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    LoadingReadyRun: The LoadingReadyRumble 2

    My introduction to Loading Ready Run was Daily Drop, but swiftly did I get hooked on Feed Dump and the skits. So long, and thanks for all the laughs! . . . only except this isn't /really/ "so long," since there's still the Dumping of Feeds, but . . . you know. OH! Have you folkers...
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    Uncivil War: Quake - Speed Run Finale!

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    Uncivil War: Quake - Speed Run Finale!

    Everything to be said has been said, it seems. Well . . . yes, it is sad to see Yahtzee lose, after the whole underdog thing, but his poetry will certainly have a wonderful sting to it that should go nicely with the mustard. And then, naturally, I wonder if...
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    Warhammer 40,000 Conquest Core Set Review

    Therumancer, Fantasy Flight Games has been in the "new editions rather than errata" mindset with their 40K line since Inquisitor's Handbook (the first major supplement to Dark Heresy 1.0). There are errors ranging from simple typos to gross confusion of the rules in every core book and...
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    LoadingReadyRun: Professional Stabbists

    How old was Greg Smith Eames when he fathered his son? Or did he adopt?
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    The Big Picture: Turtle Power - The Older, Better TMNT Movie

    HEY! Where's the Howard the Duck movie episode? . . . well, I suppose I can substitute an episode with one type of anthropomorphized-talking-animal(s)-with-a-beak-movie for another.
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    Poll: The Vault Question

    Other than the lack of clean water and suitable sewage treatment (oh, and the likely fatal levels of radiation), if I survived the initial missile impact/barrage, I would totally prefer to live on the surface! Yes, it would be hard, and yes I would likely die shortly thereafter . . . but the...
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    The Big Picture: Who Was That At The End of Guardians of the Galaxy?

    Come on people! I find it shocking that none of you have linked this informative bit of information yet: Watch this, then consider the duck/human-sex scene from the Howard movie . . . Edit: I suppose I should add that this video is a comedic...
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    The Sexual Awakening of Ness in EarthBound

    I'm kind of hoping Yahtzee was just taking the piss in this article. That, or he hasn't had a good wank in a long time and this was what ended up happening from all that pent-up energy. and BloodRed Pixel wins the prize for Best Slip with that K turned in to a GY.
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    The Real Story Behind That Leaked Deadpool Footage - Update 2

    I'm no expert, but as far as I understand the litigious nature of corporations, Fox is legally bound to perform due diligence in their efforts to bring down any source of this video, since it uses two musical tracks which they may not have the rights to reproduce and distribute. If they didn't...
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    Blade of Darkness - Grim and Great

    I wonder if there's a way to make a fan-patch that would hijack some of the other attack animations, and use them to add more combo moves for the Amazon and Dwarf . . . INTERNET! See if you can't pull that off?
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    Blade of Darkness - Grim and Great

    Great, well, now I have to boot up my old portable hard drive and see if I can't track down my old install of this game. I was thinking about it on-and-off for a month now, but after reading the review and the posts in this thread . . . Another note; the game files are easily editable. You...
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    Manassas City Police Trying to Sexually Abuse 17-Year-Old to Convict Him as a Sex Offender

    I suspect, jpz719, that the reason no one is going after the girl is because either the parents of the boy are not assholes enough to try, or because their lawyer consoled them against doing so. When it would become a gender issue is when (rather if) both childrens' parents pulled the same...
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    I hate how the word 'pretentious' is used.

    I might find it amusing that people seem to believe that critical analysis of anything which those people believe to be mundane somehow makes those doing the analyses self-important or delusional. I might, if I didn't find it so incredibly demoralizing. It didn't take three replies to this...
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    Poll: Poll of the Day #20: Best Dungeon Keeper game?

    I've never managed to get the original Dungeon Keeper to run properly, and 2 was enough fun that I never felt like I needed to break my brain trying to find a way to get the original to work. I saw a co-worker play the mobile a few times, and it made me sad. EA in general makes me sad, though...