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    Please help me find a webcomic.

    Definitely [email protected]$. madwarper has the link.
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    Legend of Korra(sami) comics confirmed.

    Ambivalent about the comics at this point. Here's hoping it doesn't turn into a romantic plot tumor and will actually do a lot more exploring of the spirit world without people going OOC. Happens a lot in comics. I'm just hoping that they'll visit a spirit bath house, forget the currency, and...
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    Poll: Rust or H1Z1?

    Really depends on what you're looking for. Most of these sandbox survivals are in an incomplete state, so a lot of things are subject to change. I suggest getting none of these and holding off until they go gold. The exception is if you have a group of friends to roll with, which alleviates...
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    Smash 4 DLC Characters

    On a side note, anyone able to connect to the eShop? You're supposed to get into the game first and then access the eShop from there, right? All that's been happening for me is me getting kicked back to the main menu every single time. Is there a flood of buyers or something? On topic...
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    My first piece of pixel art. What do you lot think?

    Tombstones on the right seem parallel with the building. Think they need more contrast to show some sort of distance. Left tombstone overlaps building, so that's fine. Looks really good, though.
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    Mirror's Edge: Catalyst will not have gun combat

    Was just tossing a hypothetical scenario out there for poking fun at the first game's gun mechanics. Besides, I never said that she'd go on a bloody rampage, and I'm sure that storywise there is a plausible explanation of her trying to use a gun. Heck, it could even be a plot point. Sister...
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    Censorship! Vile, disgusting CENSORSHIP!

    Took a look at the trailer, and the petition (seriously, has any one of these ever worked, or is it just so people feel good about themselves). Yes, the petitioners in my opinion are being reactive idiots. No game should be censored. What it should be though is endlessly mocked. I can see...
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    Mirror's Edge: Catalyst will not have gun combat

    Good. As good as having the choice to shoot or not was, I think this game was more about momentum and flow. Gunplay bogs down this idea because it makes players have to slow down to aim. That being said, I'd like a cutscene where she tries to shoot, and it turns out you don't get any kind of...
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    Just putting something out there about fallout 4 and protagonist voice acting.

    Not sure why folks are complaining. I think it'd be fine to have Voice Acting. If you don't like it, I'm sure a mod will exist within the week that force-mutes the player's dialogue.
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    FF 7 remake

    Think they'll build a new engine just for cinematics, or have they learned their lesson not to spend a kajillion dollars each iteration and just reuse a flatter-chested Lightning for Cloud? $5 says the crossdressing makes him look like Lightning. Also, have fun rebreeding. all. the. chocobo...
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    Christopher Lee Dead at 93 RIP good sir. You made and awesome villain.
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    Poll: Middle Earth - Which race would you be?

    Would Valar be cheating?
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    Poll: Which competitive genre, do you think is hardest to get good at?

    I'd have to argue fighting games are just as hard to get into as RTS due to how hard it is to get into the competitive scene. Most people like watching streams and VoDs of both, but it takes a lot of losses in order to improve yourself, both require meta strategy as well as lightning-fast...
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    I'm all tears now... Things that make us cry.

    There's quite a number of things. Let me rattle some of the things off the top of my head. Brave Little Toaster, flower scene. Mr. Rogers Big Hero 6 Wreck It Ralph Most Pixar films Transistor and Bastion And my still favorite MLP fan song, Lullaby for a Princess by Ponyphonic.
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    Overwatch will spend it's entire existance trying to justify itself.

    Too bad I won't be able to physically play that game then if the cap is 65. Anything below 90 makes me nauseous. Don't know how anyone can stand otherwise. Seriously, how do you cope?