Worst game(s) you've ever completed


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Feb 25, 2010
I rarely even finish games I LIKE, let alone those I don't! :p

But the one that springs to memory is Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

I'm a huge TF fan, and High Moon Studios had really impressed me when they did War for Cybertron. I figured giving them the license to the movie game would make a decent series pretty great (Revenge of the Fallen is a pretty cool game), but I was wrong... I played through to the end, because, well... Transformers, really! The ONLY fun in that game was the Starscream level!

The game shook my faith on High Moon Studios, but then Fall of Cybertron proved Dark of the Moon was a fluke, a rushed game while they were working on better stuff.


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Aug 29, 2011
Pokemon Black Version.

Cliff notes: The starters were bad (aside from Snivy), a third of the new 150+ Pokemon shouldn't have existed, they tried too hard to emulate Gen 1 with exclusive new Pokemon, Triple/Rotation battles are nowhere to be found (only 3 in the ENTIRE game), Pokemon Musical (that is all that needs to be said about that), you don't get to confront & catch the titular legendary until the end of the main story, N is the worst Team Boss ever, Team Plasma is Team PETA, broken or cheap abilities, no new Pokeballs, and Black 2 and White 2 ARE NOT sequels or third installments, but instead REBOOTS as they fix all the issues of the previous games by adding content from the previous 4 Gens and fixing most issues from their predecessors.

I just unlocked all I could as quickly as possible and buried that mess under my mess of things.


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Mar 17, 2010
JEBWrench said:
You make a good point for sure. I always wonder why people put so much time into games they say they can't stand (the ones you mentioned being prime examples).
I'd say it is very common for people that are very much into computer games to be rather obssesive, I know I am, and for me at least it takes quite alot for me to put down a game even when I don't like it.


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Jun 14, 2012
Mega Man Battle Network 4 was the worst game I've ever completed. The worst part is that to fully complete it you had to play through it at least 3 times to get anything useful, and since I missed so many things, I needed to play through a fourth time. The games minigames were atrocious, and you needed to complete them in order to progress. The plot was terrible, and apparently actually based on fan submitted content.

Hate it so much. It also has some of the worst music I've ever heard.


Who the hell makes a song completely out of tritones? ARRGH!


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Jun 24, 2013
Halo 4 comes to mind. Because Halo games never evolve in the actual gameplay department new Halo games can only be judged by me in the Story department. I absolutely hated the story and it combined with H:CE Anniversary and the Forerunner novel trilogy back in 2011 made me give on Halo having a 'decent' story again.
Even the gameplay annoys me because aside from a few missions, each one is padded to ridiculous length to support the pathetic length of the game.

I was tempted to say Mafia II because I felt like that just wouldn't end and it was incredibly tedious and padded in the last 5 missions, alas.


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Oct 3, 2009
Worst games for me are games that everyone seems to go 'Oh mah Gawd you liar!' whenever i say them, but here they are:

Grand theft auto IV. Horrid,boring game. i seriously don't see how anyone could enjoy it, horrid control of your character, sluggish responses and movement, boring missions and combat, even the free-play is far from enjoyable.

Halo 3's story wasn't interesting or enjoyable, it gets boring seeing Master chief one man army about half a trillion covenant every mission and escape with nothing more than a 'ouchy' for his shield and a few paint scratches. The online wasn't as great as the Xbox fans made it out to be either.

Farcry 2 was just awful. i'm sorry, there wasn't anything i can say about it. i gave it a chance when it first came out, and thinking that i hadn't enjoyed it then,i may enjoy it now, bought it again. Still sucked.

Games i never actually completed, but hated:

- Assassins Creed (All of them apart from 1)
- Dead Island

I can't really think of any more, but i know there is, if i do thing of anymore, i will update ._.


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Dec 30, 2009
I haven't completed a single game that I have not liked. If I have liked it, I'll either finish it, or have trouble finishing it as is. I can barely finish games I do enjoy, let alone get around to ones that I find to be complete shit. I'll never force myself through a game, and that's my major problem. Even if I like the game and find it fun, it takes a lot to hold me down, as I have a short attention span when it comes to sticking with games long term.

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Apr 27, 2009
A lot of the people in this thread really need to branch out on the titles they play, that's all I have to say.

*ahem* Anyway, on topic:

My brother and I recently completed Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel. I tend to not purchase games that I know aren't going to be good, but my brother and I have a semi-tradition about playing the Army of Two games. So, naturally, we both pick it up and play it all the way through.


