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    If you could conquer one country, which would it be?

    China obviously. It is rich, powerful and already has everything in place that's necessary for a successful dictatorship.
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    Look out! It's a Nice Guy! DESTROY HIM!

    Yeah, that's the internet for you. I think we can all agree that it doesn't exactly bring out peoples reasonable side. Just remember that while stuff like this might seem to be a common, it propably really isn't. If you looked outside of certain corners of the internet, i would guess most people...
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    Paul Dini: Superhero cartoon execs don't want largely female audiences

    I really don't understand the sentiment. Okay, i can understand it based on my knowledge that humans in general are not rational at all, doesn't make it less sad or stupid. Just look at some of the great scifi tv shows (e.g. Fringe, Battlestar Galactica, Orphan Black, Person of Interest) of the...
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    Do you know different martial arts or fighting styles? I need some ideas (UPDATED)

    "Sharps" by K.J. Parker is a good source for both realistic fencing and "wtf" moments. And the stuff the author describes is actually (somewhat) based in reality (see the first part of for more).
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    If Physical Problems Were Handled Like Mental Problems

    The sad thing is that there has been a vocal minority of psychiatrists/psychologists who have stressed that mental illnesses are actually physical illnesses in the sense that they are a illness of the brain, which (for whatever reason) hasn't reduced prejudged against mental illnesses at all. So...
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    You must change a paradise into a hell, by changing one thing...

    Give anyone unstoppable, uncontrollable telepathy within a radius of let's say 20 meters (like in Hitchhikers guide through galaxy).
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    Poll: The Trek or The War

    Both, actually. While i read quite a lot of the star wars novels when i was younger, i prefer the star trek tv shows and movies to any star wars related movies or shows (excepted for the first three star wars movies).
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    free will

    I can't speak for PromethianSpark, but i don't believe in free will. It's not impossible to do, but (at least for me) deeply depressing and makes stuff really complicated, so i usually try to forget about it. I actually would rather not, but i can't change that, at least i haven't found a way yet.
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    Need help finding a therapist

    First of, therapy is not a rip off. Scientific studies have shown positive effects for certain kinds of therapy and there is evidence that suggests such positive effects for some more. That's not to say that there aren't problems, but therapy can help many people. I can't really tell you how...
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    "40% of Xbox Live Users...

    There are 3 posts out of 68 that could be counted as saying "These females only play girly games", still somehow people act like it is a commonly expressed opinion here. Yes, there are some posters that are critical of using the statistics to make statements about the rate of females gamers. And...
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    Have you ever had that moment when you were happy a TV show you don't watch is ending?

    Well, stuff like this is always subjective, but i think we can agree that it is a good thing that the show comes to an end.
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    Have you ever had that moment when you were happy a TV show you don't watch is ending?

    Dexter. It was really interesting for the first two seasons and then it got less good with every following season, leading to the closing season that is universally considered horrible. So i'm thankful there won't be more of it, if only because it means that they can't follow up with something...
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    CRACKED: "6 Sexist Video Game Problems Even Bigger Than the Breasts"

    It's not exactly what you're looking for, but perhaps close enough
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    CRACKED: "6 Sexist Video Game Problems Even Bigger Than the Breasts"

    Ok, i see the problem now. You make two basic assumptions to come to the conclusion that there has to be cognitive dissonance and i disagree with both of them. First, you assume that people think the same way about the RPS writers you do ("they are observant and smart") and then you assume that...
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    CRACKED: "6 Sexist Video Game Problems Even Bigger Than the Breasts"

    First, one can see female representation as a problem and still disagree with feminist concepts as an explanation of this problem or as a basis of further action. Second, the reason i personally balk when feminist concepts are discussed is that the quality of the arguments usually is rather low...