MW3 no different than MW2....(some MW3 gameplay)


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Mar 26, 2011
In some ways, I can see the Modern Warfare series getting similar to Madden, if it continues for more than one or two more games.

I mean, people (especially higher ranked players) pretty much all use the same guns, attachments and perks, since those are the builds that have been proven to work the best. They may add in a couple new guns for MW3, but its not going to stop people from using the same things they did in MW2. As far as the COD multiplayer scene is concerned, MW3 is basically a couple new guns, some balance tweaks (and likely some new imbalances caused by new guns), and a map pack. If they wanted to, they could release that entire component of MW3 through DLC.

What you are paying $60 for is the campaign, the cinematics, the animation, the voice-acting, etc. The part that's kind of sad about this, is that the campaign is the part that the great majority of COD players will touch the least.

They're going to need to change the forumula sooner or later, or it seems there is a pretty good chance of the series stagnating. Its a well-made shooter, but there's only so much you can do in the modern era.

Me personally, I stopped playing COD after the first Modern Warfare. Just got bored with it. I'll stick to Space Marine for my online killing needs this fall/winter =D Maybe Resistance 3, but 2 was kind of underwhelming (the single player anyway. The MP was fairly fun).


Jan 15, 2009
I hope they have better post game support than every other cod game ever's never gonna happen huh?

Atmos Duality

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Mar 3, 2010
Another year rolls by, and another Call of Duty 4.x title rolls off the assembly line.
Same game, different paint job.

Face it folks; unless you're one of the many who line up year after year for their annual "push-button, take pellet" Call of Duty 4 supplements, you aren't part of the party; and your opinion means less than nothing.
That's how it worked for all the years Halo played pied-piper for the FPS genre; Call of Duty 4.x will continue to do the same.

Just look for alternatives and you'll be happier.


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Jun 4, 2011
NameIsRobertPaulson said:
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AkaDad said:
Here's a radical thought. If you don't think it's worth paying $60 for MW3, then don't buy it.

I'd rather get a prostate exam then play an RTS game, so I don't buy them and I don't go into threads about those games and whine about how much they suck.
But you go into a thread that states in the thread title that mw3 is no different from mw2 and as such does harness a lot of comments that are like that?

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Dice's Battlefield is the Grandfather of all online multilayer everywhere. We would not have multilayer as we understand it today and I will always thank Dice for that. That being said, few games/brands are as great for the local multi-player parties in the man-cave as CoD:MW. But I digress...
I don't understand your allusion to battlefield innovating multiplayer... If you are talking about servers - Counter-Strike anyone?
Again, fucking Id, stop giving cred to people that don't deserve it(someone most likely did it before Id but Id was the first ones to do it and get a following).
I came into the thread to point out that they are different. They have different stories and different settings. The premise of the thread is false.

Edit: If this was a thread about Madden NFL, then you would have a good argument that they're the same, because the setting is exactly the same, year to year.
Crazy_Man_42 said:
I'm glad I got over my Call of Duty phase because this is starting to look a lot like the Madden games system.

you know the one. Where they just tweak the game a little bit and charge full price for a new game and then do the exact same thing the next year. (this also makes me glad i'm not a sports gamer)
I take general offense to that (as a Madden player) since what exactly are you supposed to do to change a football game, add Martyrdom? Maybe a Helicopter if you score 3 straight touchdowns? The changes they make from year to year improve the game, but people bash the hell out of it. Improved defensive AI, block shedding, unique player control, better Franchise mode, but I guess none of that matters, does it?
First, martyrdom made me laugh, so thanks for that. Second, I wasn't bashing Madden, I was giving an example of how one could make an argument that they're the same settings every year, compared to COD which are different.

If you think it's worth paying for a new Madden game every year, that's cool. I wait until it hits the bargain bin before I buy Madden games, because they're not worth full price to me. I don't buy the DLC maps for COD for the same reason.


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Apr 13, 2010
Radeonx said: is using the same engine (I believe), so it being MW2 with different guns and different settings makes sense. Still looks fun to me.
I personally can't justify buying a game that could easily be an expansion/content patch every year regardless of how fun it is. Though I've played Counter Strike for 8 years, the game that's been consistently played by many for 11-12 years.


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Sep 28, 2009
Ok. Why change the aspects of the game that aren't broken? The graphics and gun mechanics of the weapons essentially worked. Certain perks broke the game. Certain map bugs broke the game. The community itself broke the game (which is not a developers issue). They've reworked the perks, added some, taken some away. Same with the way they reward you in game. So what if it's an improved MW2 without OMA nooby tubeys. MW2 was pretty damn fun to play most times. Pretty frustrating other times. If you like the game, play it. If you prefer Battlefield, play that. If you prefer RTS, stick to Starcraft. Doesn't matter if it's improved on an older version, y'all probably upgrade your computer software and hardware too. No different. Why not?


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Sep 1, 2011
somehow it actually looks worse, noob tubing is just as bad, UMP is just as bad, they still don't know what recoil is. So why do I think its worse rather than the same? Because they didnt fucking fix anything in 2 years. I might buy it when steam has an uber sale and I can get it super cheap so I can find out how the story ends.


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Aug 26, 2009
You know what I would love to see... A COD thread on the escapist that doesn't end up becoming one giant excuse to hate on it even more.

All the hate imo seems to have become this:

"I hate on it because it makes me feel better."

Basically the old middle/elementary-school bully excuse. :mad:


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Nov 30, 2009
This is nothing more then MW2 repackaged.
Activision knows that people will buy this no matter what, so why take the risk on something new? Make the more money with less effort.

Yeah, I'm done with CoD for now. I may go back if MW4 has something resembling 'innovation'.


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Jul 21, 2011
Y'know...I really liked this franchise. I remember the excitement leading up to days when the first game was launched. Oh the fun I had. And it's still...alright. It's just so plain now though. I thought it was something great with the originals, but now everything gets rehashed and the story is only so-so.

So y'know what?
They need to just cut the realism.
Call of Duty: Future Warfare(Far future.)
I'd pay money for that if they put half as much effort into making it as they do advertising it.

And since it's too predictable, don't respond with- "Bungie already did that."


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Mar 26, 2010
The first two videos makes me want to end my CoD buying streak. The third video makes me want to die laughing!


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May 25, 2010
Man, this sure does look like a solid Call of Duty game! They even have the people too young to be playing in there!


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Aug 13, 2010
TitenSxull said:
In the second, can't believe someone got a chance to be one of the first to play this game and is sitting in the corner camping. Actually I can believe it. CoD would be tolerable, hell it would be excellent, if players would play with at least a sliver of honor.

i swear thats the biggest actual issue with any COD game. people exploit anything the possibly can to get an edge. that was the biggest thing that pissed me off on black ops and MW2. you know what i'm talking about, and it's not just camping. one man army and noobtubes? akimbo models? the blops famas? it's funny but i refuse to use a tactic that is used against me in an exploited way and i find the games that were the most fun were when everybody played honorably. no quick scopes, no exploited perks, weapons or tactics just straight up skill and smarts getting used.