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    New Humble Indie Bundle Will Blow You Away - UPDATED

    I'll be honest: I owned bastion, super meat boy, psychonauts and braid before. I bought it for amnesia and because it was the cheapest way to get the bastion soundtrack. Sexy sexy FLACs.
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    Zero Punctuation: Kid Icarus: Uprising

    Good game design has easy controls that are intuitive. Bad game design has hard controls that are bad enough they felt the need to include additional hardware to make it easier. Sure, it works for some people, but that's the main reason you have configurable controls, so that people who...
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    Tribes: Ascend Review

    Left-Alt is spotting. "Heavy spotted mid-field." In mid-field: "POOTISPOOTISPOOTIS..." "oh god he's in the wrong game someone shoot him!"
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    Poll: Fox news...

    I've pretty much given up on domestic broadcast news. I get most of my news from NPR or BBC. MSNBC if I absolutely need to find out about some breaking news of interest.
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    Unskippable: Hybrid Heaven

    I remember playing that game many times. Like some horrible child of an action game and an rpg. I remember thinking the combat system needed... well, it needed to be replaced by something usable. Still, I did play it many times. I can't at this point recall if I enjoyed it.
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    Favorite race in Dawn of War

    I love the orks but I never seem to find enough dakka.
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    DRM Systems and the Publishers Who Love Them

    I was against steam for a long time, but after giving it another try a few years ago I discovered that it had a thriving community, did not prevent me from accessing my games like I feared it would, and included base social network functionality. And cheap games. Weekend Deals FTW.
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    Poll: Anime Subbed or dubbed?

    I love a good dub. Problem is, I only accept the good ones, and they are horribly rare. So I take advantage of my very-fast reading speed for subtitles. Though, I find, oddly, I'm starting to read them less, without losing anything...
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    Least favourite music styles

    Reggae and zydeco. I can handle everything else but those.
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    Favorite Comic Book Character of All Time

    If you allow for graphic novels... Spider Jerusalem Rorschach may be awesome, but he doesn't wield a bowel disruptor.
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    Stolen Pixels #149: Approval Ratings

    Switch over to their page while viewing the inventory, so they are displayed, and right-click the gift, select the package option. If you're on pc, on console... yeah, I dunno.
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    NPC you couldn't bring yourself to kill or mourned the death of

    I can kill anything. I mean, I euthanized my companion cube faster than anyone else! But, in the villa in Hitman: Blood Money, I can not kill the target while he's playing the cello, the music is awesome.
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    What is your 'guilty pleasure' game?

    Headshots, tuned cars taking corners at the edge of grip, dungeon crawls, all these things are fun. Then I wonder what happened to the last 8 hours when playing Sims 3.