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    Am I being forced to buy a new CPU after the death of my LGA 1150 motherboard?

    Hi everyone! So recently my MSI B85-G43 motherboard died (would boot up for a second then shut down and continue in this cycle indefinitely) and I'm currently in the process of sending it back for a replacement or a refund - most likely a refund, as this motherboard is no longer on the...
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    Training to be a bartender and need help with memorization techniques.

    So as the title says, I'm 17, training to be a bartender for when I turn 18 in a week from now (I live in the UK) and as a result I'm trying to memorize cocktail recipes. there are many to learn and they're all in list form with ingredients, glass used, garnish and procedure. I was just...
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    Need replacement earphones, have no idea what to go for

    Hey So I've had a few pairs of Sennheiser earphones over the past few years and every single time, one of the earphones stops working leaving me with only one. Admittedly the last pair lasted around 2 years, but I'm worried about this happening again, so I was thinking about going with a...
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    PC Reboot problems

    Hi I've recently (Today) Built my first PC and everything seems perfect so far except for one thing; It won't reboot. The monitor turns off, but the LED's remain on, fans keep spinning, etc. It doesn't turn off basically. It remains this way indefinitely. Here are some of my specs: Intel...
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    Troubles with The Witcher 3

    This advice has been really useful guys and I fully plan no following it all. Thanks for the help everyone!
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    Troubles with The Witcher 3

    Thanks for you help guys. I've moved on to a few story quests and I've taken the combat advice into account. Hopefully I'll start seeing improvements soon hahaha.
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    Troubles with The Witcher 3

    Hey I've been playing the Witcher 3 for a good amount of hours now, I'm level 8, I've made some small progress into the story, done a good few side quests, contracts etc. I was hoping you guys could help me with my playthrough. I'm finding trouble with the pacing/balancing of the game...
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    The Wolf Among Us - Season Finale discussion! (Spoilers, of course)

    Obviously I can't vouch for the accuracy of what you just said, but it seems well thought out. If you're right it could make for a very interesting second season and it's definitely a good theory.
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    The Wolf Among Us - Season Finale discussion! (Spoilers, of course)

    I loved the episode too and I made all of the same decisions as OP (I also had no idea Crooked Man was in the other car, I thought it was just an opportunity to make a mistake). I loved the story and I loved the trial, which reflects the way your actions have impacted the town back at you. I...
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    Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is region free.

    Well, it was announced recently that the Persona 4 Arena sequel will not be region locked like the original. As a HUGE Atlus and Persona fan in the UK, this is excellent news. The reason I'm making this thread is because I'm curious about the speculation this causes amongst other things...
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    Playstation Vita game recommendations? Please read!

    Well, I would recommend Persona 2 if you don't already have it (I'd recommend 3 and 4, but you have those). If you've played 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors, then I definitely recommend Virtues Last Reward
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    Silent Hill 3 (PS2) Slow Loading/Freezing in Hospital

    I'm playing Silent Hill 3 on the PS2 and I'm in the hospital level. On the second floor, at the end of the corridor next to the elevator, there are two unlocked doors. When I try to go through either of them, the game freezes for a couple of minutes and then fades to black. The red loading...
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    FPS Spikes when gaming

    I'll try all of these things that have been recommended to see if it helps. Thanks guys.
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    FPS Spikes when gaming

    Of course that's the obvious solution haha. I was more so asking for advice on how to do so, because I already have my laptop sat with the fans hanging over the edge of the desk so that nothing obstructs the vents and I often keep my windows open while I play. I'll look into getting a cooling...
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    FPS Spikes when gaming

    Basically, I'll be playing games that my laptop can run fine, but once it gets hot, I get serious lag spikes every 15 or so seconds. I'm sure this is because my laptop is heating up, but what I'm asking is, is there anything I can do about it? Does anyone have any advice to help prevent this?