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    USB Ports Losing Power

    Everyone one of the USB ports, my keyboard still works because is it connected to the circular thingy that is used by old computers. Now the Mouse is laggy, it would die every few hours for 1 second then become functional again. Thanks for the reply
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    USB Ports Losing Power

    For the last 2 weeks, My USB ports keep losing power. There is still lights and everything on the things I plugged in like the mouse but everything that is plugged into the USB ports does not responds. I have disabled the USB selective suspend option, but that isn't the cause. The only way i...
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    Games you WANT to see rebooted?

    A new game called Ashes of The Singularity by stardock the guys who published Sins of a Solar Empire looks nice from the screenshots but its very early so i'm not getting my hopes up
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    Videogames which you can't buy from well-known sites

    Metal Gear Rising : Revengeance is not available on Steam for me. For what i gathered through the power of the internet is that the publisher had a dispute or something like that with someone in the SEA region and they decided not to publish it on steam for the SEA region.
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    How to destroy the Earth

    Crash the moon to earth
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    Help me pick a game to buy for the Steam sale!

    The Original Deus Ex, and Fallout 3/New Vegas, Prison Architect,The Witcher Franchise
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    A good joystick/flightstick

    Try the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro,this is the first and only joystick and it is very versatile
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    pc gamer headset

    With the G930 you will only need to install the driver and plug in the charger/transmitter ,and it'll work.
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    don't trust anyone and build a strong army and also build forts at the borders with other civilization
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    The History Channel - What happened?

    Pawn Stars started all of this
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    whats the best song you ever heard? (in the last month or so)

    This one
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    whats the best song you ever heard? (in the last month or so)

    I don't know what is the best But i like the mirror edge theme very much
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    Worst song you've ever heard?

    Alex Palmer Eat A Fish The Original One was Flagged as Terrorism content or someshit like that
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    Favorite Real Time Strategy Game?

    I have alot of fav RTS games the top five being 1) Command And Conquer : Generals (the first game i ever played) 2) Supreme Commander 2 3) Company of Heroes 4) Sins of Solar Empire 5) World in Conclit
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    The worst and most pointless weapon in any game.

    Useless = Mass Effect 3 Geth Assault Rifle Useful = That Hammer from Red Fraction ARmageddon