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    Poll: was i out of line? sound so much like a pensioner.
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    Valve's New ARG

    "It âegins" obviously means a new Beta. other than that i don't know.
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    A question about UK vernacular from a movie.

    a Jumble Sale. kinda like a yard sale, but with many people in a hall of some sort.
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    Ways to deal with overpopulation

    but seriously the only long term solution can be off-world colonisation.
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    Ways to deal with overpopulation

    have certain people who are registered to breed and the rest of us can all go gay for a generation.
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    Poll: Most Random Question in the WORLD (or at least on this site)

    football is the football. american football is... kinda like handball.
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    Stupid shit that people tell you cant do.

    I cannot do the Mrs. Sinclair voice. :(
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    Broken heart, any suggestions on what to do?

    get over yourself and then try to go out with someone that makes your previous girlfreind feel really insecure.
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    Why All the Hate on Naruto?

    I think all the hate Naruto receives is down to it not being very good.
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    What if 9/11 happened in another country?

    not strictly true. britain and france got involved cause germany attacked belguim and we had signed a little piece of paper saying we would defend belgium, Austria got angry at Serbia cause that's where the black hand trained... basically Europe was a continent of empires, and the world was just...
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    Serious Animes

    I'd recommend Baccano! it's very good.
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    Poll: Do you support Eugenics? (Poll)

    i don't support eugenics but i do feel that some people should be made to sit a test before they become parents. not just the practical, I mean...
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    "Gadget Camp" Takes In Girls, Turns Out Budding Engineers

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    6 degrees of seperation

    it has to be Kevin Bacon at the end.