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    Question of the Day, May 1, 2010

    Fallout 2 will always beat out 3 in my opinion. Two games worth of dialogue in one, and a far more in depth skill system. More unique areas that don't need to be added through DLC alone.
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    Voice of Duke Nukem Indicates Forever Won't Go Away

    Jon St John is a pretty cool guy. Partied with him in my hotel room I had at MAGFest, he hopped around the retreat building where a bunch of parties were.
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    Does switching between games confuse you?

    Computer controls are somewhat universal. Except for prone/crouch keys. Some games switch those up, which can be confusing.
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    Poll: Morrowind Remake?

    A remake of this game would be pretty incredible. Assuming they leave much of it intact. Morrowind was a very static adventure. Much of it was hand crafted and a world tailored to the explorer. While many would agree that the combat lacked, the game had a large amount of depth, and a story to...
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    Poll: Have you PC gamer put your money where your mouth is for MW2?

    Oddly thats exactly what I was thinking of doing. Rather than spend $60 for a short campaign and stunted multiplayer, spend the $50 on DAO for a much longer and more fulfilling experience. It seems nowadays you'll get more for your money out of an RPG than something like a blockbuster FPS game.
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    Poll: Have you PC gamer put your money where your mouth is for MW2?

    Preordered it when it first came available on Steam. Today after reading yet another article online, I asked for a refund. Few hours later, I got my money back from Steam. I'm done with all of this, it's not worth $60.
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    Steam Users Can't Play Modern Warfare 2 Until Thursday

    I got a refund for my steam bought copy. I was so excited but with how all of the bad just keeps stacking up, I no longer have any interest.
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    Aion's Absurd Custom Keyboard

    Design is identical to the WoW Zboard keyboard overlay, I don't understand some of your phrasing in this article. Calling it an absurd or hardcore for a keyset thats been out for years is silly.
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    Croteam Unveils Serious Sam HD Gameplay Trailer

    I'd pay full retail for this. No lie. This game stands against most new age games with ease. I've played through the first and second encounter roughly 5 a piece, mostly on co-op. That game is just unbelievably fun. Who cares if it's just a slightly prettier version, it's Serious Sam. The only...
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    Azeroth Was Going to be a Scary Place

    I wouldn't trade the current graphics for an update even if offered. Going into the original World of Warcraft years ago, I felt so much connection to Warcraft 3. It made me think of games like Command and Conquer: Renegade. A completely different perspective and style into a universe I already...
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    Rumor: New WoW: Cataclysm Playable Races Leaked

    This has only been in discussion since it was shown on MMOChampion. You're continuing a very useless argument that you are just now either apparently deciding to show, or have just now gotten to reporting on it. While Goblins make slight sense as to joining the Horde, Worgen in the Alliance do...