Poll: Would you date a transgendered person?

D Moness

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Sep 16, 2010
VoEC said:
As a pre-op transgender girl (aka MTF) who just started transitioning and tried to kill herself last year (after which I came out) the answers of some people here quite sadden me.
Yeah kind of the reason i usually avoid these topics (since they pop up once in a while). After a few very fruitless discussions with others a long time ago on this forum I just gave up for my own piece of mind.

I am saddened by the replies that say i support them but do not see them in the gender they identify with ... to me that is not supporting it.


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Oct 5, 2011
Raika said:
To demand that someone abandon their identity just because you're too happy being ignorant to look past the physical attributes of a person is just asinine, not to mention disgusting and hateful.
Fine. In that case, I'm a Golden Retriever. Don't be biased against me, I may look like a geeky adult male but in my heart of hearts I just want to frolick naked in public grassy areas, chew sticks, drink from puddles and bashfully defecate on your neighbour's lawn.

I'm not transphobic but definitely trans-skeptic. I'm of the opinion that transgendered people need therapy, not surgery, and if after that they still want the surgery then they need more therapy instead. I don't believe you can pick and choose your gender in the same way that you'd change your hair colour or get coloured contact lenses. That's probably a horribly bigotted thing of me to say, but dammit, that's just how I feel on the issue.

Monkeyman O'Brien

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Jan 27, 2012
Melanie McGreevey said:
Ok i'm confused, i didn't change anything. I said bigotry fueled, because whoever said they'd beat someone down for it, not sure what has changed. And please tell me how many trans people you know, and of them, how many are ok with someone calling them trannie?
There is nothing bigoted about it. Not wanting to date one does not make you a bigot. And them lying about it makes them an asshole deserving of a beating just as if they had of lied about having a STD, being in a cult or voting for Bush.
As for trannies, I know 2. 1 that is serious and he does not care about it since he does not expect everyone to learn a shitload of new terms and the other is just a dude who wears a dress for attention and he does not care either.


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Dec 31, 2007
Cowabungaa said:
Nope, because I just don't like men. Yes, I know they appear to be women, sometimes in many assets, but in the end they're still men; they have the genes of a man, started out with the reproductive organs of a man and can't get babies as a result.

And no I don't think that's shallow. I don't count not being gay as being shallow. And see it like this; more transgenders for everyone else!
This is actually incorrect, and the result of a lack of education and awareness on Gender Dysporia and other trans-related conditions. The trans community is very varied, but let's make this easy and stick with transsexuals, since transgendered individuals can cover people who live full time in the opposite gender, but remain their birth sex, and also include transvestites, and a whole range of variants.

Firstly, to understand growth and development, you need to understand the roles of genes and hormones. MtF transsexuals are women, because they have the female hormonal profile, and therefore grow and develop like women. Genes code proteins, which guide growth through organ development and hormonal distribution, which is normally sexed.

The development of genitalia occurs in two main phases - pre-natal foetal development from stem-cells, and puberty. Also, at puberty, the secondary function of genitalia activates, which is to produce sex hormones to further direct growth. This results in a positive feedback cycle - that is, from a stem cell, you start male, and become increasingly male, or you start female, and become increasingly female. The genes in the original stem cells normally code for the right hormones to trigger the right hormones.

However, this can be interrupted fairly easily. The foetus shares the hormonal environment of it's mother, and an hormonal imbalance can result in the foetus developing the wrong genitalia and thus throwing out the system entirely. A female can become male, simply because of too much testosterone in the mother at a critical point during pregnancy. During puberty, when the male genitalia activates, it just increases the issues, because while the genes are coding for female, the hormones from the testes is coding male.

It should be remembered that the key driver of puberty is the pituitary gland, which is virtually the same in males and females, but codes relevant to genes, and provides a supplementary amount of hormones compared to the genitals, once activated.

Out of interest, testosterone is actually converted into oestrogen in both males and females, but females are able to convert much more. Any issues converting testosterone to oestrogen can also be another cause of transsexuality, and is why there are more MtF transsexuals than FtM (besides the success rate and sociological factors) when purely biological conditions are considered.

