Zero Punctuation: Capcom Five

Yahtzee Croshaw

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Aug 8, 2007
Strazdas said:
LordTerminal said:
Everything you just said is a complete and utter lie. The only PCs where that is true are AlienWare PCs and those are expensive as fuck. Consoles are far more efficient and superior whether you want to admit it or not. PCs are not the same price as consoles. You have to buy the PC, a controller because god forbid you play anything on a keyboard, the right graphics card, the right sound card, a high end processor, ect. All of which cost at least $100 minimum.

And why should I ramp up all that power and make my energy bill that much more expensive when I can buy a more energy efficient console to get the same experience? And recent PC releases of games have been far more inferior to the console versions lately. Remember the whole Arkham Knight fiasco? You clearly have no idea what you're talking about so stop telling lies.
The PROPER way to play games is with a mouse and keyboard. controllers are for these who are incapable of playing them properly.
The minute you said that you officially lost all credibility and revealed yourself to be a filthy PC elitist poison.