Ever Watched A TV Episode That Pissed You Off So Much You Quit Watching The Series?

Gorden Springel

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Apr 3, 2010
kortin said:
The Pilot for Breaking Bad.

Holy shit, I've seen a lot of bad pilots in my time, but that one takes the cake. I could not make myself watch any more of that bile.
Ironic considering your avatar is from Gurren Lagann, good anime but started out terribly.

Duck Soup

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Oct 24, 2009
Twin Peaks. It didn't so much piss me off as I guess I just expected more from it.

Warning: If you don't yet know how Laura Palmer died and don't want it spoiled then don't click the spoiler tag. Seems like an obvious thing but you never know.

I was really disappointed because they left all these clues pointing to something/someone specific and then we find out that she was actually killed by "magic". I'm serious. I stopped watching after that.


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Dec 19, 2007
Mister Shades said:
Andromeda season 3 finale.
The series actually started off pretty strong, with engaging stories and interesting sci-fi concepts, but around Season 2-3 the writers seemed to get bored and dumbed the series down and added more unpleasant cheese than a Kraft dinner. So because the commonwealth was boring, they totally destroyed it all within about 5 minutes, and that was pretty much the last straw for me.

Warehouse 13, Season 3 Finale.
Some people love this series, but after season three I couldn't take it anymore. The main characters where impossibly goofy and the artefacts became boring and predictable. The entire series felt like babies first X-Files, with any kind of story complexity and seriousness nowhere to be found. It was when the two main characters were running about a fully functional pyramid of doom, solving puzzles like it was the frigging crystal maze or something that I gave up.
I could point out how the series could have been done better, but I don't have to because "The Lost Room" already exists.

Honourable mention: SeaQuest DSV.
I did actually watch this all the way through, so it technically doesn't count, but I *should* have stopped watching it.
I started watching this back in the 90's, because I'm fascinated with the ocean as much as space. While the pilot episode was a bit dire, I remember the first season having great storylines, really interesting concepts as to how we as a culture would 'move' to the bottom of the ocean and an array of really smart and well thought out technologies (like WSKRS). While there was a small element of the supernatural, it was still pretty grounded. Then at the start of season 2 the writers started to chew at the leash of restraint, and we started getting ghosts and aliens in like every other episode. Then in season 3, the writers had finally finished chewing though their leash and were now madly running about the garden like jabbering idiots.

Sadly the thing that seems to be a fairly common factor with stuff like this, is that the producers/writers create a sci-fi series but realise that it's not drawing the attention of the mainstream audience. They then adjust dumb it down to make it accessible to these audiences. Sci-Fi fans get fed up and stop watching; mainstream audiences are still not interested. Series cancelled.
well in Andromeda's case its because the good writer left and some moron took over

I've never had that happen other then the first episode of death note


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Mar 18, 2011
Gorden Springel said:
Ironic considering your avatar is from Gurren Lagann, good anime but started out terribly.
I don't think it's ironic. I think it proves my point. I've seen a lot of bad pilots. I still enjoyed the first episodes of TTGL far more than the first episode of Breaking Bad.


Illusions, Michael!
May 13, 2009
Hunter85792 said:
Lost. I decided I might as well give it a chance a couple of months ago (despite knowing about the shit finale that was plastered everywhere on the internet half a decade ago)and got up to the start of season 3. Nope. Nope. NOPE. God damn it Abrams, you could have had it all... but you fucked it up. You fucked it up real good.
Just be happy you got out before the end.

OT: Does picking the last episode of a show count? Because after I watched the last episode of Lost I pretty much said "fuck this show" and vowed never to rewatch a single episode and to regard the series with utter contempt.


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Jul 6, 2012
Almost every episode of the fourth season of Battlestar Galactica, when it was obvious the writers didn't have a clue what they were doing (actually it kind of started in season 3). Plot threads being rapidly picked up and dropped, characters changing on a whim.

But the first season was so damned good, I felt obligated to finish it.
Apr 28, 2008
The Walking Dead show. Stopped sometime around the middle of the first season. It was just a bunch of assholes being assholes for the purpose of creating drama. I didn't care about anyone, and was constantly rooting for the zombies to kill them all. I was never a fan of the series though, so I wasn't heart-broken over it or anything.

