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    Bluray player in a PC: How do you watch movies?

    Odd that you didn't get any software with your player. My old OEM Blu-Ray drive came with a copy of Power-DVD. At any rate, there is a free and easy option. I've not used it so I can't vouch for it but my understanding that it works but will pester you with...
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    8 Ralph Wiggum Quotes For Any Occasion why does the article titled "8 Ralph Wiggum Quotes" only have 6 quotes from that character? Hell, one even has the name of the character that actually said it next to the quote!
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    I'm ready to take the plunge into Demons Souls( as a Dark Souls vet)-What should I know?

    There's only two words you need to know when it comes to Demon's Souls. Should you become annoyed by constantly hurling multiple corpses at the problem just remember "Stockpile" and "Glitch". They never patched it.
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    Actor Gene Wilder Passes Away Age 83

    Well, looks like it's time to break out the booze and fire up that copy of Blazing Saddles my father gave me last year.
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    First Dark Souls 3 DLC is Titled Ashes of Ariandel, Coming in October comes out on my birthday. I'm sure I'll get it but Dark Souls 3 has been disappointing. I like the game but it didn't hook like the others in the series. In fact, it made want to go back to Bloodborne. I still need to beat that game with the parasite weapon.
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    Good Bad Flicks: Exploring We Are Still Here

    Bourbon.......Maker's Mark. The Scotch (Glenfiddich) is for special occasions and running low.
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    Good Bad Flicks: Exploring We Are Still Here

    This movie has been in my netflix list ever since it first appeared. I guess it's time to finally watch it. Perhaps tonight with a lovely glass of whisky.
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    Strange Complaints You Have Received

    I used to be the head of IT for a small credit union. One morning, our ATMs were down. I investigated and determined that our equipment was fine and that the problem was with the connection. As I was getting my first cup of coffee, the #1 in charge guy comes in wondering what's going on. I...
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    Poll: Have you bought games because of Let's Plays?

    The 2BF Dark Souls 2 let's play got me into the the souls games. While I already had Dark souls 1 on PC, I had yet to play it. Watching their play through got me to purchase Demon's Souls and Dark Souls 2 while also getting me to play Dark Souls 1. This also led to the inevitable purchase of...
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    suitable work laptop

    Since you don't have any specific demands, pretty much any of the well known brands should suit you fine. Dell, HP, MSI, Samsung, Toshiba, Acer, Asus, and Lenovo all put out good stuff. It's been a while since I've been in the market but I've found that Acer often hits the right balance of...
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    Vitrual Private Networks, Anyone educated?

    A VPN doesn't really work the way you're thinking. Sure, when you're connected to the VPN the data between you and those servers could very well be encrypted as you are part of a network. However, if you use a proxy feature on that VPN to access the internet, all that internet traffic won't be...
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    refurbished computer, or cheap computing suggestion

    Tiger Direct usually has a large selection of off-lease machines. These are computers that were essentially rented by a company and then sent back when they no longer needed them. The are checked, cleaned up, then offered for sale at super cheap prices. For $150, you should be able to get an old...
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    Noob Thermal Paste question

    Just a quick warning about Arctic Silver 5. While it's not really conductive, it is capacitive. It can cause issues if you get it in places it shouldn't be. Specifically, on the motherboard traces.
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    Driving test.

    The best thing I can suggest is study. I moved to California back in 97 from Texas. I went in super confident and even brushed off the comments from the test giver that "No one passes on their first attempt". It took three tries to finally pass. Now this is purely the written test. They didn't...
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    What are you drinking right now?

    I just cracked open a Shiner Black. A very, very delicious beer. Luckily, I remembered to take some medicine so hopefully I won't have to deal with any gout flare ups in the next couple of days. Getting old sucks.