I know the games aren't that great to begin with, but wow. This coming from a guy who loved the original Army of Two as well as The 40th Day. The pissed all over the legacy of Rios and Salem being the stars of the original games. They completely reversed the, dare I say, characterization of the two. Without spoiling anything, everything that happened in The 40th Day doesn't matter for shit, despite the "moral choice" system that The 40th Day pushed so hard.

The Devil's Cartel is by far the worst game I have ever completed. Sad thing is, my brother and I will probably play it again, if just to obtain all the achievements.

After that though, I'll be lucky if I can get half of what I paid for it.

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Sep 18, 2012
No questions about it it would have to be Bioshock. It had to have been one of the worst games that I have ever played. I dont know what was worse the idiotic main character/plot twist or how the two endings were done.

Normally with games that bad I would have either used it as a coaster or sold it but it was a gift so as to not upset anybody I decided to play through the whole thing before immediately selling it.

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May 12, 2009
Sonic 06' and bleach shattered blade for the wii.

Sonic 06' I don't need to speak for but bleach was the worst fighting game I have ever seen.


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Mar 18, 2009
Fable 3. God damn, Fable 3.
I let myself get hyped up by Peter Molyneux, I loved the sound of all the stuff he said you could do once you became king. Needless to say, none of it was actually in the game, and even if it was, the game is just so boring. The combat is horrifically repetitive, the story isn't particularly interesting, the world is really small even compared to the last game, the customisation I loved in the first game is almost completely gone, and it just generally isn't very good.
What happened, Fable? You used to be awesome.
Finished it to find out if you get any of the promised kingly abilities later on. I didn't.
Sep 3, 2011
Dawn of war 2 I hated everyone in that game all of them where whiney dickheads who where just angry all the time and just made me really want to play as orks or chaos so i could kill them. which was the best part of the last games but i got to the end and never went back, does not help that you have to play as someone who looks like a rent boy.
When you have a game that makes you want to play as the bad guys you need better good guys and gameplay that works all of your men are weak very weak so that you have to fall back non stop in order to keep your otherwise useless men alive. while they aim there guns at people and fire them every 10 mins maybe if your lucky.

Needed more dakka.


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Oct 21, 2008
The original Gears of War.

My God, I literally hated every minute of that game, but I kept playing because I believed there had to be SOMETHING worthwhile in there that was making everyone talk about it so much. Nope, all there was was a gun with a chainsaw on it. I couldn't bring myself to care at all about the characters or the story, which bored me to hell, along with the nearly grayscale color palette.

It seemed incredibly overly difficult, mostly due to how fucking stupid the partner AI for Dom and the others was. I recall a few times where I was downed right next to a bot, or right before the last enemy died, and Dom or Cole would just be standing there, not even in combat, five feet away as Marcus was screaming for him to help him up. I got quite pissed a few times as the checkpoint system was fucking awful. "COME ON! I'M RIGHT HERE! STUPID FUCKING BOT!" I loved the second game as it fixed virtually every problem I'd had with the first, or remedied it, such as being able to drag yourself when you were down.

Destrega for the Playstation.

On the top: A third-person fighting game with open, leveled maps (not a side-view fighter like, say, SF4). At close range your characters fight with CQC while at range they each have magic spells they can use.

Sounds sort of neat, eh?

Except that the CQC is awful, there are no combos to speak of. The magic is all used through a combination of the circle, triangle, and square buttons. One fires a fast moving bolt that is weak, another fires a slow moving bolt that is stronger, and the last fires a bolt in the middle, medium speed, medium damage. If you click all three buttons in a row, your character will throw out their strongest spell, which ranges from super useful and hard to avoid to utterly useless unless you can whip it out right at the perfect time (for instance, one character's has a reach that is just barely out of the CQC range, so to use it effectively you have to ensure that the enemy is literally right on the edge.)

Not to mention these spells are easy as hell to dodge. Some you can literally just trot out of the way from. Others can be jumped over. And still some more are ridiculously quick and powerful, so the characters are quite unbalanced.

Voice acting is AWFUL. Just...terribad. The story, while not the worst I've ever heard, was disjointed and rushed like a trained racehorse. You can knock out the main campaign probably in the space of...Two or three hours? If you watch all the long, boring as hell cutscenes. I'm probably remembering wrong, two hours, tops. Less if you're just an ass kicker at it. I mean, obviously the game was not meant to be story-based, but Christ...

Also, the graphics for the characters were bad even by those standards back then.


