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    Why is the Main Character in Fallout 4 Voiced?

    If a character is voiced, I'm going to want to connect with the personality behind it. That's a good thing if the character is defined, but when it's user-defined and the game is a role-playing sandbox of choices and paths, the problems are immediate (at least if you are a serious role-player)...
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    Poll: I don't like UFC | Violence in Sport | Ronda Rousey status

    Have to go with "Other". It's a sport. It's competitive and legitimate. But though I'm not a martial artist, I respect different styles and martial arts training as disciplines. I'm not saying UFC is a bunch of people misusing or disrespecting sacred teachings, but there's so much more to...
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    Michelle Rodriguez to Star in Gender-Reassignment Revenge Thriller

    So a minority of people are in a constant state of outrage that women are not given enough leading roles in mega-movies. Next on the list to cry about is a movie with two of the strongest female action leads in modern history, because they, unlike snobby elitists who see their careers through...
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    Help with first PC build

    If available, why not go for the Z170 chipset and new generation processors? Also, any time you see a "K" Intel chip, that's the unlocked version most sought after for overclocking (since you say that's not important) however they will be the fastest chips out of box anyway. I'm leaning against...
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    How would you feel if someone was illegaly carrying a gun and ended up stopping a massacre?

    First of all, I salute you on a great topic and scenario; this is a serious, real-world issue and a question everybody in the US should ask themselves.
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    Poll: Day-One it justifiable?

    If it's an online game, I don't see the point of complaining; patches will happen and happen a lot more in the future. Why get upset over the first? Up to two hours to patch a game you downloaded on day one? Before digital you had to pray the store you went to had any copies left. We also had...
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    Male problems only ever come up as a counter-argument

    One of the few places guys from all over the world wander to and talk about their problems are chan message boards. You know, those dark corners of the internet that most people are convinced are full of whiny, loser, male virgin sociopaths who are non-functional to society and whom people wish...
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    Male problems only ever come up as a counter-argument

    There are a lot of men's groups and discussion but generally, as a man, you should understand two things: 1) Men are not known for discussing their problems, releasing healthy emotions and relying on others for emotional support in their problems. Women can and do engage in this, and society...
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    The Oregon shooting

    That's not what I said. The crisis of active shootings in the US is what's been relatively sudden. I don't see how a stabbing in the UK is related to shootings and gun control in the US, unless you're continuing the argument about "toxic masculinity", maybe suggesting it's behind misogynist...
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    The Oregon shooting

    That isn't a lot of America. Like any country, we have our stereotypes and the redneck jackoff gun owner is your Groundskeeper Willy. What we do have is a strong, passionate type of people who fight for gun rights, which every American has. The thing is they do it with more intensity than we can...
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    How did you guys get into PC gaming ?

    It's weird, because I was playing PC games long before I felt the industry of PC gaming, probably because I was playing on ancient hand-me-down systems like the Commodore 128. Had a library of games but it was an experience just like a console (and at the time, just as silly and glitchy)...
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    The Oregon shooting

    Off the top of my head I can think of one mass shooting that involved a male that was mentally ill and distressed over success with women, where that reason drove them to it. Can either of you reference the "lot of these (mass) shooters" where this is the case? I'll give this a chance to be...
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    Fallout 4 PC System Requirements Announced

    Recommended specs must be weighted for the 30+ mods everyone will have running, and that you'll be spawning hordes of mobs and NPCs with god mode to watch them play Risk in the wasteland. Come to think of it, I want to play that game now.
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    Cyberpunk 2077 to be "Far, Far Bigger" Than The Witcher 3

    Since this is the first time I've taken interest, I would have been more impressed if I didn't watch that teaser trailer. Is it supposed to make sense? Also that bug helmet is ugly and the *weeeee* from activating "goggle vision" was cool... in 2002. I'll get Witcher III when I can and...
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    The Oregon shooting

    We don't get the truth, though; it's not reported. Politicians make sure the only thing people hear is their propaganda. Sandy Hook (school): before the massacre, the killer was denied a firearm purchase. His mother, a good, lawful human being who owned her own weapons, was the first one the...