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    Worst/Most irritating medical condition you've ever had?

    I have eczema... and it still bothers me to this day. Just, totally uncontrollable rashes that appear under great times of stress, sometimes denying me sleep T_T The best part is, you can't itch because you know it'll hurt even more D:
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    Zombies are attacking your town/city and you and three game characters have to stop them

    WAR from darksiders HEAVY WEAPONS GUY from tf2 aaaaand MASTER CHIEF from halo
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    What is/are your worst fear(s)?

    moths... ughhhhhhh don't ask me why, they just freak the hell out of me D:
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    50 Americanisms That Brits Apparently Hate

    some of these are kind of true, but most of them are quite funny overreactions xD
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    Poll: Favourite accent from around the world?

    australian ftw :L also, Frence? wtf xD
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    Poll: Which batman villain would you work for?

    riddler, he seems the least likely to murder his delegates
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    Game Suggestions For My Dad

    my dad really likes rts for some reason. you should give that a try!
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    Porn, what's your opinion?

    just as long as it's in good taste, everyone's adult, and no one is hurt, why the hell not?
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    Video Game Music.

    agreed on all accounts ;]
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    Zero Punctuation: Shadows of the Damned

    oh yahtzee... you always make me laugh
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    Anyone else hate British cuteness?

    wh- what?! We don't do that!
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    Poll: Solve a simple math problem

    I like the way so many people put 0 BIDMAS pEOPLE
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    Zero Punctuation: Alice: Madness Returns

    mad returns :3
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    Poll: Usually your favourite thing about games in general?

    VVVVVV is an awesome game :]
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    Poll: Usually your favourite thing about games in general?

    that does sound pretty awesome :L