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    Suggest an MMORPG that's BETTER than World of Warcraft

    City of Heroes was my first love in MMOs, and the faster pace of movement and enemies completely spoiled me for WoW. I didn't stick with it until the end, as the Incarnate stuff was the sort of endgame that I don't like. (I should never have to memorize what gets done in what order for what...
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    How Electronic Arts Made Dungeon Keeper A Huge Fiasco

    At this point, EA's "technique" is so common as to not even seem discussion-worthy. 1) See someone else who innovated a successful game. 2) Copy it 3) Attach an unrelated IP. They wanted to copy the MMO model so they attached Star Wars and got The Old Republic. They wanted to copy the...
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    SWTOR is so repetitive

    All MMOs are repetitive because they are trying to enable hundreds or thousands of hours of playtime. They just can't make unique stuff quickly and cheaply enough to satisfy that way. Certainly not on a free-to-play model, and really not even with $15 per month subscriptions. (And EA are...
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    Zero Punctuation: Rise of the Triad

    ROTT had a campaign? I played that game plenty, and have zero recollection of a single-player mode. I really liked the summary of hardcore vs casual and may be tempted to steal parts of it in the future.
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    The Old Republic Begins "High Population Server" Testing

    They did server merges already. Lots of them. It was good. Anytime MMO players are given the opportunity to interact it's a good thing. Unfortunately no server population can fix the issues that come from having pushed out an utterly generic game.
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    Escape to the Movies: The Hunger Games

    I have no opinion on the movie at this time (other than that the plot framework always seemed kind of stupid to me). But I enjoyed this review more than any other you've done, Bob. The snark was reminiscent of RedLetterMedia's but in a much tighter package, and that's a very good thing.
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    Escape to the Movies: Red Tails

    Bob needs enemies to attack to make his reviews seem bolder. Remember it was Bill O'Reilly's fault that Friends with Benefits was predictable and action movies are inflicted on us by "dude"-spewing fratboys. I really wish he'd outgrow it because even somewhere as base as the IMDB forums people...
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    Escape to the Movies: Iron Lady

    This actually made me curious to see it, when I wasn't before...
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    Why is Fox News attacks games a headline article, but the violent game against them not?

    Escapist doesn't actually report Gaming news. If some news site does a report on that game, and there's an interesting comment in a thread discussing that report, and Media Matters issues a press release about the comment in the thread about the report on the game, Escapist will repeat it...
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    About Critics (Part II)

    Oh Bob, I'd hoped you were working on my pet peeve. It's not as bad as it used to be. But not only wasn't it addressed, you're still doing it a little. If you don't like a movie and can specify why, that's great. It's why you write reviews. But there's no need to characterize the people...
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    Fox News Attacks NEA for Classifying Games as Art

    I dream that some day Escapist is going to do a story on bias that isn't itself MORE biased than the story they're reporting on. Apparently not today. The intro oversexed the story by referencing "Call of Duty", and probably shouldn't have. But I agree it was pretty reasonable. One guy said...
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    Teen Arrested for Home-Made "Hot or Not" List on Facebook

    I support a system that arrests people for what they say because I know it will only be used in exactly the way I want and has no chance of backfiring in any way.
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    LoadingReadyRun: Bright Ideas

    Nice that you guys were able to work Kathleen's "Best Friends Forever" picture into a sketch. :p
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    Escape to the Movies: Atlas Shrugged

    I agree, The Fountainhead is more visual and active and a bit shorter. I think it's easier to get into also. (The first third of Atlas Shrugged has so little action I could never imagine audiences going for it, which is apparently what has happened.) However, it pushes the "we are all our own...
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    Escape to the Movies: Atlas Shrugged

    I haven't seen it yet (planning to next weekend), so I can't agree/disagree with the review, but I wanted to compliment Bob for what seemed like a very even-handed approach. I don't always like his style (it often feels he's leaping to conclusions) but this was presented in a way I can mull...