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    Total War: Rome II Offers Spielberg-Level Drama

    Woo sounds awesome, hopefully lives up to the expectations of the hype, not to mention the bar is pretty high.
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    No Right Answer: This Generation's "Star Wars" Part 2

    I am definitely siding with Dan on this one. lord of the rings.
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    SOPA and E3 Anyone who hasn't seen this i would seriously recommend watching.
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    Is Steve Jobs the 2nd Greatest Innovator of All Time?

    I'm sorry but Thomas Edison #1?? that's insanity. Nikolai Tesla ftw.
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    Just got Skyrim. Wat do?

    depends if you stabbing things or burning things.
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    Which is your favourite God?

    KHRONE BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD, SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!!! Nah i am just kidding that evil devil spawn can crawl back in to it's pit, FOR THE EMPEROR!!!
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    You must now live off the last food and drink you consumed!

    Pepsi and Cheese Sandwiches for the win!
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    Zombie apocalypse, you can only defend yourself with the last weapon you used in a video game!

    Skyrim Fireballs, YES INFINITE MAGICKA SPAM!!!
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    Why did... [Skyrim Spoilers]

    Because it would be a really short game if u get beheaded at the start.
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    Why do people want to be immortal?

    Because people are scared of dying.
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    I now hold skrim in my hands...

    I'm going down to game in about 3 hours to get mine.
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    Skyrim: What did you roll ?

    In about 4 and a half hours i will be rolling a orc warrior, but as the game develops i will start using loads of magic.
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    Poll: Are you going to Skyrim's midnight release?

    i would have done but the place near me wasn't doing them
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    Favorite book series

    The Horus Heresy.