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    question about fatal frame game series...

    No. There is also puzzle solving typical of the survival horror genre before action games hijacked it.
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    Nvidia Faces Class Action Suit Over Under-performing GTX 970

    Is there widespread dissatisfaction with the 970? I haven't been keeping up, but I've read a few articles a little while ago that were touting the card as the best bang for your buck on the market. I'll be sticking with my 770 until the next batch of cards come out, but I was under the...
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    Your favourite piece of Final Fantasy music

    The lack of songs from the best Final Fantasy (VI) game disturbs me... I think my favorite song is "Searching for friends. It absolutely nails the somber mood while giving you a sense of hope. Not to mention how great these are: And let's not forget, Final Fantasy 6 contains...
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    Why do some think gaming journalism is corrupt?

    I'll take a crack at why I think game "journalism" is both incompetent and corrupt. 1) How many of these "journalists" actually have a degree in journalism? How many have been formally educated on the code of ethics and practices relevant to reporting fairly and accurately? Very few. How...
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    Are First-Person Games Inherently More Immersive?

    I just came back to this thread for the first time since posting, and I must say that the responses so far have been quite intriguing both in what people say immerses them and how each person defines immersion. With that being said... So is what you are suggesting that to truly invest a...
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    Are First-Person Games Inherently More Immersive?

    I got into a debate the other day with my buddies about what is inherently more immersive for a player, specifically in survival horror games. The debate was as follows: My buddies were arguing that a game in a first-person perspective is inherently more immersive because the perspective...
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    Are First-Person Games Inherently More Immersive?

    Accidental Duplicate, please delete
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    BREAKING NEWS: New Silent Hill Being Made By Hideo Kojima, Guillermo Del Toro and Norman Reedus

    As a massive fan of both Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill, I must say I am very disappointed by this news. Silent Hill is a series about subtlety, about telling a story in as few words as possible, and about trusting in the intelligence of the player to stitch together a deep narrative as...
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    Jerry Bruckheimer: Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Won't Have Demonic Monsters

    Ah yes, the fifth movie of a trilogy that sucked to begin with.
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    Rumor: Cliff Bleszinski's New Studio is Boss Key Productions

    If his next game doesn't feature guns, explosions, or muscles, I'll give you my wallet.
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    Challenge accepted

    Skyrim had a pretty skybox at night time.
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    A little defense for Ubisoft for the female assassin discussion.

    I think my favorite part of this whole controversy is encapsulated in the initial thread where a screenshot of Jim Sterling's tweet was posted. Everyone in the initial posts of the thread was saying, "Surely this was a joke," only to find out that, no, this (IMO excessive) anger is going to be...
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    BF3 free on origin until june 3

    Battlefield 3 is free!!!! It requires Origin!? No thanks! Suffering through Origin isn't worth it.
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    First Time PC Builder Needing Help!

    So you think dropping to 8GBs of RAM would still be sufficient for the video encoding I plan on doing?
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    First Time PC Builder Needing Help!

    Thanks for the advice on that. Ironically, I was originally planning on buying the screen you suggested until someone I know (who is a big competitive FPS guy) talked me out of it. I think I'd rather go with my initial choice.