Finally, if anyone has actually looked at the anatomy of the vagina, you will actually realise that the construct of the clitoris is, in fact, the construct of the penis and testies. This is because, before sexualization of the foetus starts, it actually grows as a female. It is very small, and within only a few weeks, when sexualization starts, and this is when the sexual characteristics will start to emerge and you can actually begin to tell the sex of the foetus.

Vaginoplasty for MtF transsexuals doesn't really work because it basically creates a wound in the abdomen, and then turns the head of the penis into an engorged clitoris. Unfortunately, despite hormones, the head of the penis is still often about ten times the size of the female clitoris, and that isn't always pretty.

FtMs have it worse, because they essentially take the clitoris, and then use arm muscle to create the shaft of a penis, but even if a lot of testosterone, the enlarged clitoris simply does not grow big enough to work, and the arm muscle does not have the tensile strength for full penetration. Interesting fact - the muscle strength and thickness of the penis increases by 80% during puberty. If that actually happened to other muscles like arm muscles, we wouldn't actually be able to move our arm - but would be able to punch through brick walls and solid steel sheets.

It's likely that only advances in stem cell research, which will allow for the creation of new organs, including sex organs, will actually solve these issues. More importantly, this will also solve the issue of reproduction. What you are basically looking at is the process of genital transplants, which will become a fundamental aspect of medical research within the next 50 years.

When this does happen, and it will, unless you would reject someone because they've had a heart transplant, there will be no way to know whether or not the person you are with was born male or female, and whether that is relevant.

I wouldn't be surprised if most of the people here on the Escapist would go with a genetically engineered space alien if they were happy and getting laid at the end of it all. That's what it comes down to - judging and prejudice is for n00bs!

Casual Shinji

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Jul 18, 2009
Melanie McGreevey said:
Casual Shinji said:
Tolerance is something you do out of common courtesy. Acceptance is personal act.

I'll tolerate anyone who wishes to change their sex, but that doesn't mean I have to accept the gender they've become.
I agree, you do NOT have to accept them, but why would you even associate with them (if you indeed have).
It's not about not wanting to associate with them, because people are more than just their gender, whether it's surgically altered or not.

I'll explain it like this: If my sister had a boyfriend, and I'd think he was an absolute douchebag, I would tolerate it because my sister is happy with him. But that wouldn't mean I would accept her idea of him as the greatest guy in the world, because I still think he's a douchebag.


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Mar 25, 2010
I actually have no problem with it. I'm one of those rare guys that actually has no issue with a woman's appearance. So long as she takes care of herself (i.e. showers regularly and is acquainted with basic hygiene, I'm not asking for much.) then it really is the personality that matters. I get bored with appearances very swiftly but a good personality keeps me rather interested.
Mar 9, 2010
Nope, I think it's kinda weird. Anything to do with dudes being chicks and chicks being dudes, from cross-dressing to sex changes, is weird to me. Do it as you please but my stance isn't changing.


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Apr 2, 2010
If a person feels trapped in their body I have no problem with said person undergoing "cosmetic" procedures so they can feel that the body they are in is a better fit for their personality.

I feel that said person should have all the rights that attributed to them if as the gender they started and the gender they "end up" - in short a person doesnt stop being a person just because they have a "sex change".


Could I have sex with a MtF? No. If they feel comfortable for what they have done and that it was a worthwhile exercise then bully for them, but to me someone who has undergone a sex change is just a "man" who has castrated himself, severed "his" penis, had implants and taken a metric-fuckton of hormones.

If I were to date someone who had undergone a transgender procedure and not told me about it I can verify that I would feel raped. Rape is sex against someones will and to me someone who is transgender still retains their original sex - no matter how "pretty" they are now - and I have no desire to have sex with another man.

Call me bigot, call me twisted, call me whatever, the people who go through it and the people who live with those who go through it, if it makes you happy then do it with my blessing. I'm a live and let live kind of guy