Video games ARE causing violence.

Jon Shannow

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Oct 11, 2010
Army of two stole my kidney while i was sleeping, bloody mercenary games, they betray you when the money's right


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Aug 24, 2010
A Katamari just started snowballing a giant ball of stuff around for no apparent reason, crushing people and animals in the process.

I later found out that they got turned into planets, how horrible.

ShindoL Shill

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Jul 11, 2011
i was playing Guitar Hero, i turned, and the guitar floored me.
seconds later, my PS2 leaped at me from behind and slammed into me.
Kendell Cambridge said:
I played Demon Souls. The police won't take me seriously when I say that it molested me and I want to press charges and I don't understand why. Does anyone know if I can sue police officers?
Demons Souls uses intimidation on the police. theyre scared of it.

Something Amyss

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Dec 3, 2008
twistedheat15 said:
I know it's a subject no one wants to admit, but there is a rise of violence being caused directly by the effect of video games. Just the other day while walking my dog a gang of 360 games jumped me, stole my wallet, and took Mr. Snuffles with them. As if that wasn't enough when I get home after the ordeal I find 2 DS games climbing out my window with my TV and stereo system. As a community we need to come together and admit the problem so that solutions can be made.

Does any other escapist want to come forward and talk about any video game related violence that they endured?
It's absurd to lay the blame at the feet of video games. Think about it. I mean, imagine you've been oppressed and beaten upon for an entire generation. Now try seven. Video games have always been the whipping boy, the scapegoat, the phantom menace. It's natural, when you are considered to be responsible for almost all youth violence, for you to lash out at society.

Clearly, the victim here is the video game. And you are only perpetuating the cycle of blame and ignorance.


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May 17, 2008
I convinced my grannie to try UFC 2010, she knocked out my character by repeatedly mashing one button on the controller delivering some rather vicious punches, and the next day, she smashed her husband only remaining good tooth. It was epic ... for gramp's dentist that is.


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Mar 25, 2011
Not G. Ivingname said:
MiracleOfSound said:
I dropped my controller on my foot once. The bastard.
Well my Wiimote SMASHED MY TV!
It just hopped out to the storage shed and came back with a hammer didn't it? That's what mine did and I was powerless to stop it.

Mass Effect kept bringing hookers into my house and I nearly got killed by a delusional copy of Duke Nukem Forever. That bastard's dangerous.


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Jan 19, 2011
United States
My Pokemon Blue game finally was terrible!

It got violent with me when I put it in my DS, it lost its' shit and attacked me! I ripped it away from my face and threw it in my closet. The banging.... OH GOD THE BANGING!!

I finally opened the door and it bolted out, it looked like a hate crime in there! Every so often it growls at me, and I wanna leave this abusive relationship, but I can't because I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! D:


Oct 6, 2009
I saw a copy of Portal and Portal 2 working together to fling innocent people hundreds of feet into the air... all I could do was shudder, run the other way, and hope the ground disappear from beneath me.


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Feb 20, 2011
A video game manual cut me. Then lied to my parents and said I'd been self harming! All those times I thought we were friends. :'(

and of course, we all know that the Wii is into child abuse... (go to 1:20)

William Dickbringer

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Feb 16, 2010
Well I did use to host game fighting rings people placed bets on the xbox because of it's size well one night it lost it after it lost to a gameboy advance sp (Don't ask me how I don't even know) and went on a rampage tying everyone up and crushing their skulls it was a massacre and it almost killed me till a wii threw it's remote into it breaking it

Scarim Coral

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Oct 29, 2010
Pokemon pinball had often pound me to the floor and back in highschool I often got bullies by a bunch of PS 2's. Don't get me started how I was once a ***** to Animal Crossing! Lastly Mario Kart and the classic wii remote control had broke my thumbs a few times!


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Oct 26, 2010
JET1971 said:
TheAmazingHobo said:
Lenin211 said:
Funny thread, but where is the discussion value?
There isn´t any.
But if this thread manages to down just one "What´s your favourite X" or "The last x you xed you xed" from the "Latest Posts"-list, I´d say Mission Fucking Accomplished.
Plenty of discusion value in this thread. Its called using humour to show how idiotic blaming violance on video games really is. The discussion is make the most absurd claim. I didnt see the rule that says every thread must be a serious and sober discussion or debate.
Hey, I hope your reply was more aimed at Lenin than me.
Because I really like this thread. One of the most funny and clever ones in weeks.
I just wouldn´t call it "discussion",
but as you pointed out, not every thread has to be one.


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Dec 22, 2008
So like, I was walking on Main Street the other day and I saw a Dreamcast begging for change, and I mean, I'm a generous guy so I figured I'd drop a buck or two. Turns out it was just casing people up and that asshole followed me as I walked to various stores because he thought I had money. Then when I was returning to my car, it pulled a knife on me. Plus the thing brought his pet Jaguar with him... they really need more light in those back alleys.

A friend of mine got threatened by an XBox360 when he made a pizza delivery... pulled a gun on him when he brought the pie and stole his car. The stupid thing didn't get very far though, the car was found only a few blocks away, and the guy was hanging on a corner when the police drove through the neighborhood. Ran too, and got extra time for it. Stupid jackass.

Oh, also I saw two PS2's getting seriously pissy in the park, yelling and threatening each other, but I didn't stick around to see how that turned out. But I mean, it's not a big deal if they fight among themselves. Just let em wipe each other out, it'll clean up the streets.


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Mar 19, 2009
OH GOD IT'S TRUE! *bursts out crying*
One day, I woke up, and a bunch of wiimotes were on my bed *sniff* And they tied me down AND RAPED ME! ;_;

Seriously though dude, this thread really put a smile on my face, thank you :)


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Mar 8, 2009
My old DS tried to bite my fingers off a few times. Once I also woke up in the middle of the night and it was standing right over me with the stylus pointing right at my heart. Dumped it right quick and still couldn't sleep well for a week...