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    Scenes as a child that you found horrifying in non-horror movies.

    bone chilling horror in an upbeat childrens film
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    Opinions on Smart Clothes

    Tweed FTW
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    Europa Universalis IV: Who else is excited?

    ive always been more of a victoria guy but im excited for this, especially after they nailed crusader kings II
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    Good Old Games: Pirates Are Our Competition, Not Steam

    i love GOG, they really are my first choice for games
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    Ender's Game Author Asks For Tolerance After Boycott Threat

    yes your right its just when it popped up it reminded me of all the stuff, me being a bit of a homosexual and all
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    Ender's Game Author Asks For Tolerance After Boycott Threat

    i hope the ' death of the author' happens more then figuratively this time.
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    Poll: Natural Selection

    i dunno eugenics is kind off a slippery slope aswell as it sort of happens naturally anyway
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    Poll: What's your opinion on summer?

    since i grew up in a part of ireland where the freezing mists roll through often (no matter the season) in a house my dad built (no central heating) moving to london felt like moving to mercury
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    Douglas Engelbart, Inventor of the Mouse, Passes Away

    sleep well sweet prince
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    Starting to get scared of what is going to happen to Star Wars

    im just sad all that continuity from the comics and books is going to get overwritten by disney. stuff like the Yuuzhan Vong and others just retconned and forcibly stagnated in the blink of an eye by a shallow cash grab trilogy of (lets face it) probably mediocre films.
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    Favorite Gaming Company

    Paradox, got to be paradox. massive fan of grand strategy games and stuff like this:!
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    What kind of music bands do you enjoy listening to?

    Sweet is this a competition? I have 168+ gb not at all, didn't mean it to come across arrogantly. just highlighted it to reflect the diversity of music i like
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    What kind of music bands do you enjoy listening to?

    well i have 100.93GB of music in my itunes sooooo im pretty much into most music. just off the top of my head though im into to : gorillaz, josh martinez, Daft punk, most things of rhymesayers entertainment, notorius B.i.g, nina simone, the band, bb king, primal scream, space monkeyz its a...
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    How would you describe yourself back when you were a kid?

    for my formative years i lived in rural ireland, i was the tallest in my class, i could speak gaelic and i had NEVER seen a 3 story building. i read voraciously and perpetually of the world beyond the charming hinterland i lived in. i was incredibly naive but i loved it, i then moved to the...
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    weird things about you, that no one would notice, unless you told them

    i crashed my bike a year or two back and although not visibly noticeable i knocked my cartilage sideways so i can only breath through one nostril.