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    Play XCOM: The Beginning, Win Amazon Gift Cards!

    No prizes for brits? not cool
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    Acknowledging Blackout, Politicians Ditch SOPA

    I think the below displays it nicely.
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    Poll: Would you enjoy the universe if it turned into an anime?

    If it means I get to fight my boss in a battle to the death and insta-abs, count me in lol
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    1 Month. 1 Game. Which game?

    The answer be obvious- SKYRIM. I've sunk hours and hours into it. Best value for money ever and just so so good
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    Poll: Would you accept immortality?

    Depends on if once immortal I can make others immortal too. Then I would.
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    Calling all Self Catered University students

    Ah not phased. I'm working now so I can enjoy the finer things :D lol
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    Poll: What Is Your Favourite Cartoon (Not Anime)

    Metalocalypse for sure. Best show ever!
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    Calling all Self Catered University students

    I lived on pasta bakes in college as the supermarket near my flat always had the sauce on special. I second the super-noodle sandwich mentioned above. You dont have to be a student to enjoy on though. that's gonna be my lunch :D
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    Has/did your school ever pull a dick move?

    My headteacher had me purposefully excluded in our primary school leavers photo. I ended up teaching kids instead. Was bullshit
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    Worst. Weapon. Ever.

    A wet sponge.
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    In your opinion, what was the worst game you ever played?

    I try to stay clear of bad games. Played Too Human though. That was pretty horrible.
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    Accept Your Quest. Collect The Fallen. Win an XBOX360 or PS3!

    Oh look another new exciting contest, I can't wait to......... "US & Canada only"..... :'(
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    UK Atheists Hope to Eliminate Jedi Population

    Some people are real twats huh? Just cause you have no religion doesn't mean you can dictate the choices of others. Let people put jedi. The atheists just want more in their corner officially. Man up and learn how to take a joke that doesnt affect you.
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    Unskippable: Fable 3

    Hey! Us chickens do have aspirations! They may not be very grand but we aspire none-the-less!
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    The Big Picture: Correctitude

    Bob is angry!!!! *cowers* Spot on as always man. Can't we turn you into some sort of cyber vigilante? Just you in a superhero costume with the caption "Bob disapproves". Or something similar...