Worst game(s) you've ever completed

Geo Da Sponge

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May 14, 2008
I think it might be Timeshift for me. At least, that's the worst one I can think of off the top of my head. Then again, I have played a few really bad movie tie-in games now that I think about it. Yup, now that I go over to my PS2 games and check, I'm remembering things like 007: Agent Under Fire, and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (we got it because the PS1 version actually seemed pretty fun. The PS2 version... Not so much).

crazygameguy4ever said:
neppakyo said:
Dragon Age 2

The combat was horrible, repetitive, and boring. The world it self was bland and empty. The story itself blew chunks. I had to force myself to complete the fucking game, and when i was done I used the disc as a coaster for awhile till I finally just snapped it and threw it away.

It felt like a shittier mass effect.

in what what was Dragon Age 2 bad? Dragon Age 2 was far better then the boring Dragon Age Origins was... the combat was better, the visuals were better and it overall felt like a better game... i still play it from time to time
Well, okay. I disagree with you about the combat and the visuals, but if I just say those things then we won't get anywhere. So I'll just go with the following: the copy-pasted environments, the mid-fight spawning enemies, the designated companion interaction points that sucked all the fun out of talking to them, the fractured story, the simplified customisation, the ludicrous number of blood mages, the simplified conversation menu, the removal of choice of race, potentially ignoring choices from Origins such as a dead Leliana... Yeah. All those things and more, and that's without getting onto the fact that a lot of people inherently disliked the gameplay and visuals as well.

Da Orky Man

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Apr 24, 2011
Lil devils x said:
*Hides face in shame* Runescape was the single most awful game I have ever completed. Even though I hated the game with a passion, I maxed my character in all skills and then left. The worst part though was they kept making the game worse instead of better while I played it, to the point that I couldn't stand to even look at it while I played and had to play other games at the same time. I just had to finish it because I said I would. Then looking back I had to ask "Why the hell did I waste that much time on something so crappy?!"
I used to play Runescape a fair bit, but stopped after a few years when everything got a bit samey. But maxing out your character in every skill quite literally takes years of in-game time to do. Exactly how much time did you spend on it?

OP: Probably Eragon for 360. At the time, I was about 13 and owned about 3 games. Finished it multiple times on the hardest difficulty. It was awful, but it was all I had.


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Jul 28, 2008
Master of Orion III. Somehow, I was able to convince myself that it was a good game for at least two weeks.

Fandom. It's a hell of a drug...


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Jan 12, 2013
did anyone here play digimon world 3 on the PS1?
it´s the most broken RPG i´ve ever seen in my entire life. and the worst part is that the whole game was like 120 hours long!!!!!
my god, it was so, so horrible.


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Apr 8, 2010
There are a few that come to mind, but the one that best fits the OP's criteria is Valkyria Chronicles. Where ever you look, there is almost nothing but praise for that game, but I hated it with a passion. The only reason I eventually forced myself to complete it was because someone had bought it for me as a present.

The story was predictable and the characters were stupid and childish and just didn't fit with the setting of the game. I simply cannot understand why anybody could like that game unless they just didn't care about the story at all.


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Jan 26, 2012
lautalocos said:
did anyone here play digimon world 3 on the PS1?
it´s the most broken RPG i´ve ever seen in my entire life. and the worst part is that the whole game was like 120 hours long!!!!!
my god, it was so, so horrible.
I actually remember getting pretty far in it, before reaching a dead end that I didn't try too hard to figure out...


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Aug 24, 2010
Mass Effect 3

7 times!!!
I win the gamer masochism challenge

Physically painful to play, emotionally raping to experience to, mentally jarring to wrap your head around why, oh god why and how did they make something this bad.

Bioware did literally every thing wrong when it came to writing and designing ME3. It's on a level of bad that they had to put effort into achieving.

Let's take a series based on player choice and completely ignore all the choices
the player made so far (Except for like 2 which is just arbitrary and annoying)

Let's take a series with great character focus and writing, and completely butcher
everyone's personality with stupid out of nowhere development, and just flat Retcon
half the characters to be something completely different.

Let's take a cover based shooter and make the simple, vital act of taking cover
MOTHERFUCKING IMPOSSIBLE by putting the "Take cover button" on the exact same button
as run, and get out of cover, and vault over cover, and pick up item, and view data
pad and somersault.

Let's take a story that's two thirds done, and JUST FUCKING IGNORE THE FIRST TWO THIRDS
OF IT!!!!!!!

Let's take a Roll Playing Game and take out all of the fucking Roll Playing!

Let's take a bunch of characters people really liked and destroy their personalities!
I know I already said that one but it still bothers me!!! It should be mentioned twice
because of Citadel... The Horror...

