Space Marine "Rips Off" Gears of War


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Aug 21, 2011
I played the demo at my mates house lastnight and while i can't say it doesn't look a lot like Gears of War it plays completely differently. I was suprised that a board game that mostly revolves around shooting would be turned into a computer game that revolves more around melee but i did actually like it. And thank fuck it doesn't have the cover lock bullshit that most games have nowadays or the braindead full health back for hiding behind a toilet for 5 seconds.

7/10 seems quite fair but i haven't played the full game yet.

7/10 seems just as fair for both the previous gears of war games aswell.


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Oct 23, 2008
I don't give a fuck about reviews. IMO, this is one of the best games I've ever played.

Don't like my opinion? Sue me.


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Jul 20, 2010
Having read the review in question, it is... poorly worded to say the least. The argument is unclear as if the 'Gears Clone' bit is about setting/visuals (where it would be wrong) or about gameplay (again wrong, but similar only on face value to someone glancing at the game). It has some points that are valid (the game didn't go far enough to reach the sheer level of crazy that is 40k), but some other, more... xbox-ey claims are misplaced.

Another note: How does multiplayer have 'massive class imbalances'? Did he try changing tactics at all? Shoot the flying ones, flank the ones with the BFG and blast or slash the other ones. The game allows you to steal and use your killer's class, even if they have stuff you haven't unlocked yet. This is far more balancing for newbies than most other games. Any potentially OP class would get cycled through the teams until most are running it. How is this imbalanced again? Once you learn how to take down the Assault class effectively, it really isn't much of a problem. (HINT: It's called a Meltagun)

In short: small throwaway lines like the two above do nothing to support your claim unless you explain them, otherwise they are flame-bait, which this is. Is Space Marine good? I enjoyed it, but I'm a huge 40k fan. Was it teh best gaem evar? No, but it is fun to blow Orks into tiny pieces and look at the totally mangled bodies lying around. Take a look at some gameplay, if it interests you, rent it, try it out and find out for yourself.

Oh, for those of you wondering why a 7/10 is bad? Watch this:
The review bit is satirical, but only just.
Jul 9, 2010
SmashLovesTitanQuest said:
So, first you come into this thread, and instead of reading the review before forming your opinion, you dont. And then, you reply to a guy who has conveniently placed the only snippet of the article that mentioned GoW without fucking reading that too. Way to go boy. I suggest you skip back and read that shit ASAP.

Too all the others that are hating on me for stating the true; its obvious you guys are butthurt as fuck because a game set in your precious Warhammer universe has similarities to a game that is *gasp* POPULAR!!!! THE HORROR OF ALL HORRORS! And of course, you folks will not back away, lest that popularity leeks over into your own preferred games and ruins them!

Never mind the fact that popular PC elitists such as TotalBuiscit have likened the game to GoW in the past, no, you and you alone know the truth! Even though your stupid ass has quite obviously never touched a GoW game in your life you still need to act like you know it all! Never mind the fact that the reviewer mentioned GoW ONCE! ONCE! In his entire fucking review.

Yes, I mad. Fucking hell, how can an entire fan base be so ignorant and scared of what other people think of them.

Anyway, im out. Gonna call you guys a WHAMBULANCE, you sure do need it.
Having played both Gow's and a brief bit of the Space Marine demo I can see where you're coming from. They have their similarities but I would argue that they differ in the fine details. Space Marine has a more fleshed out close combat and the whole jet-pack scenario whereas Gears is more shooty with a couple of vehicle sections and a handful of simple "smack your foe with your gun" close quarters attacks. Space Marine also doesn't have cover, the "look down your gun to shoot more accurately" over the shoulder shenanigans or the same re-generating health thingy.

I see where you're coming from but I think the only similarities are really due to the fact that the games are of the same category (third-person combat) and that similar controls were mapped on a controller.


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Dec 20, 2010
space marine : ultra kickass power aroured space marines beat 7 kinds of snot out of orks, demons and evil traitors with naught but their trusty chainsword. unless they are former fps players in which case there are guns you can use if you are not that manly :p

gears of war: fat wall-human hybrids we are informed are space marines hide behind walls pop steroids and shoot at gray wall-human hyrids made 90% of blood who look worryingly similar to the former with their bolter rip offs and also being the biggest waste of money i evr pulled out the local bargin bin.

space marine is a hack and slash with guns that work and a very complimentary health system. giving it the covincing disguies of a 3rd person shooter

gears is a clunky cover based combat 3rd person shooter, with a weak health system and personally i thought was absoulute arse.

summary: buy space marine, put any gears of war games in a microwave, more fun than playing them.

that is my comparison of space marine and gears and it has just as much bias as OXM.


