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    Persona 5 Delayed Until Summer 2016

    I've heard rumors that the game was pretty much done and they were moving on to beta-testing, but the delay was because they decided to make the game even bigger. That could just be complete bullshit, but it sounds nice.
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    Google Cracks Down on Adblock

    If the creators of adblocker made it easier to choose certain websites to exempt the adblocking part people would probably turn it off of youtube and websites they particularly like.
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    Ashley Madison has been HACKED!! Users in danger of being exposed. UPDATE.

    "Financial and social consequences?" You mean cheaters being revealed to be cheaters? You think it's bad for people to find out their spouse wants to cheat on them? That they should just never find out? If marriages fall apart because of this, chances are it's because of the people who...
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    Ashley Madison has been HACKED!! Users in danger of being exposed. UPDATE.

    They're threatening to leak the information if the site doesn't shut down.
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    Poll: Have you ever bought a game you knew nothing about before seeing in the store?

    Not often, but it is how I got my hands on what has become one of my favorite games, if not my favorite game, of all time. Steambot Chronicles. I just saw it one day at like, Gamestop or something, and bought. It has flaws, many of which shouldn't be on a PS2 game, but it was charming as fuck.
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    Five Nights at Freddy's Web Series Trailer

    You might want to put something in the title that indicates this isn't official.
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    How old is too old to be a gamer?

    Why not? What's stopping them? People can still play video games up until they physically can't input anything to the game.
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    BioShock 2 Disappears From All Digital Marketplaces - Update

    So they didn't remove the game from everyone's gaming library? Because I thought that was what had happened at first. Because they can do that, whenever they feel like.
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    your child is transgendered

    Like, current My Little Pony? Because that's designed to appeal to everyone. Even if it's old MLP, just because their interests are different than what they should stereotypically like, that doesn't really indicate they're transgendered. Even if a kid expresses that they want to be another...
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    Most crazy thing your girlfriend (or signifigant other) has been upset at you for.

    To be fair to your ex, their significant other finding dead pets funny is something I can see most people not being comfortable with. Doubly so if this ex loved animals, or had a pet herself.
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    All Female A-Force Replaces The Avengers

    Wow, this seems highly unnecessary, and maybe just a bit insulting. It's like they're saying "Men can't be on the team because they'd obviously outshine the female heroes." or something. Will there at least be a plausible explanation for this? I really doubt it. I honestly wouldn't mind...
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    New Persona 5 Trailer and information

    Man, I was honestly worried for a while that Persona 5 wouldn't live up to the hype that Persona's 3 and 4 had set, being as good as they were. And I am very relieved to see that I was most likely mistaken. This looks amazing. Now let's hope the game can live up to the hype that these...
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    Twitter CEO Memo: We Suck At Dealing With Trolls

    Then they'd just make a bunch of burner accounts in preparation of trolling someone, or sending them death threats, or any number of things. You seem to be severely underestimating the lengths some people will go to piss other people off. This won't stop the trolls, it'll only make them...
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    Bloodborne: first 18 minutes

    Which makes us who have PS4s very happy and lets us gloat. Ha! We might have missed an amazing game in D4, but we're getting good stuff too!
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    Ubisoft Restores Some of Those Deactivated Far Cry 4 Keys

    Except the people who bought the game thinking it was from a legitimate source, and put off playing it for a while.