The only possible explanation I can think of for why Mass Effect 3 is so bad is that Bioware
made a deal with the Devil, so every game they made from Baldur's Gate through
Dragon Age Origins was really really good, but then they had to make put badness into
the world equal to one million times the good they did.
and between Dragon Age 2, Mass Effect 3 and Citadel they've done that. And I'm looking
forward to Dragon Age Inquisition. Mehehehehehehehehehe.... [sub]please kill me now[/sub]


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Jun 24, 2013
narusakura2 said:
Super mario 64 : i played this at a friends house. And i must say this is one is of the worst games i have ever played.. terrible controls and bad music made it so painful to play that the only reason i even completed it was because my friend dared me to. Why this piece of trash is considered one of the greatest games of all time ill never know
Super Mario 64 has set standards in the video game industry for 3D platformers and not only, the controls and camera are examples for even nowadays games, that means it was ahead of its time cause it is one of the earlier 3D platformers that established archetype for the genre so i think you can understand why this title is acclaimed by many critics as one of the greatest and most revolutionary video games of all time, i mean for a 2D game jumping to 3D era for the first time as Super Mario 64 did in this kind of fashion, that was an epic achievement and very few games accomplished that goal.

The Feast

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Apr 5, 2013
I probably going to choose Dragon Age Origins. I don't know what so interesting about this game, especially the story. I was expecting a mature, engaging story with the choices really feel matter. I already created my damn origin character but I still get the same thing in the middle to the end, no sense of conclusion or reward whatsoever. I feel like the game feels tacky by putting all the problematic stories in the game when all you really need to do is just kill the Archdemon to stop the Darkspawn invasion, all the other things feels irrelevant.

The characters have no interesting traits to them except Allistair, I don't feel like the character's side quest feel that amazing when you only talk with them a little bit and give them present so that I will probably encounter someone that related to them in the small location. All the romance character feel just like that I can sleep with them because I did something for them but providing no dynamic changes to the main story itself. Neverwinter Nights 2's character is much better, and a better story too.

The world...is so small, no point of interest for me to explore the land of Ferelden, I only get to hear good things from it but I only found things to 'unite the whole people to defeat evil' without giving me anything to resolve the mystery or the lore. The codex feel like a collectible instead of design to explaining the lore, I hate that.

I thought the whole game will be like a Game of Thrones vibe or The Witcher series, but all I got is the most generic D&D story and label it a "mature theme". The ending is just a little change here and there and some text in the end. I probably going to put Mass Effect 3 but most people already choose it.
Feb 9, 2011
Now, don't get me wrong, I liked this game despite the poor ratings, but I just finished Blade Kitten and have to say that. I only bring it up because the game was broken up into two portions (so I learned after I watched the "ending"), but Atari cancelled the second chapter.

So I finally finished the final boss fight, watch the brief cut scene, and it ends on a "To Be Continued". Only...there is no continue...what.the.hell.

I am sad face. :mad:


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Jun 17, 2013
It would have to be Xblades.
I had to put it down several times and step away, but I chewed through it all.

To this day I still have no idea why.

Lictor Face

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Nov 14, 2011
Dynasty Warriors. Look I don't even know why, but I like unlocking all the shiny weapon progressions.


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Feb 18, 2010
nvzboy said:
My brother recommended I play splinter cell convitions. I never felt anything for third person shooting and the story was immemorable enough that I can't remember what it was all about as I'm writing this. I was expecting more but it was just bland, emotionless...
I wouldn't call my feelings for Conviction hate. I finished it feeling quite empty, and thinking, "oh wait, that's it?"


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Sep 9, 2009
Final Fantasy IX.

I really enjoyed VII and VIII, but it took me a while to get into VIII, so i kept giving IX more and more chances, until i got to the end, fought a random boss that came out of nowhere and didn't care about, and saw the shitty play at the end.

Never again have I even put that disc near the playstation..

Atmos Duality

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Mar 3, 2010
Completed? Lets see...


Tales of Symphonia 1 was the first in the Tales series I played, and it was quite good.
This game is a hackeyed lazy cash in.

Very rarely do I give a toss about games looking terribly dated if there's still effort put into them, but this game looked WORSE than the original. The story is fucking awful with a "twist" I called an hour into the game.
(and the flashbacks...all the goddamn flashbacks. Flashbacks to 10 minutes ago.)
It's just...awful.

I admit; I convinced my buddy to rent this for all the wrong reasons. We had a blast tearing this stupid, broken game apart. Even better: Mindjack has a "sister game"... (well, on the similar/same game engine and also published by Squeenix around the same time no less)

Mindjack is one of those games that make you question everything about it. What's worse is that this game was already done once before and BETTER, on the Gamecube (Geist).
The shooting is awkward, enemies are retarded, the plot is hilariously stupid, broken, and badly translated, and of course, there's the game-killing glitches and bugs.

