lets collectively lol @ these "I need feminism because..." pics


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Sep 15, 2012
I need feminism because I'm tired of my friends thinking I'm an asshole for criticising everything they do.

I need feminism because I shouldn't feel stupid for getting a 1.5 GPA in college.

I need feminism because I want to have a Digiorno pizza instead of Red Baron.


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Mar 22, 2011
Darken12 said:
This will happen, sadly, with every attempt at questioning the status quo. That is exactly how the privileged majorities react. They see the imbalances and inequities as normal and just, and any attempts to change that will seem to them unjust, unnecessary and malicious.
Hey look at that; I agree with you.
Darken12 said:
Whether that's true or not...
It is...
Darken12 said:
...doesn't actually invalidate the points anyone might raise on the industry.
...it does. If someone makes a claim; "The Gaming industry is misogynist" and someone can provide evidence to counter that claim; the claim becomes invalid. The claim must then adapt to the counter evidence with something like; "some of the gaming industry is misogynist" which then becomes a discussion of the levels and/or influence.
Darken12 said:
In fact, I would wager that the "not all feminists think the same and not all gamers are alike" are diversion tactics to avoid dealing with the actual points being raised.
Because they conflict with the narrative of your argument. If there are feminists that support the gaming industry and gamers who are feminists; then the assertion of "feminists vs gamers" posses a bit of a dilemma don't you think?
Darken12 said:
Women do contribute to rape culture as well. Whenever a woman sees a rape report and says "well, no wonder she got raped, dressed like that..." she is contributing to rape culture. And that is but one example, of which there are very many.
Seems like everything supports rape culture. I once heard a good one; denying rape culture supports rape culture.
Darken12 said:
Nobody has ever said that women don't contribute to rape culture. Nobody said that women aren't misogynistic, either, as proven by books like 50 Shades of Grey, which are filled to the brim with male-worshipping misogyny, and are written and primarily consumed by women.
Really makes you wonder doesn't it? Why do so many women freely consume products that represent the hatred of their gender? Just a personal guess; they don't think the same way you do.
Darken12 said:
These facts do not make criticisms of misogyny any less valid.
That depends on whether or not you attempt to generalize the rest of the culture and/or industry through the use of your cherry picked examples.
Darken12 said:
Actually, the idea that women are a depersonalised ideal to inspire men to do great things, property to rescue from other men and prizes to award to the male hero for his heroism, do perpetuate the rape culture.
Is the reverse also supportive of rape culture?
Darken12 said:
But I wouldn't blame videogames exclusively for this, as literature, theatre and cinema have been doing it for far longer.
Well, as long as you can spread the blame around I guess that makes it OK. /rollseyes
Darken12 said:
Your argument seems to be that if I have a theory and find sufficient evidence of it, clearly I am crazy and my theory is invalid precisely because I have found sufficient evidence of it. That is so ridiculous it is actually hilarious.
Sufficient evidence? You really don't understand confirmation bias then. According to you, "The Rape of the Sabine Women" is indicative that art supports rape culture.

It doesn't matter that the meaning of the word "rape" was completely different back then.
It doesn't matter that is was clear no sexual assault occurred in the story it depicts.
It doesn't matter that this is one single piece of artwork in history.
It doesn't matter that art is the outward expression of ideas and thoughts.
It doesn't matter that art depicts many contradictory ideas form artist to artist.
It doesn't matter that people use art to discuss rape culture.
It doesn't matter that a smiley face picture is just a smiley face picture.

None of this fucking matters. Because Art is guilty for supporting Rape Culture. Movies are guilty of supporting rape culture. Games are guilty of supporting rape culture. The escapist is guilty of supporting rape culture. Threads about people's favorite games are supporting rape culture. People who talk about gaming are supporting rape culture. People who talk are supporting rape culture. People support rape culture.