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Mar 16, 2009
SmashLovesTitanQuest said:
Also, I love the guys who are saying HURR WARHAMMER WAS THERE B4 GEARS DERP. That not the point. Are you guys really incapable of forming a coherent thought? Hes saying the gameplay is similar. Which is also a completely fucking valid point.
Well, no, its not a valid point because its untrue, anyone who says Space Marine is a Gears clone clearly hasen't played the demo because it is melee focused and the SM aren't giant pussys like the COG.

Gears is ranged combat focused, cover based, American Marine Corps level of patriotism and guns hanging from their self-loving enduced erections like some 12 year old- which for some reason regenerates their health.
SM is melee combat majority with shooting if you feeling a little under the weather, cover-is-for-the-weak based, British gentlemen level of dignity and act like responsable human beings (like we all should), and say "Regen health? don't be stupid".

The only things similar to Gears is 3rd person, D-pad weapon changing and the fact you fight aliens, that reviewer is probably talking out of his arse.

Bottem line is, you don't have to play SM if you feel insecure, want to hate on the 40k guys and want to continue playing Gears for some reason.
Me and the 40k Fanboys will be flying around with a Jetpacks, full autobatic rifles with the properties of Rocket Launchers and Two-handed Warhammers that Thor would be envious over. and it will be Awesome. ^^


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Sep 7, 2009
Soviet Heavy said:
Of course, given that the review is from Official Xbox Magazine, the bias would be apparent.

I get that people are allowed to dislike games for their own reasons, but there is a difference between that and making every comparison in your review to an exclusive title for your respective console.

Yeah, I'm bitching, but it is bullshit reviews like this that barely account for anything the game offers in favor of trashing it in comparison to your latest cash cow that is hurting the way games are judged. Space Marine is supposed to be the anti Gears of War, yet that is all OXM can be bothered to talk about.
Hmmmm... *Thinks for a long time and scratches his beard* Well...

I have never played Gears of War, and yet I can see the similarities of the two games, even when we are talking aesthetics wise. In fact, most of the games nowadays have similair gameplay (cover shooter, multiplayer tps) and aesthetics (Tons of dirt and dust all over), but most of them have something that makes them stand out (Unless we are talking MoH and CoD, these ARE clones). Gears of War? The Chainguns and armor that doesnt cover shoulders/arms. Mass Effect? A Really Deep story involving a lot of choices and roleplaying.

Space Marine? The fact that its based on the 40K universe, and it allows 40k fans like us experience the universe more 'actively' as well as interest new people into the genre.

So yeah. Don't look for similarities but differences rather.

I have a seperate reason for not buying the game, it has to do with the main protagonist. I don't like Ultramarines, and I am a straight Chaos Player.

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Feb 7, 2009
Versuvius said:
Warhammer came first, 40k Space Marines were the first power armoured brick shithouses etc etc. Fuckoff Xbox, fuck off Gears of War fanboys, fuck off...Xbox AGAIN!
But, I have Spess Mahreen. I like it. But, I have it for the...Xbox.

On topic, I am enjoying Space Marine, but my one little nit-pick is cover. I think a cover system similar to that of Gears of War would improve the gameplay experience that much more. Even if they just included a button to crouch, that would be great. The reason this comes to my mind so much while I'm playing is because the game world seems to me to be designed for a cover system that is not present. The maps are littered with chest-high walls, crates, and barricades that would provide excellent cover if you could avoid enemy fire. This way, the game would be more accessable to a variety of play-styles. The third-person view lends itself well to a hack'n'slash, assault orriented player. But, some people want to take advantage of the crazy firearms as well. The problem is that it is difficult to effectively maneuver your marine into cover with the third-person controls. This would be solved by being able to press a button to have your marine take cover behind that crate in front of him.

Jacob Haggarty

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Sep 1, 2010
PrototypeC said:
Jacob Haggarty said:
It doesn't even say that in the article.
"Gears clone" does definitely appear in there. I think that's most of what the OP and others were upset about.

Some are agreeing with him but I don't feel like Edwin's opinion is all that respectable. How is it worth getting into a hate-rant about him?
Oh yeah... i must've missed that bit.

Humble pie at least tastes nice. Unlike that horrible pride stuff.

My point still stands though, they DID review it in a pretty fair way. Also, it DID only say "at its simplest". Which isn't that far off the mark, is it?


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Apr 1, 2010
Soviet Heavy said:
You don't think that the review complaining about a controls setup isn't being even a little petty?
Uh, No. Seems like control issues is a legit issue.


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Mar 24, 2009
The developers actually consciously chose to remove a cover option because they wanted to force players to get into the nitty-gritty of battle. This is the key reason why I think this game ISN'T a gears clone. Sure, all the other elements may be present, but a game set in the WH40k universe where you play as a space marine frankly isn't going to be anything else. You're not a rag-tag bunch of ex-cons in standard armor with flashy bits on it, you're the futuristic equivalent of a badass knight in shining armor, and you belong on the front lines weathering heavy assault and tearing apart everything around you in epic fashion. This is why they made melee-centric enemies a HUGE part of the game, what with all the Orks that run at you screaming while carrying axes over their heads. You can't just hunker down behind a chest-high wall, you have to literally charge in and kick some xenos ass!

