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    Ooooh dear, a black actress is playing Live Action Ariel in the Little Mermaid movie.

    You must be very lucky, since I've never seen a picture of a blond blue-eyed Jesus/Joshua!
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    Now I've seen Blade Runner 2049. I have opinions. Straight up spoilers

    Sorry about the ambivalence on my part; I think when you've got the people who wrote the screenplay saying that Deckard is human, the Replicant twist needs to die a quick, agonizing death.
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    Now I've seen Blade Runner 2049. I have opinions. Straight up spoilers

    Which do you think it should be, just asking? I think I've made my opinion known.
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    Now I've seen Blade Runner 2049. I have opinions. Straight up spoilers

    I never quite understood the obsession with making Deckard a Replicant, since it really doesn't fit the theme of the movie, which was taken from Dick's story: the idea of empathy and what it means to be human. While there are other human characters, we only really get to see inside Deckards'...
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    Encumbrance sucks, so why is it still so common?

    To the part about ME3, if you didn't import a Shepard from ME2 you started at level 1; it was semi-justified by having Anderson call you "soft" during one of the cut-scenes (though it kinda loses its jab since he says it no matter if you're doing an import or not).
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    What SEGA games do you appreciate outside Sonic? (and why)

    Not having had a Genesis/Master System during its initial run, I relished getting the Sonic's Sega Genesis Collection for the 360; I really need to get back to those - dang you Mass Effect!
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    Poll: World of Warcraft Classic Announcement

    I'll second anyone whose been saying that Warcraft IV NEEDS to happen. WoW is just...I almost don't have the words to describe it.
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    The Tales of... Games

    My first Tales game was Tales of Destiny (which I still have, and still haven't beaten), though I also have Tales of Destiny 2/Tales of Eternia (unplayed), Abyss, Legendia, Tales of Graces f, Vesperia, Xillia 1 & 2, Zestiria, and the Symphonia collection (PS3). Again, haven't finished all of...
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    I'm good for all kinds of cheese. I kinda wish that I'd have the time to broaden my horizons of cheese.
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    are you going to buy mass effect andromeda?

    I'm loving the demo so far (I pick up the game tomorrow); to me it combines the best parts of ME 1 with the improvements of ME 2/3 - the exploration alone is getting me excited to get the full game! [And the fact that we don't have to deal with fuel, and that the new species - in the demo -...
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    Your "...I'll get back to it..." games list

    Right now I'm trying to switch between The Witcher 3 and FF 15 (Xbox One), while also trying to get further into Witcher 2 (BC on One), and I'm NOT even going to count the games I have that I haven't started yet. That's why I have an account on Backloggery!
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    Revelations that make you start... all... over... again.

    I'm not entirely sure, but isn't Bindo NOT recruitable in KoTR II: The Sith Lords? It's been quite a few years since I played it, but Jolee Bindo was only a recruitable character in the first KoTR.
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    Should I support Nintendo anymore?

    Pokemon had good mechanics. Wasn't Sony/Squaresoft responsible for Dragon Quest VII coming to Western shores for the Playstation 1? [Edit: Sorry, I just checked the game case; Enix was the company.]
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    Poll: Star Trek: Which Enterprise is Your Favorite?

    I voted for the Enterprise-E, because of both its call-backs to the older designs and the common sense realization that Federation ships needed to be equal parts exploration/combat ships. Seeing it for the first time in Star Trek: First Contact was amazing - and even more when you see how much...
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    Your favorite song from a video game

    I'll second Faunts' M4 p.II but it'll always be a tie between it and the Madworld cover used in the trailer for Gears of War and then used in Gears 3; that version of the song has always hit me harder than Tears for Fears' original.