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Dec 29, 2009
Zhukov said:
Knights of the Old Republic. Ugly to look at, dull characters, dull dialogue, dull setting, laughable combat, nothing else of note. The absolute nadir was those two sequences where you wear a space/diving suit Twist and walk very, very, veeeeeeery slowly down empty corridors for absolutely no reason. Twist was kinda cool though.

Completed it because I'd been told it was some kind of wonderful gem from "the golden age of Bioware". No gold was forthcoming.
holy crap i found the one other person who didnt like kotor! i knew you existed somewhere! everyone aways talked about the game like it can cure cancer. then i finally played it and about 5 hours in i had to ask my friend, "so...when does the game start getting good?"


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Jul 2, 2012
neppakyo said:
Dragon Age 2

The combat was horrible, repetitive, and boring. The world it self was bland and empty. The story itself blew chunks. I had to force myself to complete the fucking game, and when i was done I used the disc as a coaster for awhile till I finally just snapped it and threw it away.

It felt like a shittier mass effect.

in what what was Dragon Age 2 bad? Dragon Age 2 was far better then the boring Dragon Age Origins was... the combat was better, the visuals were better and it overall felt like a better game... i still play it from time to time

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Jun 29, 2010
Well I don't think I ever finished a game I was actively hating. But I did feel incredibly "meh" about Red Faction Armageddon in general. I'm glad I only rented it.


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Aug 2, 2011
Doctor Who: Return to Earth.
Playing Return To Earth is a profoundly miserable experience. The story's abysmal, an incoherent, contrived excuse to throw the big villains in. The story: Cybermen have commandeered a ship containing humanity. It's your job, as Amy and The Doctor, to use your sonic screwdrivers on coloured smiley faces floating around the ship. Hang on, Amy has a sonic screwdriver now? Floating smileys? What? But that's all the game is: load your screwdriver with coloured crystals, and shoot similarly coloured floating faces. Some levels end with a game where you roll a ball through a maze, or an asteroid blasting game. Some stages try to create a stealth element, but stealth only works if your enemy has an inkling of intelligence. These Cybermen love nothing more than staring at a wall.

The script is also bad - odd lines of excruciatingly awkward dialogue sandwiched between tech-babble whose only purpose is to explain the irrelevant, repetitive gameplay. "You will be deleted," say the Cybermen to Ivy, the ship's AI. "But I don't want to be deleted," replies Ivy. That's about the level of characterisation and banter you can expect. But most speaking is done by the crystal-dispensing pods needed to operate the inexplicable smiling face-switches. "Time for a cup of tea!" "Someone's stealing the stopcocks!" It doesn't make sense. It's like a committee of demented foreign pensioners tried to work out what English children think robots might say.

It does not deserve to be bought. It does not deserve be hated. It does not deserve to be pirated. It does not deserve to be played by any means ever. It does not deserve to even be physically touched. It does not deserve anything. It deserves only one thing: to be thrown into a Time Crack.



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Feb 27, 2012
Deus Ex: Invisible War, and Zone of the Enders

I only finished Invisible War out of principle. I had prepared myself to try and like the more simplified and ill-received sequel to Deus Ex, but the game couldn't reach the expectations I had already lowered as hard as I could. I was not going to let it beat me!

Zone of the Enders I managed to beat because it was so short. It was more like a tech demo than a damn game.


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Aug 9, 2010
You want terrible? I've done terrible games in my day, but not one, not even ONE comes close to this abomination!

Romancing SaGa For the Playstation 2. Oh dear god, the nightmares I had after finishing this game completely. Ugh. And worst of all, this piece of gaming history's worst makings of a JRPG, was done by Square Enix. And I'm not talking about back when they made crud games, I'm talking about Square Enix back when they made Kingdom Hearts 2 just 9 Months after making that. The gameplay was a nightmare, especially considering that HP didn't even matter in the long run, seeing as it was used as a shield for your real health. Items kept breaking way too easily, making grinding a pain in the butt, the bosses could potentially one-shot you with no balance to it whatsoever, the moving across the map was done in chess pieces instead of you actually moving the character, anything could happen there, normally annoying things. Everything that game did was wrong, and I even heard that Series was good back in the day, but that game for the PS2 Was Garbage. Pure Garbage. And what really angered me is that because it was innovative back then, it kept getting average to good scores for it (And that was back when I thought scores were honest), silly me, right?

But yeah. That's a game I finished, I gave back to the retail store, complained about it, and even got a full refund at the end of it all.