How do you react to being hit on/checked out?

Riff Moonraker

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Mar 18, 2010
Miyenne said:
So I was just out grocery shopping when at the deli counter I ended up waiting my turn behind two rather attractive men. Being a woman with a pulse, I checked them out.

A few isles later I ran into one. I gave him a once over again which he obviously noted, and he laughed. Not an awkward "Oh, she's checking me out, what do I do?" laugh or a "I'm flattered" laugh, but a derisive snort that said "Who does she think she is?". Just because I'm fat doesn't mean I can't find men attractive and make it known.

I was rather annoyed. Why be annoyed that someone finds you attractive? It's not like I grabbed his shirt and begged him to date me or sleep with me, I was just enjoying looking at him with no expectations whatsoever.

The other guy had given me a nice, warm smile and went on his way. He got it.

If I get hit on or checked out I usually just say thank you and that's that. If I even realise that's what's happening, as it's rather rare for me to be hit on.

So how do you guys handle situations like that?
To be honest, anytime a lady checks me out, whether she would be my type or not, I am flattered. About a year ago, I was walking into a store, and as I got onto the sidewalk out of the parking lot a car went by with two considerably younger females in it, and they honked the horn and catcalled me. It blew my mind, and I was walking on air for the next few days after that. :) So yeah, ignore those arseholes. Most guys appreciate it immensely.


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May 16, 2013
krazykidd said:
I wonder why you assumed he laugh because of your weight . I find a lot more people like big girls than big girls realise , which is a shame ( coming from a guy who would never date/sleep with a girl under 250lbs).

OT: I am way too clueless to realise when a girl is hitting on me , and way too shy to actively hit on a girl . Unless she straight up tells me she finds me attractive , i won't know . And i do find myself to be quite attractive . My problem is i cannot talk to women , because i am afraid of rejection . But when women talk to me i beam with confidence . It's how i can still get laid while being socially retarded .

[small] it does pain me to admit that i have missed out on a few women due to being completely clueless[/small]
Usually I'm quite confident, but since I quit my job 6 months ago I've gained 30 pounds, mostly around my middle. Even if I suck in now I have a spare tire. It's got me feeling rather down on myself lately. But I've changed how I cook meals and will be doing my best to get back to my normal weight... Which is still quite overweight, but at least something I maintained for about 10 years.

I know many men don't mind bigger girls, although most won't admit it. But still, gaining 30 pounds would upset almost anyone.

Relish in Chaos

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Mar 7, 2012
I?d be flattered, or think they?re joking, since I?m not attractive (the most I could say is that I?m skinny and have been told by a few girls that I have ?nice eyelashes?, but I have a shit depressing personality and my stutter can make it hard to converse with even my friends) and have never been hit on (at least, to my knowledge).

Chances are, if I knew they weren?t fucking around, I?d give them a creepy grin like I always do to girls I like, take them up on it and ask them out to the cinema or something, because I?m a desperate, lovesick virgin and I might be too embarrassed/inexperienced to just come out and say, ?Hey, I think you?re pretty too; wanna go out with each other?? If anything, it?s usually me that?s checking others out.


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Jun 2, 2011
Take it as a joke at my expense and think of ways to harm the person. Of course there's nothing much to do with strangers, but if they're a colleague or such there's the potential to make their life harder.


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May 23, 2013
Woman hit on guys? Bullshit!

And I'm saying this as a pretty good looking guy, considering not my opinion, but of others.

But then again - technically - I don't consider it getting hit on unless she's trying to ask me out. And the only place in the world that's happened to be was in Japan. We live in a culture where it's not socially accepted for woman to hit on men. So I'm confused with some of you people's stories. But then again there's a lot of none Americans here to so meh.


FizzyIzze said:
The few times women hit on me I felt overwhelmed with pity for them. And as Jim Jeffries said, "There's nothing worse you can give anyone in this world than pity."
That's the worse inhuman lines I've ever heard in my life. Do you even know the definition of pity?


