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    BioWare Defends Mass Effect 3 Launch-Day DLC

    Why a Prothean? I can't imagine there being that much dialogue for him as a squad member, but I would expect him to be acknowledged by NPCs a lot. He's a Prothean for crying out loud, nobody has seen a true living one before. I just cant see how he could end up being another Zaeed, a...
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    Do you feel bad about "the starving kids in Africa" ?

    This thread just reminded me of Karl Pilkington. Anyway, on topic. Yeah, charity isn't going to fix the problem but I'm sure that the majority of us here wouldn't be able to solve the problems there either. This doesn't mean we shouldn't give to charity when we can, but I think a little bit...
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    Zero Punctuation: Star Wars: The Old Republic

    Another one here. I guess it is in a way a bad thing, but I am enjoying playing this game alone. I see it as my journey towards 50. My Imperial Agent story has also become very interesting lately. If the end game is terrible, I will just make a new character and enjoy their story until...
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    Poll: Would you have preferred KoTOR3 to TOR?

    Lucasarts has annoyed me a lot lately when it comes to games (avoiding films) No KOTOR3 No Battlefront 3 No more Rogue Squadron quality games No more Jedi Knight games (although I am satisfied with its Kartarn series ending, not his student assuming there is no book I have to read) No...
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    Poll: Worst game-lengthening scheme.

    It's the backtracking that kills me with boredom, MMOs are probably the worst offenders of this. The worst backtracking is obviously the pointless running from point A to B to then be forced to run back to A. I swear running is what you do most the time in MMOs these days. Edit: Oh and BS...
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    X-Com series getting new, strategy focused game. Being developed by Firaxis.

    I don't know about this, it probably will end up not living up to expectations. I guess if they mess up, there is always Xenonauts which is looking pretty great. I just hope 2K doesn't try and stop it from happening this late into development (most likely will never happen)...
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    Will Gameinformer soon reveal Star Wars Battlefront 3?

    It had space combat in it, so it could be the game he is thinking about. OT: I really hope it is Battlefront 3, although like others, I am skeptical about the developer. As someone on Youtube also pointed out, it could be Lost Planet 3 although this seems pretty unlikely as Capcom would...
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    Hi Sonic, it's been a long time...

    I got it during the steam sale too and am dying to play it. I want to play it the way it is meant to be played though, with a controller.
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    So escapists, what is the oldest game you own a PHYSICAL copy of ?

    Dungeon Keeper I think, or maybe Warioland II.
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    So escapists, what is the oldest game you own a PHYSICAL copy of ?

    Dungeon Keeper I think, or maybe Warioland II.
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    WTF Humble Bundle?! "Indie" my ass.

    Am I wrong or right? EA was only responsible for the marketing of the game therefore the game was still created independently without financial support? Anyway, just remember that by choosing to give no money to the developers, you are not helping both Shank's developer and the other indie...
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    Sith Lord Attacks Customers in Toys "R" Us

    You see Bioware, this is what happens when you don't give all of your customers who preordered early access.
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    About The Elder Scrolls 6...

    Any place which has a different theme to that of Morrowind, Cyrodill, or Skyrim. In the future, I want a remake of Morrowind to Skyrim+ with awesome graphics and merged together for one of the biggest games on all time. Edit: Oh, and I think the desert area should be an expansion to...
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    Poll: Skyrim bugs

    So far I've seen a book not be able to fall to the ground causing it to make a lot of noise until I read it. Not threatening at all. Seen weapons floating in the air and other items, this happens very rarely but usually in areas where I have fought a dragon and lots of NPCs have died. And...
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    PETA Dumps on Battlefield 3

    Woah, hang on, you kill animals, especially rats in pretty much every RPG out there and they are attacking battlefield 3 just for this one rat. Guessing they will be attacking Skyrim friday huh?