I will admit, though, that at times when you're in firefights, especially in the later game, cover and grenades start to become more necessary, though it's less a sign of weakening gameplay and more of the fact that as the game gets harder you have to start being more tactical, especially with weapon choices and the interestingly designed health mechanic. Do you rush in and start executing easily killed enemies and hope you can weather the assault from heavier troops, or do you hide behind a pillar and lob grenades and exchange bolter fire? The great thing was I could potentially do both.

Lets see Marcus Fenix run in and start swinging his gun around at the Locust like Captain Titus. Oh that's right, he can't because Gears doesn't have an actual melee mode, or even real melee weapons.


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Apr 16, 2011
Captain Placeholder said:
Grow the fuck up and get over it. I didn't cry when Deus Ex: Human Revolution got an 8. I didn't cry when Resident Evil: Mercenaries got a 7. I didn't cry when WoW: Cata got a 90. Grow the fuck up and get over it.
Ah, you made a mistake you see. That is the 1-10 scale people who are reasonable and sane use. You seem to have forgotten that the internet is a funny place, where things are sort of backwards. Allow me to show you what the internet's 1-10 scale looks like:

1 - shit
2 - shit
3 - shit
4 - shit
5 - shit
6 - shit
7 - shit
8 - kind of not shit
9 - mediocre
10 - good

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Dec 10, 2010
I was about to call this some of the oldest news I've ever heard, but it's a different review from last time this happened.


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Mar 30, 2010
Rips off gears? Space Marines do not need cover. Cover is for xenos and lesser humans. Honestly the game seems more like a 3rd person shooter god of war as you need to do executions and mass murder enemies to recover health. Gears is kinda the opposite as blitzing your way through enemies will get you killed super fast. I guess MGS4 is a gears rip off because you regen health and can use cover plus the game is in 3rd person perspective.

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Feb 7, 2011
3 children in a trench coat
Soviet Heavy said:
SmashLovesTitanQuest said:
U mad bro?

Seriously though, the reviewer gave it a 7/10 and all his points were more than valid. Could you point me to the place where he said, literally, that its a "gears ripoff"? Maybe im missing it. Because all I can find is this:

At its simplest, Space Marine is a Gears clone with a hair-raising health system which sees you healing by performing execution kills. Given how flagrantly Relic apes the Epic juggernaut elsewhere - weapons are swapped via the same D-pad system - being unable to stick to cover feels unnatural at first, but you soon acclimatise. New cannons and a Fury mode unlock at half-hourly intervals as you progress through corridors and arenas, nabbing Servo Skulls (Warhammer's audio diary of choice) to flesh out the plot's few secrets.

TL;DR: Stop whining, write your own review if you disagree, dont write off a reviewer just because he doesnt like a game you do, or rather, just because he doesnt like it as much.

Fucking hell, he gave it a 7/10 for fucks sake. If you seriously think that Space Marine deserves more than that... Jesus.
You don't think that the review complaining about a controls setup isn't being even a little petty?
Not at all, controls are one of the MOST important parts of a game. The controls are how to interact with the game, and if the controls limit your interaction by being awkward then that's bad because it limits immersion.

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Mar 9, 2010
SmashLovesTitanQuest said:
I didnt even bother reading most of your post, because you seemed to assume that someone stated Space Marine is identical to Gears.

Protip: no one said that. I didnt say it. The reviewer didnt say it. Some dumb fuck in the thread somewhere may have said it, but I doubt it.

Saying a game is similar=/=saying a game is identical to another. Learning how to read would to a lot of people in this thread a lot of good, although you seem to have mastered the art already, your just too lazy.
The review specifically says the game is a "Gears of War clone". Last time I checked a clone is an identical copy of an original. Now obviously that isn't what it's usually used to describe in situations like this, but it isn't far removed. When someone calls a game a clone of another, they usually mean that the game features larges amounts of properties of the other game. So while the game reviewer didn't mean that SM is identical to GoW, he did mean to say that it borrowed alot of the core gameplay of GoW. Which has been disproved multiple times in this thread.

So yeah, watch which kettles you call black Mr. Pot.


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Jun 28, 2011
kman123 said:
Well the gameplay is nothing like Gears Of War (NO COVER for starters), so obviously the reviewer is ripping on the art design, which is unfair, since 40K DID come first.
Don't worry, people in gears don't even use cover to sheild them any more. They just use it to wallbounce and close the distance now.

OT: They can both co-exist. It doesn't matter who ripped off what anyhow.