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    These 3 Hearthstone Decks Are Cheap and Competitive

    The HS ladder is really unrewarding and the fact that it resets every month just kills my motivation. The best I've ever made is rank 6 just because I cant be arsed. And guess what rank I was when the next season started? 18 or something. The star reward system is really a joke. I love...
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    These 3 Hearthstone Decks Are Cheap and Competitive

    Most people who play it are pretty bad. If youre confused about how its supposed to work, it beats aggro by healing a whole lot with Heal Bot and it beats control by comboing with coldlight oracle and drawing into all your stall, and then playing 3 of them in a row with gang up. Control...
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    These 3 Hearthstone Decks Are Cheap and Competitive

    Even the antonidas-boom version of mech mage is kind of shit on ladder right now. Professional players are having trouble climbing with it. Cant imagine an average player making it past rank 8 with the budget version really. Its still probably the fastest way to farm 5 wins. I havent...
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    Destiny Takes GOTY, Confuses Audience, at This Year's BAFTAs

    You know for a second there it looked like the game of the year award might go to a game that's actually good. What were they smoking?
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    New Overwatch Hero Is a Response to Body-Type Diversity Criticism

    I understand that variety even in visual character design is a good thing but isn't this character just a lazy archetype? "Buff Female Russian Bodybuilder"? Every other female character so far has had more interesting design. Probably in terms of abilities too. So this is nice but it would...
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    Hearthstone's Goblins vs Gnomes Expansion Embraces Randomness

    It wont. A battlecry is something that triggers when you summon the card from your hand. There are no exceptions to this. The card is still really good because the vast majority of legendaries are very high cost and chances are you're going to get an - admittedly mediocre - 5+ drop. It...
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    Crowdfunding Campaign Aims to "Besiege" Valve with Gabe Newell Impersonators

    "Hey guys! We should spend 150 000 dollars to prove something that everybody already knows!" Worst fundraiser idea I've seen in the past 3 days and that's really saying something.
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    Poll: Do you believe the Friend Zone exists?

    Love isn't easy. Sometimes you like someone and they don't like you back. Or if you're on the flip side, sometimes someone likes you and you cant like them back, even if you may want to. We don't get to choose who we love. So in that sense, the friendzone does exist. But the idea that...
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    Report: Only 30 Percent of Marvel/DC Characters Female

    While it would be nice to have perfect inclusiveness I cant help but to feel that were trying to fill a quota here. 30% doesn't seem like a big problem. Thats still a large amount of female characters. There is such a thing as a target audience and there is such a thing as a reader base...
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    Someone in China Made a Set of Real-Life Hearthstone Cards

    Doesn't even have golden cards. Best thing about the game taken away 0/10.
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    Titan Likely Cost Blizzard More Than $50 Million

    Thats not a huge money drain for such a big company. Its 50 ish million over 7 years. They probably made back that money in the last year of Heartstone, that game has blown up to a ridiculous degree. 20 million fucking accounts, jesus. I spent a hundred bucks on that game and if the average...
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    Poll: Would you have sex as an act of kindness?

    That sounds like it would be really awkward and unpleasant for everyone involved. Also, I don't see how that's not just emotional manipulation which is a pretty big no no when it comes to sex. Basically just abusing their position of terminal illness to manipulate someone into bed.
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    Islamic State Hijacks GTA V for Recruitment Video

    Inb4 fox news turns this into another anti gamer rant. I'm not sure they'll even convince themselves but it will probably get them attention and therefore profit, so what do they care?
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    World of Warcraft Player Reaches Level 90 Without Choosing a Faction

    People who play/have played this game? You do know that there are probably thousands of people on this website who gave a good chunk of their lives to this stupid game? I find pretty interesting.
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    Screw Dr. Mundo and His Frickin' Cleaver! >:(

    Ive soloed him with a BOTRK, you just need a ridiculously high damage potential champ with some sustain like Olaf or maybe Aatrox (havent tried the latter that much).