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    the best fps games ever!

    *beats poster to death with his own brain* no. shut up. FPS are called FPS for being SHOOTER GAMES, with SHOOTER GAMEPLAY, in FIRST PERSON. "shooting" portals is more descriptive of PUZZLE GAMES than SHOOTERS and if it wasn't in FIRST PERSON would you still call it a SHOOTER? probably not...
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    "And you call yourself a gamer?!"

    uh,,, ... we can never be friends. and I hateify you. an you make me upset. and you insulted my CHILDHOOD man, and Zelda 2 is my favourite sidescroller, and holy shit I sound insecure
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    Poll: Which do you prefer JRPGs or WRPGs?

    I Like SMT, monster rancher, and Earthbound anything nintendo, but especially earthbound. those are all JRPGs, but I put other because those are the only RPGS I like. most RPGS fail to really bring any emotion other than the fun of exploration, Which is only some of them, And I prefer...
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    E3: Catherine

    but this game was almost-never not adverstised as a puzzle game. your treatment of that as surprise is really jarring, since this is a knew article and ads for this game have around a while. even the first trailer which showed no gameplay you glimpsed one of the puzzle like levels.
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    E3: Catherine

    ... I knew at least two months ago and I didn't even look the game up at all. how is this news?
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    Poll: immortality of age or of injury?

    age, I already have a sort of injury imperviousness, surviving the most inexplicable of mis haps (once fell off a cliff, Not a single broken bone. this is a recurring experience.
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    FBI Reportedly Arrests LulzSec Hacker (Or Not)

    thats not their goal though, so they are JUST dicks
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    FBI Reportedly Arrests LulzSec Hacker (Or Not)

    not quite. that guy had a point these guys aren't trying to prove anything. they are just dicks.
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    Poll: Enough with this 2-weapon limit bullcrap

    I prefer it in multiplayer TBH I would rather JUST use My weapon of choice than run aroud like a retard looking for it. HOWEVER I find it un-excusably stupid, unentertaining, and annoying. I want to feel like im getting stronger, not staying the same the whole time. hell, how about...
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    Poll: Ever watched the movie 'Human Centipede'

    I did twasn't very good. also, I don't no anything about medicine and the entirely time I was all like "medically accurate my ass!" seriously. its laughable once you get past how fucked up the premise. why does this movie exist, again?
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    Recomend some alternate music.

    homestuck's bandcamp page has over 250 quality songs. although they are better if you have read the the comic they are based on. for context reasons. my fave is the felt. its based on a group of side characters with time powers, the music reflects that
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    Most Evil Human In History Aside From the Big Two

    and of course your blatantly stating it here.
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    Odd features you find attractive.

    in guys, visible loneliness or sadness, like you look at the person like "oi he needs a hug", it reminds me of me pre-transition. in girls, maculinity is hot and usually pretty cute. remind me of me now, post transition. ... if your paying attention, Im basically saying I want to have...
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    Notch Pumping Air Into Minecraft's Sky Dimension

    I say that the way you reach these has to be like the gates in the webcomic homestuck (where my avatar is from) you build up to them in the sky, where they just are naturally, albeit rarer spawn than clay, and then the portal takes you to the sky dimension. also, Another world for...
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    Female Perspective - Friend Zone

    as the one and only bit of info I have on you, that line right there is the single most confuusing thing Ive read in my life, and considering I tend read my own short stories, thats saying something.