It's quite obvious that everything I say will be supportive of your hysterically, meaningless and brainless theories of rape culture. I'm going to do both of us a favor... /ignore


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Sep 26, 2010
matthew_lane said:
Vault101 said:
the point being that people have different body types (ones body is not a binary "skinny as hell" and "morbidly obease) that and what society considers beautiful changes culturally
It might, but what science considers being healthy doesn't change.
which evidently is not what I was arguing


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Apr 18, 2012
evilthecat said:
I wonder if maybe you aren't following what I said to its proper conclusion.

There is no singular "feminist movement", there is certainly no "neo-feminist" movement, so there is no goal.
The theory gives us ways of examining gendering practices and inequalities in our society, it doesn't tell us what to do with that. The theory is not simple, it doesn't give rise to simple or predictable responses, and if it did it would be very boring. There are some really weird permutations of feminist thought out there, generally they haven't been taken up by many people because they're not good arguments.

You're acting like feminists are not people, like their ideas and opinions aren't part of "the will of people". As mentioned, almost everyone accepts certain assumptions at this point which they would not have been able to reach without feminism. We generally believe that men and women are equal and should both have some autonomy to dictate the course of their own lives, we may not put it into practice all the time, but we are more conscious of it than ever before. Sixty years ago this whole way of thinking was radical, today it is ubiquitous.

Again, isn't this just a variation of the argument that "social norms of today must exist for a reason, therefore we shouldn't try to change them". All social norms change, and they do so in response to social action and the kinds of debates which are happening on this very thread. If you can make an argument which is strong and convincing, that argument can change society.
I guess Third Wave Feminism is what was going for. And the absence of a goal is what concerns me.

It's more of a cynical inquiry of "Does it work?" I, for example, can talk about White Privilege in the context of Black Studies at some length, and more radical concepts at even greater lengths. However, if talking about White Privilege isn't popular, or worse, provokes a negative response, I'm wasting my time, and you can forget about the more radical ideas. It would be far more productive in 2013 to use the theory as a guide and a tool to accomplish concrete goals: decriminalizing marijuana, destroying the school to prison pipeline, etc, than it is to simply use the theory to explain how many ways society tries to fuck me over through the Drug War, dysfunctional schools, and the like. The latter would only be recapitulating the theory in the hopes that there will some kind of spontaneous enlightenment amongst the privileged group, even though the impossibility of this enlightenment is a core axiom of the theory in the first place. This isn't to say that women and other minorities aren't fucked over by society of course, only to say that society wants to believe it's more liberal and progressive than it actually is, and trying to make that explicit devolves into shouting matches with no end in sight.

TheLion said:
I was never caught up on that idea of it being a women-only club, in fact I am a feminist by the classical definition. I'm saying that it seems very few people want to apply the more esoteric aspects of feminist theory to everyday life, and unless The People choose to implement those ideas, they're going to remain in the Ivory Tower. In other words, I'm concerned that feminism is beginning to represent no one, male or female.
You can scoff at the ivory tower, but the people living there are still people. What they think and believe is no more esoteric to them than what you think and believe. If theory can't survive contact with the world, even just through the experience of its creator, then it would never exist in the first place.
Yeah, I'm kind of a resident of the ivory tower myself (though it's more of an ebony tower actually), so I understand the danger in being trapped within said towers. And trust me, there are a plethora of societal theories that persist in spite of having little application in the world at large. I don't believe that feminism is one of those inapplicable theories.

I don't know how far back you consider "classical feminism" to go, but it's likely your own beliefs began in the ivory tower, among a small number of relatively elite academics, writers or theoreticians who I'm sure were told at every turn that they were just a tiny minority, that they were utopian dreamers and dangerous social radicals who wanted to disrupt the natural order or were trying to deny reality, or that they were psychologically damaged and delusional, that their beliefs (grounded as they were in their own experience) couldn't possibly be meaningful in the lives of anyone in the real world because, you know, they weren't normal people, and they certainly weren't important people.