TizzytheTormentor said:
Although I still like the series, one episode of Adventure Time pissed me off and I stopped watching episodes for a while.
This is the anticipated episode where Lady gives birth to her and Jakes kids, the kids themselves are cute enough and the episode was going well, but then they pull a fast one by the end, Jake was planning on moving into Lady's house to live with her and the kids, but at the end of the episode, he goes back to the treehouse, claiming the kids are old enough to take care of themselves, therefor, keeping the status quo.

The reason I am pissed was that I was looking forward to seeing this episode and how much impact it would have on the series. The writers obviously did not like the idea and axed the kids out of the show as quick as possible, the episode itself was rushed (needed 2 episodes) and I doubt the kids will even appear again.

Which annoys me because very little would be changed. The episodes usually started with Finn and Jake in the treehouse, the episodes could have started with Finn visiting Jake, or vice versa. The whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth.

I'll start watching the series again, but that was tremendously disappointing. If they wanted to keep the status quo, why make such an episode in the first if they bunked out of the idea?
Yeah, about the same reaction I had. I still watched it, but I was dissapointed. Especially since this show is usually pretty good at doing changes like that and going with them.


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Mar 7, 2011
Man, I read a lot of these responses and feel like a manchild, because most of the shows I've quit for this reason have been cartoons. XD

Anyway, for me, there have never been specific points or single episodes that pissed me off to the point of not watching anymore, because I'm a man of great patience and can usually bite the bullet in the hopes that the show in question gets better (I'm usually right). However, there have been a lot of slow burns: shows that gradually started earning my ire until I eventually came to a realization that I wasn't enjoying myself anymore and just gave up.

The big three in my head are:
The Proud Family ("Jeez, some of the characters in this show are assholes")
Ed, Edd n' Eddy ("Jeez, EVERYONE in this show is a HUGE asshole.")
and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends ("GAWD, Bloo is SUCH an asshole!")
There are probably more, but these are the 3 hugest offenders. I take no shame in saying "screw those shows", I don't care how well received they were.

I also gave up on TTGL, not because of the pilot though - if bad pilots were all that kept me from shows, i never would've bothered with Azumanga Daioh. ZING! Anyway my gripe was mostly during its 2nd season. I get that the show was supposed to be incredibly over-the-top, and I genuinely enjoyed that about it, but at some point after the time skip, it became a game of "who can die in the most explodiest way possible?" That paired with the ending turned me off it for good. Yoko still has a place in my heart though.

There are a ton of other shows I quit (Spongebob, Scrubs, Family Guy, Naruto, etc), but those were due to boredom rather than anger.


Whose Eyes Are Those Eyes?
Oct 15, 2009
Only once, though very recently. I dropped the third season of "Borgen".

By the middle, it simply became too preachy. Along with a drop in story quality, with plots obviously constructed to inelegantly drive points home, and with most of the the nuance that it had previously maintained thrown out the window in favour of black and white caricatures.


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Mar 24, 2009
Woodsey said:
Hunter85792 said:
Lost. I decided I might as well give it a chance a couple of months ago (despite knowing about the shit finale that was plastered everywhere on the internet half a decade ago)and got up to the start of season 3. Nope. Nope. NOPE. God damn it Abrams, you could have had it all... but you fucked it up. You fucked it up real good.
Season 3 is the low point, and it was their excuse to the network to give the show a finite number of series so they could sketch it out properly. (Assuming your complaint is how the pacing really starts to drag, if not, then I would recommend injecting three milligrams of taste into your blood stream per day.
The whole thing just became ridiculous. The more I found out about the island, the more I wanted to pour bleach in my ears to forget that horrible writing.

I went ahead and watched a couple from season four and five and they were even worse. All I have to say is fuck time travel.


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Jun 8, 2010
Death Note
When they killed off L halfway through and tried replacing him with those two twats Near and Mello. I got a couple episodes past L's death and then skipped right ahead to the final episode just to see Kira die for what he did to my favorite character.