Only self-centered egotistical people would feel that way because they like to think of themselves as flawless, or demand themselves to be. Those annoying assholes that force a smile, and try to make everyone love them, but instead the creep everyone out. And when I don't find them charming or funny, they get mad and take me as an enemy.

Simply pitiful.


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Aug 5, 2011
Most hot people make it a healthy habbit and lifestyle to workout daily and eat nutritious foods without overconsumption. Some get too obessesed with it, and will become jerks and douchebags. So attractiveness is only 5% of the "soul mate" game. Morality, intelligence, personality, courage, motivational leadership...etc is what makes you attractive for life and is what you are searching for in a mate for life!

Mr Fixit

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Oct 22, 2008
I'm all for it, if I find the one checking me out attractive, well then it's time to turn on the charm. If I'm not particularly attracted to her then I will smile at her & just go on about my business.

I have in the past been hit on & I didn't even realize it until afterwards. I was in an elevator with a very lovely lady that was being very friendly & because my mind was elsewhere(damn work) I let her walk off without even asking her name. I'm an idiot sometimes.


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May 22, 2008
Meh, I've got a girlfriend so I sorta just smile and continue doing what I'm doing.

When I'm single I'd often check her out back (or just make eye-contact, showing that I noticed), usually leading to slight-smiles on both ends of the silent exchange. Then we both continue on our way.
Eeyup. Very momentous.

Not that I get "checked out" much at all haha, so this is just from what (little) experience I've had. :p

As for your unfortunate encounter OP, sorry to hear you got a rather rude customer on the other side of it.


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Mar 18, 2013
I actually just had a man hit on me yesterday :p Funny to see this thread.

I was at the opening of a new bookstore and was browsing and a turn around a this man is literally right behind me. I practically ran into him. He said, 'Hey Beautiful, are you single?'

I didn't know my boyfriend had just come around the aisle and said something along the lines of, 'You don't even ask her for her name or how she is doing? You just ask if she is single or not?'

The man walked away :p Now that I think about it, my boyfriend did have a good point and I was glad he was there.


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Aug 8, 2008
I enjoy being checked out, but I prefer action over observation.

It does somewhat bother me when someone gets offended that I'm checking them out. It doesn't happen very often, though I find it most common with the younger girls (how are you not supposed to check them out with what they wear).

And honestly, half the time I'm just looking at them for the pre-inspection "check out". Just cause I'm looking at you doesn't mean I want you.

Boris Goodenough

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Jul 15, 2009
I love it, doesn't matter if it's women or men.

I love attention because I have been starved it for soooo many years :(


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Jun 24, 2013
Cloake said:
Well, I've never been overtly hit on by a girl ..... I might casually mention my fiancee so she doesn't get the wrong idea.
How did you manage to be fianceed then? Lol? :p


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Aug 4, 2008
How do I react? With confusion and a sense of pity for their utter lack of taste. Attractiveness is not one of my strong suits. Unless it's about the beard, I suppose.


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May 27, 2009
Guys or gals, I take it as a compliment. Unless it's a creepy old dude taking pictures of me in a Belgian war museum when I'm 15. That was... disconcerting.


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Apr 1, 2009
Assuming I even notice?

It just makes me nervous and sometimes paranoid.

I find it unnerving for some reason.


don't upset the insane catgirl
Apr 11, 2009
Um... Freak out, panic, and try to get away from the person?

Yeah... That sounds about right.

Although... With my track record it's equally likely I wouldn't even notice in the first place.

Colour-Scientist said:
Do people in this thread just have no self-confidence, or?
Um... Nope. None whatsoever.
Well... OK, let me qualify that. I'm vaguely confident around people I know, or when dealing with certain specific topics...

But in general, no.

Then again I may be a bad example given that I have social phobia and... At the moment, a tendency to get severe panic attacks at the slightest provocation when people are around...

So... Yeah. >_>

I could say more on the matter, but I'm not sure I really want to get into a subject that's quite that awkward... XD