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    The Big Picture: Dumbsday, Part 2 - The Reign of the Supermen

    I didn't really read much Superman 1st time round, but picked up the Death of Superman Omnibus hefty tome last year.....Bob's bang on it's weird weird weird. Some interesting stuff in there but mostly the book is more a curio of a big DC event rather than a decent story. Agree with the...
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    Anyone else disappointed with their New Console Purchase

    Not disappointed at all. I early adopted and enjoyed the hell out of Black Flag, Killzone, Lego Marvel etc, I did find myself playing the PS3 more for a period after the initial release.... but that's not a problem. I had no intention of casting aside my old console when there's still so much...
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    Poll: The Importance of Achievements and You!

    For me they extend the life of a game to get more value out of my purchase. If you don't like having them there's nothing there forcing you to get them and can ignore them totally. Considering the price of AAA games anything that can give you more play per £/$ is a good thing. I don't go...
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    The Strain Premiere: Science, Vampirism and Good Summer Fun

    I felt it was fine but nothing to really blow me away. The show could do with a couple of moments of levity as frowny seriousness can get a bit silly when spouting sciencebabble. It's a bit flat and doesn't feel like it's really bring much new to the table. Hoping this will be easy watching...
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    New 52's Lobo Gets Ongoing Series, Tragic Backstory

    Urgh, I've been loving the Aquaman and Batman books and some of the other series, but every time Lobo has shown up in the new 52 it feels like a throwback to the Liefield 90's era of ridiculous muscle bound characters covered in pouches. The Deathstroke series was killed off my being...
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    Uncharted 1 and 3: To buy or not to buy?

    At this point Uncharted 1 is fairly old game, it doesn't compare as favorably as the others. At the time though it was an outstanding game. The series was very much dude-raider at the time, which is ironic as nowadays Tomb Raider feels like uncharted as things have circled back again. If...
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    So I bought watch dogs today.

    It's a decent enough game, doesn't do anything particularly amazing. The multiplayer implementation I found surprisingly good (some found it horrible). At least it wasn't just a tacked on deathmatch mode, kind of a cool cat and mouse hide and seek thing which I found genuinely tense and...
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    Poll: Escapist: Can you drive a Manual?

    UK again, so pretty much only driven manuals. When I have driven and automatic I find the lack of clutch weirds me out. Especially on hills. Even paddle gear shifting is just weird and feels wrong, nice to not have to take your hands off the wheel in that case though
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    Poll: The Best Topping

    Meat, meat meaty meat meat. But really, spiced Sausage, jalapeno, rocket and mozarella. Though our local does a chilli, tandoori chicken, bbq chicken and pinapple pizza and it's surprisingly awesome.
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    Is the Xbox one going to die a slow and painful death

    It may not be matching the PS4 sales, but it's not like the there's not been take up of the console at all. Neither console has managed to bring many new IPs to market yet, with the exception of Titanfall. It's mostly new editions of existing titles. The next Halo title is likely to...
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    Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular: A Fitting End

    Thanks for making something a little different chaps. Sad to see one of my favorites cease to be, but happy that future team ups await. Hopefully the poetry will still make an occasional appearance in your other works, this art needs to live on!
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    The Flash Gets Extended Trailer

    Yeah his whole motivation for joining the police, going into forensics was to solve crimes like his mothers murder. Going the legit way instead of leaping straight to the cape and cowl.
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    First Trailer For CW's The Flash Debuts

    As previously said if it works as well as Arrow it's going to be good. Arrow worked well by starting out without many capes and costumes and crept them all in slowly to the point where the season finale trailer was a frenzy of costumed carnage. Hopefully they can use this approach with the...
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    NBC's Constantine Trailer: Electroshock, Exorcism, Astra? Magic!

    I'll give it a crack, at least they are trying to do Hellblazer somewhat faithfully, rather than adapt it to a vague shadow of the source material. Being as the original Hellblazer run is very much about Thatchers 80's Britain, it would always have to change somewhat to be set in the modern...
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    Jimquisition: Revivify The Cold Vitae

    I picked up a Vita last month, the PS4 release perked up my interest in it. it's a great little platform, but yeah the memory cards are insanely expensive, especially if you are getting a lot of digital copies of games via PS+ (I went straight for a 64gb). So much potential, so little...