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    Games with great banter between characters.

    Found Dragon Age 2 remarkable in this regard.
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    Positech Games Boss Calls For An End To Deep-Discount Sales

    Wouldn't it make sense, then, to stratify your pricing structure? If you're seeing people are more hesitant to go all in on the typical industry price, why not seek to have a stable of games that range from the $10 set of more easily impulse-bought and the $40 and up buys that tend to cause more...
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    KOTOR Remake Sounds Good to Xbox Boss

    Oh boy...Get to rehash my time spent with Carth Onasi -gags-. Would rather see a new game than an HD remake of this. I found the first KotoR to be pretty weak, though, so who am I to talk. But even if it was KotoR2 in HD, I'd still much rather see, as someone else said, a new KotoR...
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    The Dos and Don'ts of Making Sidequests

    Don't make it screamingly tedious. In Bravely Default, the worst sidequest I've encountered is (minor spoilers) the sidequest to open Vampire Castle. You have to go slay 6 dragons, but each of the dragons is exactly the same as every other one, but they have a different element and can...
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    Why is the combat in the TES games so bad?

    "It's not about the combat, blah blah exploration story whatever." Not meaning to say that in a way that pisses on people who like that in ES, just that's normally the argument in a nutshell. I like character building typically, which gets me into it. Problem is that once I'm strong enough, I...
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    Sony: Vita the "iPod of Handheld Gaming"

    I love my Vita, but damn if it doesn't get enough games for it. Last handheld I actually kinda liked was the DS (the only good things I've found on the 3DS are Crimson Shroud, Liberation Maiden, the two Etrian games, SMT4, and hopefully Bravely Default). I do wish they'd be more open with the...
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    Rapper 50 Cent Isn't Impressed by Minecraft

    First, I always find it stupid and insulting that rappers are referred to as Mr. Something. Like if you're talking about Snoop Dogg (Lion now, I suppose), it strikes me as mockery to refer to him as Mr. Lion or Mr. Dogg. Maybe I've seen too many of these jokes making fun of legitimately...
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    Poll: Should I even bother with Mass Effect?

    Found the ME trilogy to be pretty amazing, although I think it would've been a lot better as a duology because ME2 is basically "Screw around until crunch time!" I think ME3 is really fun and while the ending itself isn't so hot, the entire ride is great. I also found ME3 to be the best in terms...
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    Mangaka Claims Kill la Kill Plagiarizes His Manga

    -old timer high five-
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    Most unconventional weapon

    Tales of Whatever that had the kid using the ball in a cup.
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    I wish to say long-winded and generally unkind things about Spec Ops:The Line.

    Think the point here is that games (basically most things with a narrative) is a call to empathize to some degree. It's not that the NPCs are actually people or that gamers will think it's fun to actually go out and kill. I took it as a demand for increased empathy in game storytelling, a demand...
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    Major Changes In Youtube Involving Let's Players

    I just think it's crazy when anyone wants to defend major corporations for any reason. Really says something about our culture when you've got people saying "Think of the outrageously rich!" It's pretty shit. There were scares about this way back in the FGC regarding tournament viewership...
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    You must change a paradise into a hell, by changing one thing...

    There's a random chance at any moment when you're asleep that you will have the sensation of a very wet tongue slithering into your ear canal.
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    Poll: Neverending story?

    I came here to say that I have a friend who describes the Neverending Story series as being "more like a neverending nightmare where weird white kids face a parade of mind-crushing horrors while high on cocaine. I mean, really, a flying dragon that's white?" Anyways, I think games can stretch...
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    Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition Review - Old and Improved

    I didn't. Let this go with a disclaimer that I haven't beaten the game. Characters have a lot to say, which is pleasant, and party interactions can be cool. The ruleset is horrible and ancient (although I think the only CRPG that really did a modified DnD ruleset kinda well was KotoR2). The...