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    Things you don't use, but keep anyway.

    Mostly old audio equipment, cables, amps, speakers etc. Paperwork, bills and payslips. Cutlery, I can't throw away shitty old cutlery, but I do use it. I have new cutlery, but I use the old stuff. Travel bags, no matter how old and worn out, as long as it still works I keep it. I do use one of...
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    What was your favorite season of Blackadder?

    Series 3. I like the time period, Hugh Laurie as George is great, Mrs Miggins, I remember far more episodes and lines of it. 2 was good, but I found Queenie a bit of an irritating character although Miranda Richardson did it well. It also feels a bit dated and looks unbelievably cheap, which...
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    Mod Edit: New forums are live for beta testing! Link in OP (April 3, 2020)

    This is the first time I've visited for...I can't even remember (last post 3rd Jan, not as long as I thought). Very rarely post. Escapist used to be my first port of call every day. My life has changed, I've changed, the site has changed. Got an account in 2008, asked for a ban ealy 2012 to...
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    If your significant other was a part of your body, which part would they be?

    Yeah, gonna go with a gangrenous arm. Caused me a lot of suffering for a while, so I had to cut it off. Which is better. But it's still sitting around rotting in the corner as a reminder and gives me phantom pain.
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    Ranking the Star Wars Movies

    Okay... 1. A New Hope 2. The Empire Strikes Back 3. Return of the Jedi 4. The Last Jedi 5...the 3 prequels, I have little memory of them. I can't quite decide if I would put Rise of Skywalker above the prequels or below. It was vaguely entertaining to start with, but I'd really had...
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    What's the Pettiest Thing that made you dislike a game?

    While there were certainly more things that made me dislike them: FFVII: Cloud steps off train armed with a sword, faced with 2 guards with automatic weaponry..."well, I'm boned"... *plink, plink*. Oh... Dragon age: Duncan (think that was his name) makes you join the grey wardens whether...
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    Your Gaming Experiences Of the Decade

    Yup you're better off concentrating on building up your empire normally, then stomping the AI that way before it gets to the final ritual. So it plays like mortal empires anyway. If you could choose the cities for rituals it'd be better, but having a bunch of Chaos chosen doom stacks teleport in...
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    Your Gaming Experiences Of the Decade

    No, races are a bit limited on that. Only one I have some interest in playing is the dark elves. Got to point where I was way ahead and was basically going to win by virtue of wiping out all the other races who could complete the ritual. Yes, the stinky high elves do have the easiest start...
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    Your Gaming Experiences Of the Decade

    Don't think I ever finished a game. Mortal Empires is just so vast. You usually get to a point where you've basically won way before it's finished.
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    Your Gaming Experiences Of the Decade

    Hmmm... Skyrim and Fallout 4 were games I played a lot of, too much in fact. Recently deleted Skyrim, all mods, saves and NMM. Fallout 4 would have lasted longer if it wasn't for the atrocious load times. Unfortunately the future of Bethesda FPRPGs is looking a bit shaky at the moment. Probably...
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    BCBS report on millennial health

    Wooo! YEAH! Gen-X FTW baby!I knew that aimlessley pumping myself full of drugs for decades was the way forward. I should never have stopped.
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    Games you're going to finish someday, you swear.

    Hmm... I have a vague desire to finish all the missions from Space Hulk Ascension, because it's Space Hulk. Unfotunately the levelling system makes it too easy too quickly so you do lose interest. But it's Space Hulk. Battlefleet Gothic 2 Imperial Campaign. Basic gameplay is good and I...
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    What's your favourite edition of DnD?

    Only ever played much of 2nd ed, so I guess I'd have to say that was my favourite. Lots of supplemental material and sourcebooks. That sort of stuff has always been my favourite part of RPGs in terms of the pre written material, the worldbuilding element. ThAC0 wasn't too bad, it was very...
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    I feel your answer is wasted on what was a dismissive off the cuff comment. I think silent pony would appreciate that reply more.
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    Good lord, that was a confusing title. I took me a while to work out wtf all this was about. Yeah, I dunno, maybe it's just a shit game, maybe not. I think a lot of games with specific themes with a fandom tend to be crappy either because they just use the fan pull to sell or maybe they are...