Fell off the Alligator.
Jun 24, 2009
Bones. The moment the show went from actually fun to watch and miserable tripe was right around the whole coma thing for Booth, but it didn't become unbearable until the end of the sixth season, when it a fit of stupidity, Brennan and Booth hook up and she gets knocked up. Nope. Done. Show with great tension between the two leads that weren't interested in each other gets stupid trite romance battered in for the sake of nothing. Wasn't needed, wasn't wanted, and now, isn't watched.


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Dec 5, 2008
King Billi said:

I can't pinpoint a specific episode but the transiton from me thinking it was actually a quite interesting cool show to absolutely loathing the very core of it's being was so abrupt that I'm actually quite amazed by it.
I think around Season 2 when two characters who had been allied in the past and both of whom could stop time (read, zero urgency) decided they would rather fight that take thirty seconds to iron out their misunderstandings.

It's not the lowest point in the series, but it's definitely the moment where it became clear that the writers had stopped reflecting on anything they were putting down on paper.

tippy2k2 said:
The (very short lived) Dresden Files

In one of the episodes, Bianca was a vampire character and begged for help from Dresden.

Meanwhile, your favorite poster Tippy2k2 had just finished reading "Grave Peril" (terrible timing for the show...).

Now I'm not going to spoil anything but if you were a fan of the book series, you know what happens. In the TV Show...Bianca was a good guy. Nope. I'm out TV Show. I can accept a lot of changes to the series but that is one change that I will NOT accept and am appalled that they made such a drastic change.
My friends and I recently watched the whole series, such as it was, on Netflix. And... my God, did they do a horrible job with that show. If, as the eternal blurb on most of the Dresden books reads, the novels are "Buffy the Vampire Slayer starring Phillip Marlowe", the TV show was more like "Magnum P.I. meets Betwitched." Miscast, clearly under-budgeted, poorly written, and with a thick coat of the typical "Masquerade" ("Oh, we can't let the normals know what's going on underneath their noses") that the novels do such a good job of avoiding. If you stopped early, you got the better end of the deal.

Can anyone tell me, speaking of such things, if "Supernatural" eventually got better? That's another one my friends started and eventually gave up on, tired of the predictable plot twists and shallow characters.


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Oct 5, 2011
Heroes ran me off early in season 2. Not because it's bad, but I truly don't give a shit about Peter and all the other stuff is fucking boring. I'm surprised I made it through the first season with it's tragically long episode and absurd amount of episodes. Maybe the problem is that I'm watching it on Netflix but the shit is just agonizingly long for me.

Mad Men also bored the hell out of me. I was fairly interested at first but nothing kept happening and I just couldn't bring myself to keep trying to care.

Game of Thrones (which feels like such a dumb name for the TV show), just because it felt like a speed run of the books. It was hard for me to enjoy and they dropped the subtlety of Renly's ambiguous sexuality and just flat out made Loras say "You should be king, boo, now lemme clean the royal penis." I like the idea that Renly is either gay or just uninterested in sex but that was a little much for me.

Family Guy. Too much racism for me and shit for me. Same reason I flinch whenever the gay couple on American Dad shows up.

Dr. Who. Maybe I didn't give it a fair enough shake but damn that shit bored me to tears.

Inuyasha, for it's endless "lol, I like her does she like me? OMG I BETTER ACT LIKE I DON'T LIKE HER." Preschool bullshit.

Adept Mechanicus

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Oct 14, 2012
Arrested Development, start of season 3. All the characters suddenly become caricatures. Plus the stupid James Bond shit annoyed me.

Scarim Coral

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Oct 29, 2010
That Iron Man anime after the first two episodes-
Assuming that the anime itself is related to the first film (similar suit design and setting), the premise is that Tony Stark went to Japan to finalize the arc reactor built over there. It was also in Japan that he introduce the Iron Man Duo (or something like that) which was the first line of the mass production Iron Man suits and he intend to retire as Iron Man.
I felt that was competely out of character for Tony since in the first and second films, he is against his tech being used by someone else (except for Rody) let alone mass produce it!


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Jan 6, 2010
Falling Skies - Episode 3 of the first season I think. Why all this useless love drama? Why make that little twat kid somekind of "hero" plot character (he probably have some shit moment later on, it's so obvious) with all the "hurr durr you're my best fighter, even though you're 10, and fucked up and nearly got the group killed". Why the dumbfounded crap all around with shallow characters?