This game wants to be Front Mission: Gun Hazard from the SNES. (and WOW is that an obscure title)
It tries so hard to be Gun Hazard. And it largely fails.

Where the fuck did all of the quality go from Front Mission? Oh right, it's a Square-Enix subcontractee (not named Eidos Montreal). While I definitely didn't hate the game (again, it was very fun to mock with friends) I can tell when I'm playing a stinker.

Stupid plot, gameplay that fails to really evolve or do much of anything beyond what you see in the first level...it's just tepid. Oh, and the moments when you exit your Wanzer (also from Gun Hazard) and go on foot can fuck right off.
More than anything, it was that clumsy canned jump-dodge and roll and cover-shooter gameplay that I recognized from Mindjack.

Less Recently:

I've played plenty of bad games. I've played and beaten HORRIBLE games. But no game will ever make me question reality like Dirge of Cerberus. It's not just bad in a "Milk the FF7 franchise for all its worth" way. It's not even bad in the usual Squeenix fashion. It pioneers new frontiers for bad video game story telling.

The gameplay is mediocre at absolute best, and is unbelievably frustrating outside of that.
It's amazing how a game can have such high production values in the intro and voice work and absolutely no production values at all for most of the game. Levels are hallways. Any real sense of player freedom doesn't exist, and the shooting mechanics are really awkward.


Doctorate in Danger
May 29, 2010
Grand Theft Auto IV

Yeah, I said it. The sandbox and the missions might as well be different games, because that game is not designed for missions. No mission has checkpoints, but most of them involve both driving and shooting with possibly terrifying cop escapes. It wouldn't be too bad, if the shooting didn't half-kill you for not falling into the cover-system rhythm and the driving didn't involve traffic that can easily knock your car over or otherwise incapable of chasing.

The cutscenes were good, though. The mission gameplay is the only bad part of the game, besides maybe the grey palettes everywhere.


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Jan 31, 2012
Final Fantasy XIII--wait, no I actually liked that one and I still do. Deal with it.

kickyourass said:
Lord of the Rings: The Third Age, I knew this game was crap back when I was 12, it's only now that I've been able to properly articulate why. Now the game play for the most part is actually pretty good, the combat system was fun, most of the attacks were useful in some respect, it's pretty cool to be dropped into all the big locations of Middle Earth and the armor system was awesome. But the story was ludicrous on every level, I would almost bet real money that it was just someone's fan-fiction that they managed to buy. It was so bad that is completely overshadowed everything else, and that rarely happens with me.
Within like the first hour and a half your party includes a human, an elf and a dwarf, thus completely destroying everything that was supposed to be so special about the Fellowship (Before them the races NEVER worked together like that). All your characters are, without exception, two dollar knock off versions of preexisting characters (Boromir, Aragorn, Gimli, they even rip off Eomer and Eowyn), with the most unimaginative personalities I had ever seen.

The story contrives ways of getting your party to every single major set piece of the movie trilogy, including at one point FIGHTING THE BALROG NEXT TO GANDALF! It's kinda cool, but it's also massively stupid. My favorite part is the Final boss, which is the EYE OF SAURON, at the very tippy top of Barad-Dur, without even the most token attempt to explain how or why you got up there.
Yeah, this would be mine except I never came close to finishing it. My roommate saw me playing FFX and realized the battle system from LotR:TTA was directly pulled from it. So he's all "Dude, I LOVED The Third Age, you GOTTA play it!" I think I made it to Moria before I died of boredom...?

Anyway, keeping with my inadvertent FF trend, Dissidia Final Duodecim Fantasy Dynamo or whatever. I still play this game every now and again, even though there is very little I can say in its favor. The gameplay itself is lackluster (and in some cases broken as hell) and the story is some of the worst video game writing I've ever encountered, and this is from a genre that thrives on terrible writing. I think I only finished it out of spite. And I still play a quick round or two occasionally because I like the idea of a FF fighting game, even if this one fumbled every facet of its execution.

EDIT: Hmmm. Looks like I need something more obscure. Alright, ever hear of a game called Tang Tang? It was the first GBA game I ever got, and it was....not great. I hated it as a kid because it wasn't quite a platformer, not quite a shooter, and not quite a puzzle game. Also, every boss was just a reskin of each other and the level designs were repetitive. I never beat it as a kid, then I found it a year or so ago and beat it. I don't know why it was made or who made it. The only redeeming part of it was the soundtrack.