You want politics without theory, and that's not possible. Every world-changing idea has to start as theory.
To the contrary, I want it to evolve beyond theory. The theory is the beginning, not an end in and of itself. It's used to establish a foundation of political thought upon which you act. Whether or not you can convince everyone that the sexes or the races should be equal and that sexism and racism persist is neither here nor there so long as there is enough support to accomplish concrete goals that make equality a reality.


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Aug 13, 2010
Helmholtz Watson said:
This thread...it's going places [http://www.sadanduseless.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/679.jpg].

Now then while there is still a calm before the storm, I'll say that I find some of these amusing. First off number two, what? Why shouldn't a university be named after a man? Number four, no. I'm not going to get into it, I'm just going to say that this idea is another form of collective guilt and its completely nonsense. Number six, its fine to have a healthy amount of self confidence but it shouldn't stop you from trying to be physically healthy. Lastly, number seven, well at least she is being honest that she it in order to secure a job but its not very convincing as to why the rest of us would "need" it.
you win, for life, i have wanted to use that pic for months now! damn i was ninja'd lol

OT: some of these pics are just plane retarded and i have to wonder if they were serious or just trolling


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Mar 20, 2008
dragonswarrior said:
#1- Feminism is all about creating equity between the genders
That's what feminism was SUPPOSED to be. That's not exactly what this allegedly so-called "feminism" of today is.
I'm all for what feminism is supposed to be, but I don't like what goes around and still has the audacity to call itself "feminism" these days.
Today's radicalized pseudo-feminism today is more along the lines "men are pigs, cut as many rights as possible, women rule, add as many rights as possible".
That's simply not right, that's just mirroring the previous problem, and two wrongs in different directions don't average out as a right from where I'm looking.

IDEALLY, gender should matter as little as physically possible, while men and women should have almost exactly the same rights AND OBLIGATIONS, wherever physically possible. The exceptions to these guidelines should be as good as non-existent for anything unrelated to pregnancy and childbirth until we develop artificial womb technology, and then those should vanish too.


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Oct 1, 2012
Father Time said:
evilthecat said:
bounty90 said:
Whoah acting smug and superior without explaining his point's, honestly that post was a disgrace to humanity.
Woah, acting like a hypocrite without reading the last few pages!

It's not my responsibility to educate anyone, particularly if noone's going to bother to read any actual explanations.
Then what was the point of your posting? You offered no explanations, nor links to explanations and when called out you just refuse to give more.

Your whole argument can be summed up as "shut up you're wrong, some person has already proven it wrong. I won't name them because you should know this already"
Thank's, but I don't think that either of us will get the message about responding with a bit of intellect or explaining point's to that guy.


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Apr 29, 2009
For OP: This thread is bad and you should feel bad!

OT: There were a couple in there that were pretty stupid, but otherwise, most of them were fairly valid.

On a completely unrelated note, the troll in me wants to make one of those signs and have it say:

"I need feminism for a good source of comedy material."


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Sep 28, 2011
I need feminism to FUCK OFF!

Seriously, we'd have ACTUAL equality right now if it wasn't for how bad it screwed everybody over. Male and female.

Also, the bra was invented to save us from the horrifying and occasionally deadly corset.


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Aug 27, 2010
zehydra said:
I don't need feminism.

What we do need though, is acceptance for stepping outside gender norms.

I like a couple of Feminism's ideas, but the whole movement itself is corrupted.
Like with every goddamn movement you are going to have your outliers, folks that take the central ideas to an extreme. Most of the time, they are idiots. However, if you believe in and support any of these:

-equal pay for equal work
-a woman's right to do with her body what she wants
-a woman's worth is not inherently tied to her ability to reproduce and a man's desire to copulate with her
- a fair representation of women and men in management positions
- a women or men having to endure sexual harassment to maintain or progress through their career.

then you are feminist. If you believe in none of these, you are huge dick.