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    Zero Punctuation: Video Game Voters Network

    Hopefully this PSA will do more than just preaching to the choir...hopefully.
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    Zero Punctuation: Viewer's Choice: Duke Nukem Forever

    And the sad thing is that if this does pan out, people will still pay out the ass to buy a shooter that was outdated ten years ago. Good going, gamers. G-fucking-G.
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    Question of the Day, August 31, 2010

    I would say Nova but if Keith R.A. DeCandido's novelization is made into a movie I will buy a hat just for the purpose of choking on it. My vote would be for the backstory of Zeratul. What led him to become a Dark Templar and what continues to drive him to this day would be an interesting...
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    Editor's Note: Industry of Inclusion

    I really appreciate that The Escapist tackling the whole "race" issue in games. This being the internet, I'm sure you're aware that there will be a lot of comments in the articles whining "oh boo hoo get over it" from people who don't bother to read the article, let alone have to deal with the...
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    Review: Dead to Rights: Retribution

    Look on the bright side John, if they ever need a new quote for the box, the people who made it can write, "Dead to Rights: Retribution...not as bad as Gundam SEED Destiny!"
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    Timotei Anime reveiw: Grenadier

    That's the one thing that bugs me about series like these with "technical pacifists" who use guns: There isn't a truly "safe" place you can shoot someone on the human body, and there are plenty of ways you can permanently cripple or kill someone even if you do somehow manage to hit an extremity...
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    212: The Downside of Direct Downloads

    To celebrate my Xbox 360 coming back from Microsoft for repairs, I decided to pick up UFC Undisputed 2009. Being a bit strapped for cash, I gathered up a few games that were collecting dust and toted them over to my local GameStop. I ended up paying about 74 cents for UFC after my trade-ins. And...
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    Review: Damnation

    I actually had the misfortune of renting this game without knowing much about it. I thought it would be a Gears clone set in a steampunkish Wild West, oh how wrong I was. If you really want to know my thoughts on it, this game deserved at least another year in the development studio, or it...
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    The new black guy in Final Fantasy XIII

    He's not wearing an open or midriff-bearing shirt. Plus, this male FF character actually looks like a man instead of a young tomboyish girl! I'm calling shenanigans.
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    Why did some people not enjoy MGS4?

    MGS4 wasn't exactly a game so much as it was an interactive movie featuring Hideo Kojima ranting against the military-industrial complex of the world. You paid $60 bucks to listen to him rant about it through the mouths of several characters. Oh sure, there was a part where you actually...
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    Poll: MGS4 Totally Awesome Review

    OMG, I'm leik totally srs at how MGS4 is the best interactive movie ever, LOL like this guy []. PS: LOL PPS: Nanomachines
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    Zero Punctuation: Prince of Persia

    Exploding nipples and implied bestiality in a Prince of Persia game with more references to Zoroastrianism than Persia. No, I don't know what those two clauses had to do with each other, but it's all good.
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    Poll: MGS4 Totally Awesome Review

    [Hint: This review will be Totally Awesome because I put those words in the title.] Great praise should be given to Hideo Kojima for his greatest project ever, the interactive movie he has entitled Metal Gear Solid 4! With gripping realism, heart-pounding drama, and danger around every...
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    Devil May Cry 4: crying not included

    Well, from what I've heard, the development team is trying hard to pretend that DMC2 never happened. The story chronologically goes in the order of 3-1-4-2. Then again, the only other title in the series I've played was #3, so I don't care about the story as much. As for the writing...
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    Devil May Cry 4: crying not included

    [or, "Once more, into the bargain bin!"] Depending on the store/website you visit, there's a good chance you can buy this game for about the same price it would take to rent once or twice. Admittedly, I already played it once several months ago, and didn't think much of it. However, I managed...