had some good games with good teams, some terrible games with shit teams. But overall very enjoyable. I suspected the 'quality' of players would be rough at the start, what...
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    Overwatch open beta - What are your impressions?

    You can use her boost ability, and then activate her ult. The Mech will continue boosting without being piloted, so you can try this out to ease the obvious windup and surprise the other team. It's tricky, but worth it. I've seen some people lob her mech over buildings and drop between teams on...
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    I'm torn between my consoles and my PC

    OP: Telling Escapists you're preferring your Consoles over your PC is like walking into Raqqa and shouting you prefer Judaism over Islam. Anyway, I actually find myself in a similar position lately. Ever since I got my PS4, I very rarely play anything on my PC. Every now and then I go back...
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    The Creator of DOOM/Quake announced a new FPS, Blackroom

    Taken from the FAQ on the Kickstarter page... Yes, seriously. OT: Nice to see ol' John Romero trying to come back to the scene. Conceptually, the game sounds like it's got potential. But without gameplay, there's not much to comment on yet. If you've got time, Romero is discussing the...
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    Gears of War 4 Will Have Microtransactions

    What, did everyone already forget that Gears of War 3 had microtransactions in it? Seems that way given from a few posts treating this as an apparently new thing. Huh. I knew you lot are quick to outrage and easy to forget. But I didn't think you'd forget something that already existed in a...
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    Zero Punctuation: The Division

    And there we go again with the sweeping generalizations stemming from naive idealism and zero business sense. Also ignoring what I said repeatedly about treating every game on a case by case basis, and researching every product. Apparently doing my research is "blindly(x3 times, apparently)...
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    Zero Punctuation: The Division

    I honestly don't know what this refers to. The only thing you buy is gun skins and boosters. You got a gun skin to use for taking part in the beta in the full game. Should have already been in? You mean that the content was already done? And that it was held back for some reason? I see...