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    Hasbro is Crowdsourcing Official Monopoly House Rules on Facebook

    I sort of play with Cash Advance enabled, but more as a variant of a far broader rule, namely that arbitrary contracts can be drawn up between players, stipulating basically anything that the involved players can reasonably enforce, and that does not directly affect another player. Contracts may...
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    Poll: Microtransaction confessions, And a call to arms

    I don't think I should feel guilty about spending some money on the games I like, even if they are ultimately fruitless. I've spent money on Steam trading cards and I'm quite happy with the entirely cosmetic benefits of them. I bought the DotA2 Bastion Announcer because he sounds really cool...
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    Games you love but nobody you know has heard of them.

    Oh god I used to love that game, too. It's pretty much my earliest memory of gaming, and I can basically still recite a walkthrough for it from memory. I especially remember when me and my brother got really stuck on the last bit in Fun Frock's evil lair. After killing him for the fourth or...
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    Favourite Roguelike Games?

    Expanding on Llil's dichotomy, if you want to see what a roguelike is actually like, perhaps try Ancient Domains of Mystery [] - in which the 'E' key is permanently bound to "clean ears" and 'F' to "wipe face" - or Omega []1...
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    Would you notice the difference between 30 and 60 fps compared to 60 and 120 fps?

    I'm not sure what you mean by "the same difference", but you can check this out for yourself at if you want. If you only have a 60Hz monitor, then set one off at 60, one at 30 and one at 15, and you should be able to decide for yourself if the difference...
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    Escapist News Now: SteamOS Announced

    I'm interested in this game streaming whatsit. Could I Raspberry Pi my way into a game console in my living room that streams everything over my home network from my desktop? If so, I'm rather tempted to build a Steambox out of a Raspberry Pi like some kind of neckbeard god.
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    Poll: Would you Rather

    Well, what this boils down to really is "would you rather spend half your life as a woman, or would you rather accidentally eat babies and put nappies on muffins?". I chose the option that doesn't involve baby eating.
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    Most disturbing monster designs

    Yes indeedy, you have seen it in a mod. See for more details.
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    Most disturbing monster designs

    How about I tell you about Ken Birdwell's first day at Valve, in a story entitled "Mr. Friendly's Phallus"? If the text is too small for you, click it and it'll link you to a bigger picture. Those of you who have actually played Half Life will probably remember that Mister Friendly was absent...
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    Do You Imagine A Lot?

    Yeah, isn't this kind of thing fairly normal? I can picture your pistol - I can drop the mag out to check it's not loaded, push it back in the receiver, the slide clicks forwards by itself, check the sights to make sure everything's aligned, left index finger staying outside the trigger guard...
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    Why Can't Comedy Games be Funny to Play?

    What, you mean this? Yeah, they basically did, right down to the one guy who manages to see through the disguise and makes everyone else think he's insane. It's also free. Here you go [].
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    Why Can't Comedy Games be Funny to Play?

    Well, how about Octodad? Octodad is absurd and surreal in pretty much every conceivable way - you're an Octopus who pretends to be a human by shoving his tentacles into a suit, which is somehow enough to fool a woman so completely that she agrees to marry you and have two children with you...
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    Humble Bundle Selling Spiderweb Software's Indie RPG Library

    Geneforge is an RPG which can be beaten entirely by talking your way out of things and sneaking around places that you perhaps shouldn't be. This alone should be enough to pique your interest.
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    Draw a map in paint, person below must guess what it is.

    Bingo! It's called Castle Wars. I was half tempted to do the entire world map, then realised that I couldn't be bothered. Also, this captcha is now asking me to describe Mazda with any words. "sodding terrible' DROP TABLE responses;--" ought to do.
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    Draw a map in paint, person below must guess what it is.

    Holy crap, it's a map with a grassy end and a burnt end and a river running through the middle but which isn't DotA! Also I'm on my Linux machine so I didn't actually make this with Paint. If this bothers you feel free to keep your mouth shut about it.