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    Congratulations mortal! Your ascendancy is here!

    I'll be a talking cat of the Make-believe domain. If your worship me well enough, your fantasies may become real.
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    Games with the best multiple endings system (or choices overall)

    Chrono Trigger had 13 different endings depending on when you beat the final boss. The world changed accordingly. It was quite amazing for its time.
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    What do you have against The Witcher series?

    I like the solid feeling I get from the game. It seems polished and full of features. The biggest downside is Geralt. I could not care less about him, and I wish I could create my own character to play as.
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    favorite type of melee weapon?

    It would be the Katana for me. I like the size, weight and the way it almost makes you feel like you're dancing when swinging in and out of techniques.
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    Little things that make game worlds more immersive

    Consistency. If an RPG states that fire in contact with oil with cause the oil to burn, it should do so regardless of where the fire is coming from. Usually a fire spell at an oil puddle will do the trick, but will a swordslash with a burning weapon do it? If the sword is on fire on your...
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    What Has Your Week Consisted Of? A helpful Distraction.

    I had a kendo session where I busted my left sole on. Is to be expected this early into practice. Watched the new season of Sword Art Online from 1 to 10 while having pizza. This is a very fun thing. I also went back and forth trying to create good routines for studying and not being...
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    How come people who commit suicide are considered cowards, unless someone famous does it?

    A) I don't know if this is true or not. B) I consider people who commit suicide out of selfish reasons to be cowards, with the exception of people in constant, incurable physical or psychological pain. C) I think that regardless of what you think put you here in this world, you owe it to...
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    How to make an ideal text opening in RPG Maker VX Ace.

    Another way is to set the default opacity value to zero in the Script Editor: Though that makes EVERY Event Sprite invisible by default. Manually making every event visible for the rest of the game doesn't sound very fun, does it? You need someone with a better understanding of Ruby to help you.
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    How to make an ideal text opening in RPG Maker VX Ace.

    Try different commands to see what hold priority over the game showing the character sprite. In the video, it seems like he turns the sprite invisible directly. Try forcing the screen to stay black for a second or so longer and then make the sprite invisible. Make sure this is running by an...
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    Steam Greenlight Grows By 50

    A drawing tool, a capture software, a game creation tutorial, a normal map editor and a video player!? Can just about anything be accepted through Greenlight?
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    So I guess I completely finished writing my book today.

    Congratulations for finishing it! A lot of people like to call themselves authors without actually having finished anything. What genre is it?
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    Common skills you can't do.

    I can't perform any kind of somersault. That includes on the ground. It is embarrassing.
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    Favorite lets play? Tell us about who you love to watch or what makes somthing fun to follow.

    "Video Games Awesome" would be my choice. I've never come across anyone who utilizes a greenscreen for LPs better than those guys.
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    Old Games you remember playing but can't remember the name of.

    Hello Escapists! Played demo of a PC RPG really long ago, maybe even 10+ years. It had a top-down camera (á la Diablo) and a large portrait of your entire character in the lower right where you could drag on and off equipment. Can't recall anything from the plot as I didn't know English at...
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    Starbound Beta Is "Not Very Far Off"

    Your article looked scrambled to me, but seems to be fixed now. The errors were, for the record: First off, you put the stages in the wrong order. You wrote them as 3,1,2. Secondly, the first 2 bullet points leading up to Stage 3 are supposed to be under the "Do not" part of Stage 3. The...